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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Release Date



The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is a remarkable mobile device that revolutionized the smartphone landscape upon its release. Boasting an array of cutting-edge features and a sleek design, this device quickly captured the attention of tech enthusiasts and casual users alike. Its arrival marked a significant milestone in the evolution of mobile technology, setting new standards for performance, functionality, and user experience.

The Xperia X10 was a game-changer in the mobile industry, offering a seamless integration of advanced features and intuitive usability. Its innovative design and powerful capabilities positioned it as a frontrunner in the competitive smartphone market. From its vibrant display to its robust processing power, the Xperia X10 was designed to cater to the diverse needs of modern users, whether for work, entertainment, or communication.

As a testament to its forward-thinking approach, the Xperia X10 introduced a range of features that were ahead of its time. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with an extensive app ecosystem, provided a dynamic platform for users to explore and engage with digital content. The device's advanced camera capabilities allowed users to capture stunning moments with unparalleled clarity and precision, while its seamless connectivity options ensured effortless integration with other devices and networks.

The Xperia X10 was not just a smartphone; it was a lifestyle companion that seamlessly blended productivity, entertainment, and communication. Its sleek and ergonomic design made it a pleasure to hold and operate, while its robust build quality instilled confidence in its durability. The device's intuitive navigation and responsive touch interface redefined the user experience, setting a new benchmark for usability and accessibility.

In essence, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 represented a convergence of innovation and practicality, offering a glimpse into the future of mobile technology. Its impact on the industry was profound, inspiring a new wave of smartphone development and shaping the expectations of users worldwide. As we delve deeper into the features and specifications of the Xperia X10, it becomes evident that this device was a true trailblazer in the realm of mobile devices.


Features of Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 was celebrated for its impressive array of features, each meticulously crafted to deliver a seamless and enriching user experience. From its captivating display to its advanced camera system, the Xperia X10 set a new standard for smartphone capabilities.

1. Captivating Display

The Xperia X10 boasted a vibrant and expansive display that redefined visual immersion. With its generous screen real estate and vivid color reproduction, users were treated to a captivating viewing experience. Whether browsing the web, watching videos, or engaging with multimedia content, the Xperia X10's display was a visual feast that brought content to life with stunning clarity and detail.

2. Advanced Camera Capabilities

Equipped with a sophisticated camera system, the Xperia X10 empowered users to capture moments with exceptional clarity and precision. The device's high-resolution camera sensor, coupled with intelligent image processing algorithms, delivered stunning photographs and videos. From low-light performance to dynamic range optimization, the Xperia X10's camera capabilities set a new benchmark for mobile photography.

3. Seamless Connectivity

The Xperia X10 seamlessly integrated with a myriad of connectivity options, ensuring that users remained effortlessly connected in a dynamic digital landscape. From high-speed internet connectivity to wireless data transfer, the device facilitated seamless communication and data exchange. Whether sharing content with friends or accessing online resources, the Xperia X10's connectivity features were designed to enhance productivity and convenience.

4. Intuitive User Interface

At the heart of the Xperia X10 was an intuitive user interface that prioritized ease of use and accessibility. Navigating through apps, settings, and content was a fluid and intuitive experience, empowering users to harness the device's capabilities with effortless precision. The user interface of the Xperia X10 was a testament to thoughtful design and user-centric innovation.

5. Robust Performance

Powered by a robust hardware configuration, the Xperia X10 delivered exceptional performance across various tasks and applications. From multitasking to resource-intensive gaming, the device's processing prowess ensured a smooth and responsive user experience. Whether tackling productivity tasks or indulging in entertainment, the Xperia X10's performance capabilities were a testament to its engineering excellence.

6. Ergonomic Design

The Xperia X10's ergonomic design was a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Its sleek and refined aesthetics were complemented by a form factor that felt natural and comfortable in the hand. The device's design ethos extended beyond visual appeal, prioritizing user comfort and usability in every aspect.

7. Extensive App Ecosystem

The Xperia X10 provided access to an extensive app ecosystem, empowering users to personalize their device and explore a diverse range of digital experiences. From productivity tools to entertainment apps, the device's app ecosystem catered to a wide spectrum of user preferences, enhancing the device's versatility and utility.

In summary, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10's features were a testament to its commitment to innovation and user-centric design. Each aspect of the device was meticulously crafted to elevate the user experience, setting a new standard for smartphone capabilities and redefining the expectations of users worldwide.


Specifications of Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 was a technological marvel, boasting a comprehensive set of specifications that propelled it to the forefront of the smartphone landscape. From its powerful hardware configuration to its meticulously engineered components, the Xperia X10 was a testament to Sony Ericsson's commitment to pushing the boundaries of mobile technology.

1. Display

The Xperia X10 featured a stunning 4-inch capacitive touchscreen display, replete with a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. This vibrant and expansive display not only facilitated immersive multimedia experiences but also provided ample screen real estate for productivity tasks and app navigation. The device's display prowess was further accentuated by its support for multi-touch gestures, enhancing the overall user interaction and responsiveness.

2. Camera

Equipped with an 8-megapixel camera featuring autofocus and LED flash, the Xperia X10 was primed to capture moments with exceptional clarity and detail. The device's camera capabilities extended beyond still photography, as it also supported high-definition video recording, allowing users to preserve memories in stunning visual fidelity. With advanced imaging algorithms and intuitive camera controls, the Xperia X10's camera system was a standout feature that catered to photography enthusiasts and casual users alike.

3. Processor and Memory

At the heart of the Xperia X10 was a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 processor, coupled with 384MB of RAM. This formidable processing power facilitated seamless multitasking, responsive app launches, and fluid navigation through the device's interface. The device also offered 1GB of internal storage, providing ample space for apps, media, and user data. Furthermore, the storage capacity could be expanded via a microSD card, ensuring that users had the flexibility to store a diverse range of content without constraints.

4. Connectivity

The Xperia X10 supported a comprehensive suite of connectivity options, including 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. This diverse range of connectivity features empowered users to stay connected, whether browsing the web, streaming media, or navigating with location-based services. The device's seamless integration with wireless networks and peripheral devices underscored its versatility and adaptability in diverse usage scenarios.

5. Operating System

Out of the box, the Xperia X10 ran on Android 1.6 (Donut), offering users access to a rich ecosystem of apps and services. While subsequent updates brought improvements and new features, the device's initial operating system provided a solid foundation for users to explore the capabilities of the Android platform. The Xperia X10's integration with Android laid the groundwork for a dynamic and customizable user experience, underpinned by the flexibility and extensibility of the operating system.

6. Battery Life

Powering the Xperia X10 was a removable 1500mAh lithium-polymer battery, which provided reliable endurance for day-to-day usage. The device's power management capabilities, coupled with its energy-efficient components, ensured that users could rely on the Xperia X10 to keep up with their demanding schedules without frequent recharging. The device's battery life was a crucial aspect of its usability, offering a balance between performance and longevity.

In essence, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10's specifications were a testament to its engineering excellence and forward-thinking design. Each component and feature was meticulously selected and integrated to deliver a cohesive and compelling user experience, cementing the Xperia X10's position as a trailblazer in the realm of mobile devices.


Release Date of Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 made its highly anticipated debut in the mobile market on March 2010, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of smartphones. Its release generated widespread excitement and anticipation among tech enthusiasts and consumers eager to experience its innovative features and cutting-edge capabilities.

The launch of the Xperia X10 represented a pivotal moment for Sony Ericsson, as it showcased the company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of mobile technology. The device arrived at a time when the smartphone landscape was rapidly evolving, with users increasingly seeking advanced functionality, seamless connectivity, and intuitive user experiences.

With its sleek design, powerful hardware, and feature-rich interface, the Xperia X10 captured the attention of the tech community and garnered positive reviews for its forward-thinking approach to mobile device design. Its release not only signaled Sony Ericsson's entry into the competitive smartphone market but also set a new standard for performance, functionality, and user experience.

The global release of the Xperia X10 brought the device to a diverse audience of users, spanning different regions and demographics. Its availability in various markets further solidified its position as a versatile and sought-after smartphone, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of users worldwide.

The impact of the Xperia X10's release reverberated across the industry, inspiring a new wave of smartphone development and shaping the expectations of users. Its arrival sparked conversations about the future of mobile technology, with its innovative features and capabilities setting a benchmark for the next generation of smartphones.

In summary, the release of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 in March 2010 marked a significant moment in the history of mobile devices. Its arrival heralded a new era of smartphone innovation, captivating users with its advanced features and redefining the possibilities of what a smartphone could achieve.

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