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Welcome to our guide on how to turn on the keyboard light on Dell laptops. If you own a Dell laptop, you may have noticed that some models come equipped with a built-in keyboard backlight. This feature allows you to use your laptop even in low-light environments, making it easier to see the keys and type comfortably.

The keyboard light is a useful feature for those who frequently work or use their laptops at night or in dimly lit areas. It not only provides practicality but also adds a stylish touch to your laptop. Whether you need to finish an important document or simply prefer a illuminated keyboard, we’ll walk you through the steps to turn on the keyboard light on your Dell laptop.

It’s important to note that not all Dell laptop models have a built-in keyboard backlight. Therefore, it’s essential to check if your laptop supports this feature before proceeding with the steps outlined in this guide.

In the following sections, we will provide a detailed explanation of how to enable the keyboard light on your Dell laptop, along with troubleshooting tips if you encounter any issues. So, let’s get started and enlighten your Dell keyboard!


Understanding the Keyboard Light on Dell Laptops

Before we dive into the steps of turning on the keyboard light on your Dell laptop, it’s helpful to understand how this feature works. The keyboard light, also known as a backlight, is a built-in illumination system that illuminates the keys on your laptop’s keyboard.

The purpose of the keyboard light is to provide better visibility and ease of use, particularly in low-light or dark environments. When activated, the backlight illuminates the keys, making it easier to locate and press them accurately. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who often work late nights or prefer using their laptops in dimly lit areas.

It’s important to note that not all Dell laptop models have the same keyboard light functionality. Some laptops may have adjustable lighting levels, allowing you to customize the brightness of the backlight to suit your preferences. Others may have a fixed brightness level or even a keyboard light that automatically adjusts based on ambient light conditions.

To determine the specific keyboard light capabilities of your Dell laptop, it’s advisable to refer to the user manual or search for your laptop model on the Dell support website. This will help you understand the range of options available and how to access them on your specific laptop.

Now that you have a better understanding of the keyboard light feature on Dell laptops, it’s time to proceed to the practical steps of turning it on. In the next section, we will guide you through the process, ensuring that you can make the most out of this convenient and visually appealing feature.


Steps to Turn On Keyboard Light on a Dell Laptop

Enabling the keyboard light on your Dell laptop is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to illuminate your keyboard and enhance your typing experience:

  1. Locate the “Fn” (Function) key on your keyboard. This key is usually located in the bottom-left corner, next to the “Ctrl” (Control) key.
  2. Look for the “F10,” “F6,” or “F5” key on the top row of your keyboard. The specific key to toggle the keyboard light may vary depending on your laptop model. Look for a key that has an icon depicting a keyboard and a light bulb.
  3. Press and hold the “Fn” key, then simultaneously press the designated key to activate the keyboard light. Keep your finger on the “Fn” key while pressing the designated key.
  4. Observe your keyboard to see if the backlight has turned on. Depending on your laptop model, the keyboard light may have different brightness levels or even color options. Adjust the brightness or color settings, if available, by using the designated keys or software provided by Dell.
  5. If you can’t find the designated key or if it doesn’t activate the keyboard light, refer to your laptop’s user manual or visit the Dell support website for specific instructions pertaining to your laptop model. Different models may have different keyboard backlight functionalities.

That’s it! By following these simple steps, you should now have your keyboard light illuminated on your Dell laptop. Enjoy the enhanced visibility and typing experience that the keyboard light provides.

If you encounter any difficulties or the keyboard light still doesn’t turn on after following the steps above, don’t worry. In the next section, we will provide some troubleshooting tips to help you resolve any issues you may encounter.


Troubleshooting if the Keyboard Light is not Working

If you followed the steps to turn on the keyboard light on your Dell laptop but it still isn’t working, don’t worry. There are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the issue:

  1. Restart your laptop. Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve minor software glitches and restore the keyboard light functionality.
  2. Update your laptop’s drivers. Outdated or incompatible drivers can cause issues with the keyboard light. Visit the Dell support website, enter your laptop’s model number, and download the latest drivers for your specific laptop model.
  3. Check the BIOS settings. Restart your laptop and enter the BIOS or UEFI settings by pressing the designated function key, usually “F2” or “Del,” during the boot process. Look for a setting related to the keyboard backlight and ensure it is enabled. Consult your laptop’s user manual or the Dell support website for specific instructions on accessing and modifying BIOS settings.
  4. Ensure you have the correct keyboard light key combination. If the steps mentioned in the previous section didn’t work, try different combinations of the “Fn” key with the function keys on your keyboard. Some Dell laptops may use different key combinations to control the keyboard light.
  5. Check for any physical issues. Inspect your keyboard for any physical damage or debris that may be obstructing the keyboard light. Clean the keyboard gently with compressed air or a soft cloth to remove any dirt or dust particles that may be interfering with the backlight.

If none of the troubleshooting steps above resolve the issue, it is recommended to contact Dell support for further assistance. Provide them with the details of your laptop model and the steps you have taken so far. They will be able to provide you with more specific guidance based on your situation.

Remember, not all Dell laptop models have a built-in keyboard backlight. Double-check your laptop’s specifications to ensure that this feature is supported. If your laptop does not have a keyboard light, there may be external alternatives available, such as USB-powered LED lights, that you can use to illuminate your keyboard.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you should be able to resolve any issues with the keyboard light on your Dell laptop and enjoy the illuminated typing experience.



Congratulations! You have now learned how to turn on the keyboard light on your Dell laptop. This feature not only adds convenience but also enhances the visual appeal of your laptop, especially when working in low-light environments.

In this guide, we discussed the importance of understanding the keyboard light feature on Dell laptops, as well as the steps to enable it. By following the simple instructions provided, you can easily illuminate your keyboard and enjoy a better typing experience.

If you encounter any issues with the keyboard light not working, remember to try the troubleshooting steps outlined in this guide. Restarting your laptop, updating drivers, checking BIOS settings, and verifying the correct key combinations can often resolve these issues. However, if the problem persists, it is recommended to seek further assistance from Dell support.

Remember to consult your laptop’s user manual or visit the Dell support website for specific information regarding your laptop model. Not all Dell laptops have a built-in keyboard backlight, so it’s important to confirm the availability of this feature on your specific device.

We hope that this guide has been helpful in enabling the keyboard light on your Dell laptop. Enjoy the illuminated typing experience and work comfortably, even in low-light situations.

Thank you for choosing Dell, and happy typing!

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