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Every week we post a collection of the best robot photos submitted by our readers to our flickr group. Why? Because everyone likes to see cool new robots! This week's collection includes, coincidentally, several alcohol related robots. There's a drunk graffiti robot, a Taiwan Beer display robot, even a collection of flasks bearing robot artwork. There's also the usual assortment of walking, flying, and rolling robots, both real and artistic. Want to see your robot here? Post it to flickr and add it to the flickr group. It's easy! If you're not already a flickr member, it's free and easy to sign up. Read on to see the best robot photos of the week!

Kill All Humans by flickr user Mercyful Fate
An angry robot graffiti artist with a drinking problem. Shot by Andrew Murdoch

Bee Bee King
Bee Bee King by flickr user CastOfCharacters23
Found Object Robot Sculpture

Toy (picture 1 of 4)
DIY robot by flickr user Tim Musson
Learning about electronics / playing with a Light Dependent Resistor

More Harvest Robot Shenanigans by flickr user SoundStageReview
A woman and her robot at the 2012 Harvest Festival in Sydney, Australia.

Hexcopter by flickr user steevithak
A hexcopter demo at the 2012 Dallas Makerspace open house (more pics).

Buddy by flickr user barberryrose
Prototype for different models - working for the military,providing security for industries, hospitals,etc., and home companion. Can be radio controlled, but the software learns from experience and rewrites it's program to respond to new events. One eye works like a webcam and the other is a weapons spotter. The arms can be outfitted with tools or weapons. (They really work. One arm recedes when the other advances) The power source and the electronics are inside the body which has a coded self-destruct program. Different models would have other equipment.
12.5" L x 14.5" W x 22" H
My son sent a box of parts for assemblages a couple of years ago. I used some for the Bio Mek robot, but I set the "tread" and arms aside for this one. After I drew the design I asked him to send more tread and maybe something neat for eyes. (Thank you, Ted) The body is a beer keg covered in camoflage fabric. I found the head in a thrift store. Right side up it's a desk caddy. I wish this robot really worked! Fun!

Winter Collection Hand Drawn Custom Robot Custom Flasks BUYALEX
Hand Drawn Robot Flasks by flickr user buyalex
Winter Collection hand drawn custom robot flasks - BUYALEX - Available for purchase

Museum Robot
Museum Robot by flickr user Merynda
A museum robot at CSIRO

MIT Campus
MIT Robot by flickr user Aleksandr Zykov
An MIT wheelchair robot follows a human

Beer robot
Beer robot by flickr user hwgirl
A beer robot display in Taiwan

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