How Can I View The Backers Of An Indiegogo Campaign?



Indiegogo is a popular crowdfunding platform that allows individuals and organizations to raise funds for their innovative projects, products, or causes. One of the intriguing aspects of an Indiegogo campaign is the ability to view the backers who have supported a specific project. Whether you’re a curious supporter, a potential investor, or just interested in seeing who believes in a particular campaign, accessing the backers’ information can provide valuable insights.

Understanding how to view the backers of an Indiegogo campaign can offer a deeper understanding of the project’s reach, popularity, and potential. In this article, we will explore the process of accessing the backers’ details of an Indiegogo campaign and the insights this information can provide.

Before diving into the steps, it’s important to note that the availability of backer information may vary depending on the campaign creator’s preferences. Some campaign creators may choose to make their backer details public, while others value privacy and limit the visibility of backer information. However, if the campaign creator has made the backer details public, here’s how you can access them.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to explore the backer’s section of an Indiegogo campaign and gain valuable insights into the individuals or organizations supporting the project. Let’s get started on this exciting journey of discovery!


Why would you want to view the backers of an Indiegogo campaign?

Indiegogo campaigns can range from innovative tech gadgets to revolutionary social initiatives, and each campaign attracts a unique set of backers. Viewing the backers of an Indiegogo campaign can provide valuable insights and serve several purposes. Here are a few reasons why you may want to explore the list of backers:

1. Assessing credibility and popularity: The backers of a campaign can give you an indication of how credible and popular a project is. If you see that a campaign has a significant number of backers, it suggests that there is a strong level of trust and interest in the project. This can give you confidence in the campaign’s potential and help you make an informed decision.

2. Identifying influential backers: By viewing the backers of a campaign, you may come across influential individuals or organizations who have shown their support. These backers could be industry experts, influencers, or even potential partners. Identifying these influential backers can provide opportunities for collaboration or networking.

3. Finding like-minded supporters: If you resonate with a particular campaign or cause, you may be interested in connecting with others who share the same values or interests. Viewing the backers allows you to find like-minded individuals or organizations who are backing the project. This can lead to forming connections, joining communities, or even contributing to similar campaigns in the future.

4. Researching market demand: Backers represent a specific target audience who are interested in the project and willing to invest in it. By exploring the backer list, you can gain insights into the market demand for similar products or services. This information can be valuable if you are considering launching a similar project or entering the same market.

5. Making informed investment decisions: If you are considering investing in a campaign, viewing the backers can give you a better understanding of the investors’ profiles and motivations. You can analyze the types of backers, their backgrounds, and their previous investments to make an informed investment decision.

These are just a few reasons why viewing the backers of an Indiegogo campaign can be beneficial. It allows you to gauge the campaign’s credibility, identify influential backers, connect with like-minded individuals, research market demand, and make informed investment decisions. Now that we understand the motivations behind accessing backer information, let’s delve into how to access the campaign page.


How to access the campaign page

To view the backers of an Indiegogo campaign, the first step is to access the campaign page. Follow these steps to reach the campaign page:

  1. Open your web browser and visit the Indiegogo website (
  2. In the search bar at the top of the page, enter the name of the campaign or a relevant keyword.
  3. Click on the search icon or press Enter to initiate the search.
  4. From the search results page, find the desired campaign and click on it to access the campaign page.

By following these steps, you will be redirected to the campaign page where you can gather more information about the project, its goals, updates, and of course, the backers.

Now that you’ve successfully accessed the campaign page, let’s move on to understanding the layout of the campaign page and locating the backer’s section.


Analyzing the campaign page layout

Before diving into the process of locating the backers on the campaign page, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the layout of the page. Understanding the campaign page layout can help you navigate through the information more effectively. Here are some key elements you will typically find on an Indiegogo campaign page:

  1. Title and campaign information: At the top of the page, you’ll find the campaign’s title and basic information about the project. This section usually includes a short description, funding goal, and funding duration.
  2. Campaign media: Many campaign pages include images, videos, and other media to showcase the project and provide additional context. You may find product images, prototypes, testimonials, or demos in this section.
  3. Campaign story and updates: Scroll down the page to find detailed information about the project. Campaign creators often share the story behind their idea, the problem they are solving, and the impact they hope to achieve. This section may also include updates or milestones reached during the campaign.
  4. Rewards or perks: Many campaigns offer rewards or perks to incentivize backers. This section outlines the different tiers of contributions and the corresponding benefits or incentives backers will receive. It’s an important section to consider if you’re interested in becoming a backer.
  5. Backer testimonials: Some campaign creators include testimonials or reviews from previous backers in order to build trust and credibility. This section can provide insights into the satisfaction and support of past backers.
  6. Social sharing and engagement: Indiegogo campaigns often encourage social sharing and engagement. You may find buttons or widgets that allow you to share the campaign on social media platforms or leave comments and questions.
  7. Backer count and funding progress: Typically, you’ll find a visual representation of the campaign’s funding progress, including the total amount raised and the percentage of the funding goal achieved. This section can provide a snapshot of the campaign’s popularity and traction.

By taking the time to analyze the campaign page layout, you’ll have a better understanding of where to find the backer’s section. In the next section, we’ll explore how to locate the backer’s section and access the valuable information it provides.


Locating the backer’s section

Once you’ve reached the campaign page on Indiegogo, locating the backer’s section is relatively straightforward. Follow these steps to find the backer’s section:

  1. Scroll down the campaign page until you find the section that displays information related to the backers.
  2. The backer’s section is usually labeled as “Backers,” “Supporters,” or something similar.
  3. Click on the section to expand or open it, revealing the list of backers.

It’s important to note that the exact placement of the backer’s section may vary depending on the campaign layout and design. Some campaigns may have a dedicated tab or button specifically for the backers’ list. Additionally, you may need to scroll further down the page or navigate through different tabs to find the backer’s section.

Once you’ve located the backer’s section and opened it, you will be able to view the list of backers who have supported the campaign. Each backer’s name and, in some cases, their profile picture or avatar will be displayed. This list can provide valuable insights into the community surrounding the campaign and the individuals or organizations that have contributed.

Now that you’ve found the backer’s section, let’s explore the details provided for each backer and how you can utilize filters and sorting options.


Understanding the details provided for each backer

When exploring the backer’s section of an Indiegogo campaign, you will encounter various details provided for each backer. Understanding these details can give you further insights into the individuals or organizations supporting the campaign. Here are some common details you may find:

  1. Name or username: The name or username of each backer is typically displayed. This helps you identify the individual or organization that has shown support for the campaign.
  2. Profile picture or avatar: Some backers may have a profile picture or avatar associated with their account. This can provide a visual representation and make it easier to recognize the backer.
  3. Contribution amount: The contribution amount made by each backer is often listed. This gives you an idea of the level of support they have provided to the campaign.
  4. Contribution date: The date on which each backer made their contribution is typically included. This shows the timing of their support and can give you an indication of the campaign’s progress over time.
  5. Comment or message: Some backers have the option to leave a comment or message when making their contribution. This can provide additional context or insights into why they decided to support the campaign.

By examining these details for each backer, you can gain a deeper understanding of the campaign’s impact, reach, and popularity. It allows you to see the individuals or organizations who have shown their support and learn more about their contributions.

Now that you have an understanding of the details provided for each backer, let’s explore how you can utilize filters and sorting options to further analyze the backer’s list.


Utilizing filters and sorting options

When viewing the backers of an Indiegogo campaign, you may have the option to utilize filters and sorting options to customize the way the backer’s list is displayed. These features can help you efficiently analyze the information and narrow down your focus. Here are some ways you can utilize filters and sorting options:

  1. Filter by contribution amount: Indiegogo may provide a filter that allows you to sort backers based on their contribution amount. This can help you identify top contributors, high-value backers, or backers within a specific range that you are interested in.
  2. Sort by date: The option to sort backers by their contribution date can be useful for understanding the order in which backers joined the campaign. This can be helpful in identifying early supporters or tracking the campaign’s progress over time.
  3. Filter by rewards: If the campaign offers different reward tiers for backers, you may have the ability to filter the backer’s list based on the rewards they have chosen. This can provide insights into the preferences of different backers and how it may influence their level of support.
  4. Search by name or username: If you are looking for a specific backer or want to analyze the contributions of a particular individual or organization, the search feature can be valuable. By entering their name or username in the search bar, you can quickly find and focus on their details.
  5. Filter by location or demographics: In some cases, Indiegogo may allow you to filter backers based on their location or other demographic information. This can help you understand the geographical reach of the campaign or identify specific target audiences.

By utilizing these filters and sorting options, you can refine your analysis of the backer’s list and extract meaningful insights based on your specific interests or needs.

Now that you are familiar with how to utilize filters and sorting options, let’s delve into how you can identify top contributors and their contributions.


Identifying top contributors and their contributions

One of the valuable aspects of viewing the backers of an Indiegogo campaign is the ability to identify top contributors and analyze their contributions. These top contributors often play a significant role in the success of the campaign. Here are some steps you can take to identify them:

  1. Sorting by contribution amount: Utilize the sorting options available to arrange the backer’s list by contribution amount, from highest to lowest. This will help you identify the backers who have made substantial contributions to the campaign.
  2. Looking for repeat supporters: Pay attention to any backers who have supported the campaign multiple times. These repeat supporters demonstrate a strong belief in the project and can be considered top contributors.
  3. Identifying backers with prominent profiles: Keep an eye out for backers who have a well-established online presence, such as industry experts, influencers, or organizations with a strong reputation. Their support can carry significant weight and make them top contributors.
  4. Considering the number of campaigns backed: Evaluate the number of campaigns each backer has supported in the past. If you come across backers who have a history of supporting numerous successful campaigns, they may be considered top contributors.
  5. Examining engagement and comments: Take note of backers who actively engage with the campaign by leaving comments or sharing their thoughts. These individuals are often passionate about the project and can potentially be top contributors.

Identifying top contributors allows you to gain insights into the key supporters who have had a significant impact on the campaign’s progress and success. Their contributions, whether financial or through their influence, can serve as a benchmark for evaluating the campaign’s traction and potential.

Now that you have learned how to identify top contributors and their contributions, let’s explore how you can reach out to specific backers on Indiegogo.


Reaching out to specific backers

When you come across a backer on Indiegogo who catches your attention or whom you would like to engage with, reaching out to them can open up opportunities for connection, collaboration, or further support. Here are some ways to reach out to specific backers on Indiegogo:

  1. Direct messaging: Some campaigners may provide an option for backers to send direct messages. If available, take advantage of this feature to initiate a conversation with a specific backer. Keep your message concise, personalized, and relevant to increase the chances of receiving a response.
  2. Leaving a comment: If direct messaging is not available, consider leaving a comment on the campaign page. Engage with the specific backer by mentioning them in your comment, asking a question, or expressing your appreciation for their support. This can grab their attention and encourage further interaction.
  3. Using social media platforms: If you know the backer’s social media handles or can find them through their profile information, consider reaching out to them through platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Be respectful and genuine in your approach, and focus on building a connection based on shared interests or goals.
  4. Attending campaign events: Many Indiegogo campaigns organize events or webinars to engage with backers and build a community. Participating in these events can provide an opportunity to connect with specific backers and share ideas, feedback, or propositions.
  5. Emailing campaign creators: If you are unable to directly contact the backer, consider reaching out to the campaign creator instead. Explain your interest in connecting with a specific backer and kindly request their assistance in facilitating the conversation.

When reaching out to specific backers, it’s essential to approach them with authenticity and respect. Clearly communicate your intentions, whether you are seeking advice, exploring collaboration opportunities, or simply expressing your interest in their support. Remember that building relationships takes time, so be patient and understanding if the response is not immediate.

Now that you have learned how to reach out to specific backers on Indiegogo, let’s address any privacy concerns you may have when exploring the backer’s list.


Clearing up privacy concerns

As you explore the backer’s list on Indiegogo, you might have privacy concerns regarding the visibility of your own information or the information of other backers. Here are some key points to consider that can help clear up privacy concerns:

  1. Backer privacy settings: Indiegogo allows campaign creators to choose whether or not to make backer information public. If a campaign creator has opted to keep backer information private, you will not be able to view the details of individual backers.
  2. Indiegogo’s privacy policy: Indiegogo has a privacy policy that outlines how user information is collected, used, and shared. It’s important to review and understand this policy to ensure you are aware of how your own information is being handled when using the platform.
  3. Your own privacy settings: Indiegogo provides users with the ability to manage their privacy settings. You can control the visibility of your own profile information and choose what information is displayed to others on the platform.
  4. Respecting personal information: When interacting with the backer’s list or reaching out to specific backers, it’s crucial to respect their privacy. Avoid disclosing or sharing any personal information without the explicit consent of the individual or organization.
  5. Read campaign guidelines and terms of use: Indiegogo has guidelines and terms of use that govern the behavior and interactions on the platform. Familiarize yourself with these guidelines to ensure you are using the platform responsibly and respecting the privacy of others.

By understanding and being mindful of these points, you can navigate the backer’s list on Indiegogo while addressing privacy concerns and keeping personal information protected. Indiegogo takes user privacy seriously and provides tools and policies to safeguard user information.

Now that we have addressed privacy concerns, let’s summarize the key points discussed in this article before wrapping up.



Exploring the backers of an Indiegogo campaign can provide valuable insights into the reach, popularity, and support behind a project. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can access the campaign page, analyze the layout, and locate the backer’s section. Understanding the details provided for each backer allows you to gain insights into their contributions and engagement with the campaign.

Utilizing filters and sorting options enables you to customize your analysis, identify top contributors, and evaluate their impact on the campaign’s success. Additionally, reaching out to specific backers can create opportunities for connection, collaboration, and further support.

It’s important to navigate the backer’s list while respecting privacy settings, adhering to Indiegogo’s guidelines, and maintaining the privacy of others. By being mindful of privacy concerns, you can explore the backer’s list responsibly and protect personal information.

Viewing the backers of an Indiegogo campaign offers a unique window into the supporters that make these projects possible. Whether you’re a curious supporter, a potential investor, or simply interested in understanding the dynamics of crowdfunding, accessing the backers’ information can provide valuable insights.

So, the next time you come across an Indiegogo campaign that piques your interest, follow the steps outlined in this article to explore the backer’s section and unlock a world of information and possibilities.

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