Peacock App And How Many Devices Can Use It

Peacock How Many Devices

If you’re considering Peacock streaming, there may be a couple of factors you must consider before you subscribe. For example, in Peacock how many devices can stream all at once? Moreover, can you share your account with other people? Is there a family plan involved?

If these questions are part of your considerations, then you’re in luck. In this discussion, we’ll be talking about Peacock how many devices can stream simultaneously, and everything related to it. Without further delay, let’s begin.


What Is Peacock?

Before we understand how accounts dictate to Peacock how many devices can stream simultaneously, we must understand the service first. What is Peacock and what services and content does it provide?

Firstly, Peacock TV is a content streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus that launched in July 2020. Like those platforms, it features a large catalog of on-demand films and series you can view with your account. However, unlike many other services, the Peacock streaming service comes with a cheap, ad-supported tier.

Apart from this, Peacock Premium has another paid plan. Regardless of which you choose, however, both plans limit your simultaneous streams in various ways. Thus, their restrictions will dictate to Peacock how many devices can connect to one account (more on that later).

In addition, like Disney Plus, the Peacock streaming service is owned by a well-known television network, NBCUniversal. Likewise, it also hosts exclusive titles you can’t stream anywhere else.

For example, you can only find “The Office” or “Poker Face” by using the Peacock app or website. You can also find famous TV shows like “Saturday Night Live” on the app. With that said, what you can mostly stream are catalogs and titles from NBC shows and Universal studios.

Furthermore, Peacock is unique compared to Disney Plus or Netflix in that it offers news and live sports coverage. Therefore, it’s not only for viewing fiction but also for watching things that cover real-life events.


Peacock How Many Devices Can You Link To It?

Now that you know about the service, let’s get right into the important question. With your account dictating to Peacock how many devices can stream Peacock content, and how many simultaneous streams can it handle? Moreover, how many devices can you hook up to your account in total?


How Many Devices Can Use Peacock Premium?

If your question is how many devices on Peacock can stream simultaneously, the answer is three. This applies per account and disregards the type of subscription you have. Therefore, whether you have Premium or Premium Plus, you can only stream on three devices at once.

As a result, you don’t have to worry yourself or consider upgrading your plan if you want more simultaneous streams. If you’re on a budget, you can simply opt for the entry-level, ad-supported tier and share it with your family.

With that said, it’s a little cumbersome given that Peacock allows for six profiles per account. That’s because, even if six people share the same account, they can’t all stream at the same time. Thus, you must subscribe to a plan using two different accounts if you want all six people to watch simultaneously.


How Many Devices Can You Log Into Using One Account?

Now that we’ve covered simultaneous streams, this begs the question: how many users can be on a Peacock account? To put it in another way, is there a limit as to how many devices you log into using the same account?

Fortunately, when it comes to your account telling Peacock how many devices it can be on, there’s no limit. Therefore, you can log in with as many platforms as you’d like. The sole limitation is that you cannot watch concurrently on more than three devices at a time.

Besides this, you can go nuts with sharing your account with other devices. Hence, you can log in through your smart TV, smartphone, tablet, and laptop all at once. You can even log in using multiple mobile devices and your account won’t dictate to Peacock how many devices the limit is.


What Devices Can Stream Peacock?

Knowing how accounts tell Peacock how many devices can stream simultaneously is important. However, it’s equally essential to understand which platforms accept it. After all, there’s no point in making room for concurrent streams if your devices don’t support the app.

With that said, which devices accept Peacock as a streaming service? For the most part, most major operating systems and platforms allow for the streaming app. Therefore, you can stream it on most smart TVs including famous brand TVs like LG and Samsung.

In addition, Peacock is available on most major smartphone platforms using iOS and Android. It’s also accessible on streaming sticks and boxes like Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, and Android TV. Moreover, it’s even available on Xfinity and Flex devices.

Apart from these, Peacock is also available on consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox One. However, it isn’t available on the Nintendo Switch.


Peacock’s Plans

What are Peacock’s plan offerings? When it first came out, Peacock initially offered a free, ad-supported tier. This allowed people to use individual accounts to stream content without worrying about reaching the concurrent viewer limit.

However, as Peacock stabilized, they got rid of the free tier and chose to keep only two paid plans. The cheapest tier that is ad-supported is fairly affordable, costing only $5 monthly. Meanwhile, if you want to upgrade to get an ad-free experience, you’ll have to pay double that amount.

You can also save 17% on your bill by paying for either plan annually instead of monthly. The yearly plan for the lower tier costs $49.99 annually. Meanwhile, the higher-end, no-ads tier will cost $99.99 yearly.

How do these two plans differ? Firstly, the Premium Plan offers many of the basic benefits you get from a subscription like this. Hence, subscribing lets you access Peacock’s large library of over 80,000 hours of TV shows, films, and sports. In addition, it gives you access to 50 always-on channels, live sports events, and current NBC and Bravo shows.

On the other hand, the Premium Plus Plan offers a no-ads experience — which is the main draw of this tier. Apart from that, this higher-end plan also allows you to view select content offline through downloads. You can also watch your local NBC channel live round-the-clock using this tier.

Finally, you can also avail of a Peacock Premium subscription if you subscribe to an Xfinity plan. That’s because Xfinity has tie-ins with Peacock, allowing internet or cable subscribers easy access. Moreover, it even has special promotions that let you access the service for free with your ongoing subscription. Just contact Xfinity for more details.


Does Peacock Have A Family Plan?

Now that you know about how accounts dictate to Peacock how many devices can stream, you might also be curious about Peacock TV Family Plans. After all, the app does allow for multiple profiles and makes room for concurrent streams.

However, Peacock does not have a separate “Family Plan” that distinguishes itself from the standard Premium Plans. That’s because the regular plans already dictate how many Peacock subscribers can use it at once. They’re already free to be used by more than one user, inherently making both of them family plans.


What Shows, Movies, And Live TV Programs Are On Peacock?

After finding out how accounts dictate to Peacock how many devices can stream, you may already feel satisfied. It could be that three concurrent viewers are enough for your household or friend group.

However, you should consider one other factor before you sign up: what shows and movies can you watch? What types of content are available on the app? Peacock may feature over 80,000 hours of content, but it’s important to consider your tastes.

With that said Peacock will mostly be a worthwhile subscription if you like NBCUniversal’s biggest titles. These include titles like The Office, Community, Law & Order, or Parks And Recreation.

The platform also hosts classic movies and franchises like Harry Potter films and Karate Kid. Moreover, it’s even home to movies from famous actors like Ryan Reynolds, Will Smith, and Jennifer Aniston.

Apart from these, Peacock also hosts some wonderful originals and even documentaries. For instance, it’s the sole platform where you can stream Bel-Air and Poker Face. Finally, it’s home to the WWE Network, which is a big plus if you’re a fan of wrestling. It also hosts other live sports like the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics.


Peacock Alternatives

Knowing how your accounts tell Peacock how many devices can stream concurrently is important. However, the answer can be disappointing, especially if your household consists of more than three members who stream shows constantly.

With that said, are there any alternatives to Peacock that might quench your thirst for content? Here are the top substitutes you can check out in 2023.


Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a widely regarded streaming platform that lets you watch films and series on demand. Like others, its library swells with content that you can access through a subscription.

However, what makes it distinct is that you can subscribe to the service by getting an Amazon Prime membership. This gains you multiple other perks associated with Amazon’s online retail website, app, and other services.

Apart from this, Amazon Prime Video hosts a bunch of original titles like “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.” It’s also available on most platforms and devices, allowing you to access it regardless of where you watch.

In addition, unlike Peacock, Amazon Prime Video provides a free trial for new members. The trial lasts for 30 days so you can watch your favorite film or series and try the app beforehand.

Moreover, while live streaming isn’t its main feature, Amazon has been recently expanding its live sports offerings. Hence, you should be able to watch sports like WNBA, Thursday Night Football, and other games on the app.


Disney Plus

Disney Plus is one of the most popular streaming services available on the market, and it’s unsurprising why. That’s because it exclusively showcases some of the best IPs in the industry. For example, you can only watch Star Wars or MCU films on the app.

In addition, it’s home to tons of family-friendly content from Pixar and Disney Original films. Hence, it’s the best choice for families who want to have kid-friendly content to watch like classic Disney Princess movies.

However, Disney Plus does pale in comparison to many other services in that there’s not a lot of content. Sure, it might host some of your favorite titles and franchises. On the other hand, they’re not nearly enough for everybody, especially if you don’t feel like re-watching old titles.

Furthermore, Disney Plus lacks the option to stream live shows, sports, and news. Hence, it’s only good for watching fiction. Moreover, the US app doesn’t showcase content from Star, which provides other countries access to Asian films, anime, and Kdramas.



Like Disney Plus, Hulu provides you with a decently large library of content — both exclusive and non-exclusive. It’s home to some famous titles like Only Murders In The Building and The Handmaid’s Tale.

Apart from this, it’s also pretty affordable compared to larger streaming services and even has an ad-supported tier. Moreover, higher-end tiers even offer live streaming, access to news and sports shows, and lifestyle programming. It even lets you access famous sports leagues including the NFL, NHL, and NBA.

Therefore, if you’re looking to cut the cord, it’s one of the best options you can get. It’ll feel like you’re still on a cable service without the hassles of regular cable. Furthermore, you can watch critically acclaimed titles and popular shows on demand like Netflix or Peacock.



Netflix is a top contender and arguably still the industry leader when it comes to streaming services. Despite many competitors sprouting up in recent years, it maintains its popularity among streaming fans.

Through the app, you can access on-demand content from all kinds of networks and production studios. Of course, the platform no longer hosts titles exclusive to other studios like The Office or The Avengers. Nonetheless, it’s still home to some of the most popular films and shows available.

Netflix has also recently diversified its content by adding exclusives and Netflix Originals. You can even view big-budget shows and movies as they release (usually, one season at a time). Some famous titles include Stranger Things and Kingdom.

Finally, Netflix is home to a diverse library of Asian and foreign content. You can easily watch Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and even Filipino content on the app. However, unlike Peacock or Hulu, it doesn’t offer live streaming capabilities or access to sports and news. Likewise, there isn’t a lot of lifestyle-related content — though there is a large library of documentaries.



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Bottom Line

Can you share a Peacock account? Yes, you can. Moreover, you can even learn how accounts tell Peacock how many devices can have simultaneous streams. The app allows for multiple concurrent viewers so you and your family can watch all at once.

However, there are limitations to this, just as there are on Netflix and Disney Plus. Unfortunately, Peacock allows for a paltry three concurrent streams so it’s a little less competitive than other services. Nonetheless, it’s a good investment if you’re a fan of consuming Peacock’s content from NBCUniversal.

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