20 Most Anticipated PS5 Games to Look Forward To

PS5 debuts a long line of console hardware
The closer we get to the Playstation 5’s (PS5) release date, the bigger the hype is for Sony’s latest console. As we get ready for (hopefully!) 2020’s silver lining, we have to know what games are coming to the PS5.

With the console’s larger storage capacity and higher definition, choosing which games to play fist is hard. So here is a PS5 games list, a short guide to the question: What games will be on the PS5?

A scroll further down answers an even more common/important question—-will PS4 games be available on PS5?


PS5 debuts a long line of console hardware


Most Anticipated PS5 Games to Look Forward To



Genre: Adventure

Developer: Annapurna Interactive

What To Look Forward To: This game is the first of its kind. A unique experience is waiting.

Riding on the wave of the internet’s love for felines is Stray, a game about a stray cat living in a dystopian cybercity. Infested with robots, the player (or the cat, whichever reality you prefer) has to explore the city and find their way back home. You go up, down, and around the murky streets in order to do this.

This is all we know so far since Stray is a Playstation newcomer. However, it is already celebrated for its alluring aesthetic set in a neon-dark world that resembles the streets of Tokyo.

There is still a lot of speculation over what this game is about. One thing is for sure, though: this is one of the most anticipated PS5 games.


Horizon II: Forbidden West

Forbidden West by Sony Interactive Entertainment
Screenshot from Playstation via Youtube


Genre: Adventure

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

What To Look Forward To: Stunning graphics and exclusive content from Sony

Seems like robots and dystopia are making a comeback in 2021. It also seems that the PS5 is bringing their A-game with this console exclusive.

In Forbidden West, we once again join Aloy for another warrior’s adventure. This time, she faces robotic dinosaurs in a barren California. Think of Yosemite and San Francisco, ravaged by a dark future.

Be prepared to face natural disasters and even more unnatural cyborg antagonists. Even better, expect enchanting graphics in this open-world game. Horizon II is visually stunning from its beaches to its mountains.

This should join your PS5 games list.


Spider-Man: Miles Morales


Genre: Action-Adventure

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

What To Look Forward To: A breath of fresh air with Miles Morales’ story

This decade is a good time to be a Spiderman fan.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a spin-off to fan-favorite (and critically acclaimed) Spider-Man. Despite being a standalone title, expect an enhanced version of New York-based swinging action you got from Peter Parker the first time around. With the PS5’s powerful SSD and amplified DualSense controller, you have never been this close to becoming our favorite web-slinger. The story stands: anyone can be Spiderman.


Dirt 5

Dirt5 by Codemasters
Screenshot from Playstation via Youtube


Genre: Racing

Publisher: Codemasters

What To Look Forward To: An all-new four-player split-screen for increased competitiveness

Nolan North and Troy Baker lend their voice-acting chops in Dirt 5. The beloved racing franchise returns for the PS5’s release.

You should expect another batch of off-track racing locations and visually enchanting global racing landscapes. PS5 games promise nothing more than the highest quality visuals.

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 by Sony Interactive Entertainment
Screenshot from Playstation via Youtube


Genre: Racing

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

What To Look Forward To: A large repository of race tracks and cars

Gran Turismo is a classic, providing memories for gamers of all ages.

With the PS5’s impressive specs, people are expecting Gran Turismo 7 to push the console’s boundaries and test its limits. PS5 hardware should be able to speed up not just racing but also loading speeds. Next-generation Sony players should also look out for faster and more realistic racing simulations.

As with everything else, look forward to magnificent visuals and striking scenery. Your next Gran Turismo race is going to be next level.


Grand Theft Auto V (Enhanced)

GTA V by Rockstar Games
Screenshot from Playstation via Youtube


Genre: Action-Adventure

Publisher: Rockstar Games

What To Look Forward To: Enhanced gameplay and all-new PS5 content

Everyone has had a round of GTA V, whether or not you’re playing it “right.” The PS5 games list is incomplete without it.

Grand Theft Auto is a catalyst for open-world gameplay, and GTA V, despite being released over seven years ago, lives on. Even before the PS5’s announcement date, Rockstar has been consistent with game updates. Grand Theft is living out its luxurious look with constant optimization.

New hardware does not scare GTA V; in fact, it rises to the occasion.


Godfall by Gearbox Publishing
Screenshot from Playstation via Youtube


Genre: Fantasy ARPG

Publisher:  Gearbox Publishing

What To Look Forward To: A new player-skill-driven looter-slasher

Godfall is the first PS5-exclusive game announced. This action-role playing game is expected to drop sometime in late 2020. It shows great promise because it is developed by the people behind Sony favorite God of War.

Described as a loot-slasher game, Godfall finds its players in the realms of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit. Players choose their roles in this world and customize their story moving forward. Complete missions and gain loot to gain better loot, which bring you to deeper and harder quests.

No need to worry about your friends missing out on the fun of PS5 games, though. Godfall supports up to three players in cooperative mode.


Resident Evil 8: Village

Resident Evil 8 by Capcom
Screenshot from ONE MEDIA via Youtube


Genre: Survival Horror

Publisher: Capcom

What To Look Forward To: Reunite with Resident Evil OG, Chris Redfield

The PS5 has Resident Evil 8 sporting a gothic European look, making it stand out from other PS5 games.

The trailer for Resident Evil 8: Village looks like a culminating story of all the looks, moves, and tropes of the previous Resident Evil games. Capcom is continuously revamping the series. This is especially real now since horror is making big splashes in mainstream media.

Chris Redfield returns for Resident Evil 8, the original character from the game’s first release in 1996. Ethan (from Resident Evil: Biohazard) finds him in a mysterious village and wants answers. Watch their story unfold and expect werewolves, monsters, and a lot of undead horrors in the process.


Goodbye Volcano High

Goodbye Volcano High by KO_OP
Screenshot from Playstation via Youtube


Genre: Narrative Adventure

Publisher: KO_OP

What To Look Forward To: An intricate plot and a sentimental art form

Goodbye Volcano High is a standout among PS5 games, for sure. Taking a 2D animation approach, it preserves an art form and heightens its beauty with the PS5.

A group of love-struck teenagers navigate life surrounded by impending world doom and high school. The narratives branch out onto each other. The game has a vibe of a coming-of-age Netflix movie, and storytellers are looking forward to it.

Oddworld: Soulstorm

OddWorld by Oddworld Inhabitants
Screenshot from Playstation via Youtube

Genre: Platformer

Publisher: Oddworld Inhabitants

What To Look Forward To: Updated graphics and mechanics for the Oddworld franchise

The newest addition to the Oddworld franchise finds us controlling a radicalized protagonist, Abe, once again.

PS1 game Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus is not unknown to long-time Playstation fans. Soulstorm is a PS5 exclusive rendition of this game. Expect a horrific new narrative between Abe and a machination. Even better, expect new mechanics and devices that use the PS5’s specs to the best of its abilities.

Project Athia


Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Square Enix

What To Look Forward To: The graphics and narrative are the most promising aspects of the game so far

From the creators of Final Fantasy comes Project Athia, an open-world fantasy game filled with monsters, dragons, and other fantastical beasts.

There is no word yet on the game’s exact release, but it is already much-awaited by the PS5 games community. Its trailer was short but packed punches, especially in the fantasy game front.

The aesthetic of Project Athia is filled with a magical realm vibe; imagine James Cameron’s Avatar. This game is one to watch out for and (by the looks of the trailer) one that is worth trying out.


Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls by Sony Interactive Entertainment
Screenshot from Playstation via Youtube


Genre: Action-RPG

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

What To Look Forward To: A larger challenge among PS5 games, if you’re up for one!

Demon’s Souls is known for its knotty labyrinths, difficult combat, and frustrating boss levels. Needless to say, It is loved by many for its challenging nature.

Bluepoint Games, along with JAPAN Studio, is building the PS3 original from the ground up. Expect harder trial and error combats with beasts in lairs for the PS5 re-release.

Also, you can choose between two graphic modes in Demon’s Souls. Each choice focuses on a different feature, with one focusing on fidelity and the other on frame-rate.

The upgrades are endless. The PS5’s next-gen hardware can afford another rage-quitting champion in its midst.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet and Clank by Sony Interactive Entertainment
Screenshot from Playstation via Youtube


Genre: Adventure

Developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment

What To Look Forward To: All-new gameplay in all-new dimensions

Ratchet and Clank are back for an all-new adventure while being apart. The trailer showcases bright and loud colors with graphics that could rival a Pixar film.

Explore different dimensions in true sci-fi style, and rise up to the adventures of being in them. Getting a Ratchet and Clank game is fail-proof at this point, and you can play all you want with the PS5’s new SSD storage system.

NBA 2K21

NB2K21 by 2K Games and 2K Sports
Screenshot from Playstation via Youtube


Genre: Sports

Publisher: 2K Games, 2K Sports

What To Look Forward To: More realistic basketball gameplay

The NBA 2K series keeps getting better and better with every release.

The trailer for 2K21 boasts more realistic movements and animations, as well as smoother narratives. As per usual, the beads of sweat players shed during training look better than ever.

Gameplay footage for 2K21 is still under wraps, and expect a heftier trailer release by the end of 2020. PS5 games collectors should not miss out on this classic.


Hitman 3

Hitman3 by IO Interactive
Screenshot from Playstation via Youtube



Genre: Stealth

Publisher: IO Interactive

What To Look Forward To: Extravagant gameplay and more assassination methods

The final chapter of the World of Assassination storyline begins with this PS5 game.

The Hitman franchise’s cult following should expect nothing more than a creative, action-packed narrative from Hitman 3. The trailer features over-the-top killing methods and reasons, done in extravagant sceneries all over the world.

Unlike other trailers, Hitman 3 a gameplay preview. It seems that a Dubai adventure awaits Agent 43, among other things.

Hitman 3’s next target is you. Be prepared to be won over by IO Interactive’s killing machine of a game.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire by Bethesda Softworks
Screenshot from Playstation via Youtube


Genre: Horror

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

What To Look Forward To: Horrific graphics and enhanced superpowers

Tokyo is in danger, and you have to fight horrific monsters and ghosts to save it.

Ghostwire: Tokyo has you battling the paranormal in the empty streets of Tokyo. A populous Japan is overtaken by poltergeists and Slenderman-like creatures. Not missing, of course, are the staple creepy schoolgirls and faceless entities. PS5 games like these know its classic horror characters.

You are not ill-equipped, though. As a survivor of the disastrous paranormal takeover, you develop unique superpowers. Face the supernatural head on and watch your nightmarish story unfold.

Kena: Bridge of the Spirits


Genre: Adventure

Developer: Ember Lab

What To Look Forward To: Promising narrative and even more promising visuals

Spirits don’t always have to be a horrific affair. They can be enchanting, too.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a magical story inside an adventure game. Recruiting a team of spirit companions called the Rot, take on the challenges of the mystical world around you.

Kena, the young spirit guide of the game, is already developing a following thanks to the trailer released in Sony’s YouTube channel that seemed like a playable Disney film. Ember Lab delivers a visually stunning adventure with above-par combat, making it an exciting addition to the list of PS5 games.

This game is expected to blossom with the next-gen features of the PS5. Expect 3D everything and a PG adventure with a beautiful story to tell.



Returnal by Sony Interactive Entertainment
Screenshot from Playstation via Youtube


Genre: Sci-Fi Adventure

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

What To Look Forward To: An unpredictable gameplay that constantly changes course, bringing you for the ride.

What is a PS5 games release without a third-person shooter game? In Returnal, you try to survive a hostile alien planet by shooting your way out.

Returnal is reminiscent of Hollywood sci-fi movies, with the plot having so much to do with its controls. Each death in the game results in a new gameplay environment, and this results in newly learned powers with each revival. The alien planet changes with each death, and you will be tasked to adapt to it every time you go back in. You will be forced to continuously strategize and plan your next move.


Jett: The Far Shore

Jett: The Far Shore by Superbrothers
Screenshot from Playstation via Youtube


Genre: Sci-Fi Adventure

Publisher: Superbrothers

What To Look Forward To: Immersive audiovisual experiences and a riveting sci-fi plot

Join Mei, a Jett Scout, on an interstellar exploration to the mythical corners of the universe.

Not much was revealed about this game in its trailer, other than the fact that it is a sensory adventure for all ages. The visuals look riveting, and the plot tickles the curiosity. The Superbrothers took their sweet time with this game and are bringing an audiovisual experience to the PS5.

Jett: The Far Shore has immersive gameplay. If you are a fan of games like No Man’s Sky, then this game is for you. The PS5’s specs can do nothing else but enrich your gaming experience with Mei.

Astro’s Playroom

Astro’s Playroom by SIE Japan Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment
Screenshot from Playstation via Youtube


Genre: Platformer

Publisher: SIE Japan Studio, Sony Interactive Entertainment

What To Look Forward To: A creative tech demo for the PS5’s all-new Dualshock controllers!

You don’t have to go through a deep decision process with Astro’s Playroom. This game is already preloaded in your PS5. So, when you buy the console when it comes out, you might as well take Astro out on a spin.

Astro’s Playroom is a family-friendly game that aims to introduce all of the PS5 controller’s new features. This is a creative way for Sony to introduce its DualShock’s upgraded sensory features.

Start your PS5 journey with Astro and learn all about what the console can do with you in the long run.

PS5 Games FAQ

Dualshock controllers make games better to play on the PS5
Screenshot from Playstation via Youtube

What Makes These Games Better to Play on PS5?

The Playstation 5 is worlds away from the PS4 and the PS4 Pro. Sony is listening and has improved the PlayStation console for your enhanced gameplay.

PS5 has better storage practices, faster loading, and higher resolutions. It can also handle larger capacity disks, so you don’t have to worry about what game to make room for next. The PS5 welcomes every game quicker, and there will be no more angry waits for your game.

Most importantly, the visual capabilities of the PS5 trump what the PS4 did. Expect a more immersive experience in your PS5 games with a ton of exclusive gaming content.


Will PS4/PS3 Games Be Available on PS5?

The PS5’s backwards compatibility is widely inquired about in the gaming community. Sources change each day, which plagued many people’s minds for a while.

There is still no definite answer, but it has been announced that over 4,000+ PS4 games are playable on the PS5. These games will be played under the PS5’s boosted specs, so you can expect old games to look and feel new.

Sony does warn players, however, that this is on a game-to-game basis. Games from the PS1, PS2, and PS3, are most likely not supported by the PS5’s backward compatibility. If you do want to play them, your best bet is to check out the PlayStation Store.


Can You Share or Gift Games on the PS5?

Sony is not forthright in answering this question, but the answer so far is a resounding no. The PS store still does not have this feature, and the announcement of the PS5 did not include game-gifting. Guess your PS5 games list is yours to keep for now.

The question is valid, though, seeing that the Xbox and PC gaming has offered this option for years. There are no fathomable reasons why Sony does not offer this feature yet but do not lose hope.

It is widely known that digital downloads of games are beginning to surpass their physical counterparts. Sony is late on this one, but when they join in, then the game-gifting game is on.

20 Most Anticipated PS5 Games to Look Forward To

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