10 Best Psychic Pokémon of All Time, Ranked

Best Psychic Pokemon

Planning out your Pokemon Go battle strategies might be a bit difficult if you don’t know a Pokemon’s stats. Hence, it’s always important to arm yourself with the right knowledge to prepare yourself for battles. In this article, we’ll be ranking the best psychic Pokemon from best to worst. With this, you’ll be able to choose your Pokemon more effectively and fight better battles. Let’s get started.


Best Psychic Pokemon: What Are They? 

Best Psychic Pokemon
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Offense Defense
Psychic Super Effective Not Very Effective Resistant Weak
Fighting, Poison Steel, Psychic, Dark Fighting, Psychic Bug, Ghost, Dark

Pokemon Go, like many other Pokemon games, bases its battles on elemental stats. Hence, each Pokemon type will have different fighting styles that may or may not be effective against certain types. Moreover, each one is also weak against other types in different ways. Think of it as a game of rock, paper, and scissors, but way more complex and with more variations.

If you’re looking for the best psychic Pokemon, it’s important to understand the type’s overall strengths and weaknesses first. As you can see from the table above, psychic types’ offensive moves are super effective against fighting and poison types. On the other hand, their moves aren’t very effective against steel, dark, or fellow psychic types.

As for their defense, psychic types are usually resistant to the offensive moves of fighting and fellow psychic types. However, even the best psychic Pokemon is weak against the attacks of bug, ghost, and dark types. 


How Does Pokemon Go Differ From Other Pokemon Games?

Pokemon Go vs other games
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If you’ve ever played a Pokemon game before, you’d probably already know a bit about each type’s strengths and weaknesses. However, while those things remain mostly the same in Pokemon Go, the numbers vary slightly from base Pokemon games. Nintendo did release an update in 2018 that brought those numbers closer together. However, you should still understand the changes if you want to truly maximize the best psychic Pokemon you pick up.

The main thing to keep in mind in Pokemon Go battles is that the attack computations have slightly changed. One thing that’s particularly of note is that it gets rid of type immunities. Hence, you won’t find dark types being completely immune to even the best psychic Pokemon. Instead of zero-damage, dark Pokemon will only take 0.39x the damage against a psychic type.

On the other hand, though Pokemon Go’s battle computations overall have also changed, it’s only by a few decimals. For example, super-effective attacks only deal 1.6x damage instead of 2x damage in regular Pokemon games. Attacks that are not very effective deal 0.625x the damage instead of the usual 0.5x. Likewise, doubly effective attacks will only deal 2.56x damage instead of the usual 4x.

Pokemon Go may have changed a few things but the core gameplay remains the same. One of the things that remain static is how a player needs to use multiple Pokemon to engage in battles. Hence, it’s important to learn how to utilize the best psychic Pokemon along with other types to optimize your stats. 

You can look for the best electric Pokemon to pair up along with your chosen psychic type. On the other hand, you could look for the best grass-type Pokemon as well, depending on your strategy.


10 Best Psychic Pokemon In Pokemon Go

If you’re looking for the best psychic Pokemon for your battles, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top 10 picks to help you choose your best fighter. 


1. Mewtwo

Photo by Pokemon
Max CP 4724
Base Stats 300 (attack), 182 (defense), 214 (stamina)
Additional Pokemon Types
Best Moveset Psycho Cut, Psystrike
Base Capture Rate 2%
Base Flee Rate 10%


It’s not surprising that Mewtwo takes first place on our list of the best psychic Pokemon. The creature is one of the most renowned Legendary Pokemon, after all, and it’s also one of the strongest. Mewtwo has multiple different forms that make it more powerful in battles. However, even in its base form, Mewtwo is the best psychic Pokemon for fighting.

In fact, Mewtwo’s max CP already makes it one of the best Pokemon in the game, regardless of type. That’s why it’s also a pretty rare Pokemon to come by as you can’t encounter it in the wild. The only way to obtain Mewtwo is through Ex Raid Boss Battles so it’s fairly hard to capture.

Moreover, this first-generation Pokemon needs no form of evolution to beef up its stats. The only “evolutions” it has are through temporary mega evolutions into Mega Mewtwo X and Y. Despite being one of the oldest Pokemon there is, Mewtwo is still the best psychic Pokemon even today.


2. Lugia


Max CP 4186
Base Stats 193 (attack), 310 (defense), 235 (stamina)
Additional Pokemon Types Flying
Best Moveset Extrasensory, Aeroblast
Base Capture Rate 2%
Base Flee Rate 4%


Another legendary Pokemon makes it on our list of the best psychic Pokemon in Pokemon Go. This time, it’s Lugia. The second-generation psychic-flying type has been popular since Pokemon Gold and Silver.

There are many reasons why Lugia is one of the best psychic Pokemon. Apart from its super-cool aesthetics, it also wields incredible defensive properties in battle. Lugia’s most known for its multiscale ability that can reduce the damage it takes when it’s at full health. Moreover, you can even combine it with healing moves and HP recovery. If you do, then you’ll get a Pokemon that’ll never bow down in battle.

Like Mewtwo, Lugia has no evolved versions so there’s no need to worry about that. However, what you do need to worry about is how to capture the Pokemon. Its capture rate is at a measly 2% and is only obtainable in raid battles. Hence, traveling the world and scouring every corner won’t bring you any luck.


3. Latios

Max CP 4310
Base Stats 268 (attack), 212 (defense), 190 (stamina)
Additional Pokemon Types Dragon
Best Moveset Zen Headbutt, Psychic
Base Capture Rate 2%
Base Flee Rate 1%


Another one of the best psychic Pokemon on our list is Latios, a legendary Pokemon with attack-centric stats. But unlike our top psychic Pokemon, Latios’s main type isn’t psychic, but dragon type. It wields moves from both types and even has Solar Beam — a conventionally grass-type move. 

Nonetheless, Latios’s best attacks still lie with its psychic moves: Zen Headbutt and Psychic. These two deal the most damage and bring Latios up as one of the best psychic Pokemon for fighting. Moreover, this third-generation Pokemon has no evolutions that you have to concern yourself with.

However, like the previously mentioned Pokemon, Latios is incredibly difficult to find. In fact, you’ll also only find it in raid battles with a 2% base capture rate. However, once you do get the opportunity, it’s easier to capture it because the base flee-rate is 1%.


4. Metagross



Max CP 4286
Base Stats 257 (attack), 228 (defense), 190 (stamina)
Additional Pokemon Types Steel
Best Moveset Bullet Punch, Meteor Mash
Evolutions Beldum > Metang > Metagross
Base Capture Rate 5%
Base Flee Rate 5%


Dual-type Pokemons usually have the advantage of having a versatile skill set. The same is true with Metagross as it’s a well-balanced Pokemon that’s proficient on both offense and defense. 

Of course, whether you’re using Metagross for defense or offense is entirely up to your strategy. However, if you’re planning to use it for attacks, its highest damage output comes from specific pairings. Yes, its best moves are the Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash. However, pairing a Steel move with a Psychic move or sticking to a completely Steel move set also has its benefits.

On the other hand, Metagross is one of the best psychic Pokemon that has an evolution family. It’s part of the Beldum family and evolves from Beldum to Metang before it can reach Metagross. To evolve it, you’ll need to feed your Metang 100 candies. 

Unlike the previous Pokemon on the list, you can, in fact, catch this third-generation Pokemon in the wild. The ideal time to do this is during the spotlight hour within the game. On the other hand, using a lure at a poke stop or running around with incense can also boost your odds. You’ll also more likely catch it during Incense Day as the spawn rate increases. Just make sure to have enough great balls, ultra balls, and Razz Berries to increase your chances.


5. Mew

Max CP 3691
Base Stats 210 (attack), 210 (defense), 225 (stamina)
Additional Pokemon Types
Best Moveset Cut, Psychic
Base Capture Rate 100%
Base Flee Rate

Pokemon has always been known for looking a bit cute and cartoony. Mew is the epitome of cuteness despite being a legendary first-generation Pokemon. Moreover, it’s one of the best psychic Pokemon to battle with even though it doesn’t come off as intimidating at all.

Mew is a powerful Pokemon not because of its strong offensive abilities but because of its versatility. According to its description, Mew is rumored to have the DNA of every Pokemon in existence. Hence, you can mold it according to your strategy. You can make Mew an attacker, a special attacker, or even a defensive tank.

This genetic flexibility is also the reason why Mewtwo originated from Mew as a base. However, that isn’t to say that Mew or Mewtwo has evolutions — just that they’re somewhat related. What’s great about Mew is that it’s pretty straightforward to capture. All you need is to complete a research task called A Mythical Discovery. Moreover, Mew is predictable and you can easily capture it by the third Poke Ball. 


6. Espeon (Tied)

Max CP 3583
Base Stats 261 (attack), 175 (defense), 163 (stamina)
Additional Pokemon Types
Best Moveset Confusion, Psychic
Evolutions Evee > Espeon
Base Capture Rate 12.5%
Base Flee Rate 5%


Legendary Pokemon might wield incredible power in battle, but they’re limited in availability and use case. Hence, they’re not always allowed in most battles unless otherwise specified. As a result, many trainers might opt for a non-legendary Pokemon instead. If that’s the case, then we recommend Espeon as one of the best psychic Pokemon to use in day-to-day battles.

What’s great about this 2nd-generation Pokemon is that it deals lots of damage. Moreover, you can also use multiple move combinations depending on your strategy. The Confusion + Psychic combo, by far, goes the best together. However, you could also use Zen Headbutt + Psychic if the former isn’t an option. 

On the other hand, Espeon is also easy to obtain despite being an evolved version of Eevee. That’s because the first time just requires you to rename Eevee into Sakura. If you want more, you’d have to feed Eevee 25 candies and walk it for 10km as a Buddy Pokemon. Afterward, you have to evolve it during the daytime to make it work.

Nonetheless, it’s a pretty straightforward evolution method. Moreover, you can also easily obtain Espeon through raid battles or certain research tasks. It’s not that difficult to capture, either, with a base capture rate of 12.5%.


7. Deoxys (Tied)



Max CP 3573
Base Stats 345 (attack), 115 (defense), 137 (stamina)
Additional Pokemon Types
Best Moveset (Normal) Zen Headbutt, Hyper Beam

(Attack) Zen Headbutt, Zap Cannon

(Defense) Counter, Thunderbolt

(Speed) Zen Headbutt, Thunderbolt

Base Capture Rate 6%
Base Flee Rate 1%


Tying with Espeon is the third-generation Pokemon Deoxys. This Pokemon is a little different than the others because it has multiple forms despite having no evolutions. Depending on which form Deoxys takes, its best moves can vary. 

On the other hand, Deoxys is also a little bit difficult to obtain because it’s not out in the wild. Like the others, you need to engage in raid battles to get the best psychic Pokemon like Deoxys. Nonetheless, if you can manage to capture it, it should be a versatile and powerful addition to your roster.


8. Latias

Max CP 3968
Base Stats 228 (attack), 2469 (defense), 190 (stamina)
Additional Pokemon Types Dragon
Best Moveset Dragon Breath, Psychic
Base Capture Rate 2%
Base Flee Rate 1%

Not to be mistaken for Latios, Latias is a member of the Eon Duo with no evolutions whatsoever. Hence, you don’t have to worry about completing tasks to make it evolve into its strongest form. However, like other strong single-family Pokemon, Latias isn’t obtainable in the wild.

You have to perform specific tasks and achieve certain things just to get your hands on them. In specific, you’ll have to find it in raid battles or complete designated research tasks just to have an opportunity. However, if you do find this third-generation Pokemon, you’ll certainly be able to have a strong warrior in your lineup. 

This is because Latias can battle against various Dragon and Fighting-type Pokemon in PvE. Its max CP is above average, so it’ll certainly come in handy in many battles. Moreover, it’s one of the best psychic Pokemon for mega or five-star raids thanks to its great CP and stats.


9. Jirachi


Max CP 3691
Base Stats 210 (attack), 210 (defense), 225 (stamina)
Additional Pokemon Types Steel
Best Moveset Confusion, Doom Desire
Base Capture Rate 100%
Base Flee Rate


The ninth-best psychic Pokemon on our list is none other than the third-generation Pokemon Jirachi. It’s a dual-type Pokemon, adopting the properties of both Psychic and Steel types in combat. 

Despite looking like a cute cartoon character, Jirachi is a legendary Pokemon. Its base stat for every single stat starts at a whopping 100 points. Moreover, its Serene Grace ability allows it to increase the odds of implementing secondary effects during its moves. 

On the other hand, Jirachi is also hassle-free without necessitating any kind of items or tasks for evolution. That’s because it belongs to a single-Pokemon family without different forms. However, capturing it is a little trickier compared to other Pokemon because it’s not available in many places. In fact, you can only obtain it through completing specific research tasks. 


10. Celebi

Max CP 3691
Base Stats 210 (attack), 210 (defense), 225 (stamina)
Additional Pokemon Types Grass
Best Moveset Confusion, Leaf Storm
Base Capture Rate 100%
Base Flee Rate 0%

The second-generation Pokemon named Celebi takes 10th place on our list of the best psychic Pokemon for Pokemon Go. However, just because it’s the last on the list doesn’t mean it isn’t good. It has the properties of both grass and psychic types, making it more versatile than purely psychic Pokemon. Moreover, this combination allows Celebi to get a boost from Windy or Sunny weather. 

Unfortunately, you can’t catch it through normal methods like most of the best psychic Pokemon on our list. Moreover, you can’t even catch it through raid battles. The only way to catch Celebi is through completing a special research task within the game. It’s fairly rare and difficult to catch if you don’t find the right opportunity. 

On the other hand, once you do capture a Celebi, you don’t have to worry about further evolutions. That’s great, considering how difficult it is to find this Pokemon. After you obtain it, you can freely take advantage of its high max CP to best your opponents in battle.


The Bottom Line

There are many benefits to finding the best psychic Pokemon in Pokemon Go. These types are often very powerful and versatile, especially when you capture the rarer breed. Moreover, they’re a great addition if you’re looking to round out your list and have a well-balanced roster. If Fighting and Poison-type enemies are giving you trouble, then looking for the best psychic Pokemon is the best option.


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