How Much RAM Does Cyberpunk Use?



Welcome to the world of Cyberpunk 2077, a futuristic open-world RPG that has taken the gaming community by storm. Developed by CD Projekt Red, the creators of The Witcher series, Cyberpunk 2077 has been highly anticipated for its immersive gameplay, stunning visuals, and captivating storyline. As you embark on your journey through the Night City, one question that may arise is: how much RAM does Cyberpunk 2077 use?

The amount of RAM required for a game can have a significant impact on its performance. RAM, which stands for Random Access Memory, is a type of computer memory that is used to store data that is currently being accessed, allowing for quick retrieval and execution. In the case of Cyberpunk 2077, the game’s RAM usage is determined by various factors, such as the complexity of the game world, the number of NPCs and objects on screen, and the quality of textures and graphics.

Understanding the RAM requirements for Cyberpunk 2077 is crucial, as it directly impacts the smoothness and stability of the gameplay experience. In this article, we will explore the minimum and recommended system requirements for Cyberpunk 2077, discuss the factors that affect RAM usage in the game, and provide some tips on how to optimize your RAM usage to maximize performance. So, let’s dive into the world of Cyberpunk 2077 and uncover the secrets of its RAM usage.


RAM Requirements for Cyberpunk 2077

Before delving into the RAM requirements for Cyberpunk 2077, it’s essential to understand that these requirements can vary depending on the platform you’re playing the game on, such as PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or the next-gen consoles like Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. However, the overall RAM needs for Cyberpunk 2077 remain relatively consistent across platforms.

The minimum system requirements for Cyberpunk 2077 state that you’ll need at least 8GB of RAM to run the game. This is the bare minimum to ensure basic functionality, but keep in mind that with this amount of RAM, you may experience occasional performance issues, especially during intense gameplay moments or in crowded urban areas where there are numerous AI-controlled characters on the screen.

To have a more optimal experience, it is highly recommended to have 16GB of RAM. This will provide a smoother and more stable gameplay experience, reducing the chances of encountering frame rate drops, stuttering, or crashes. With 16GB of RAM, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in the rich and detailed world of Cyberpunk 2077 without worrying about performance issues.

If you’re looking for the best possible experience, especially for those playing on high-end PCs or next-gen consoles, having 32GB of RAM can further enhance your gameplay experience. The additional RAM allows for better performance optimization, especially during graphically demanding scenes or when using ray tracing features. With 32GB of RAM, you can push the graphical settings to the max and enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 in all its visual glory.

It’s important to note that these RAM requirements are just one aspect of the overall system requirements for Cyberpunk 2077. To ensure smooth gameplay, you’ll also need to consider other hardware components, such as the GPU, CPU, and storage. Investing in a powerful gaming setup can significantly enhance your Cyberpunk 2077 experience and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the dystopian world of Night City.


Minimum System Requirements for Cyberpunk 2077

If you’re planning to embark on the thrilling journey of Cyberpunk 2077, it’s essential to ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements to run the game smoothly. While these specifications might not deliver the highest graphics settings, they will allow you to experience the game with reasonable performance.

For playing Cyberpunk 2077 on PC, the minimum system requirements include a 64-bit Windows 7 or 10 operating system, an Intel Core i5-3570K or an AMD FX-8310 processor, and at least 8GB of RAM. In terms of graphics, the minimum requirement is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 3GB or an AMD Radeon RX 470 graphics card. These specifications will enable you to enjoy the game at 1080p resolution with low to medium settings.

Console players, on the other hand, have specific requirements to run Cyberpunk 2077 smoothly. If you’re gaming on an Xbox One, you’ll need the base Xbox One console or higher, while PlayStation 4 players require the base PlayStation 4 or higher for compatibility. These consoles come with their respective system requirements pre-optimized, ensuring that you can enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 without any additional hardware upgrades. However, as the game pushes the limits of these older consoles, you may experience occasional performance hiccups.

It’s important to note that meeting the minimum requirements might limit your ability to fully appreciate the game’s visuals and performance. While you can expect a playable experience, upgrading your hardware to meet the recommended requirements will undoubtedly enhance your enjoyment of Cyberpunk 2077.

As technology advances, and new systems are released, it’s worth considering the next generation of consoles. The Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, with their improved hardware capabilities, will undoubtedly provide a more optimal experience, delivering smoother performance and enhanced graphical fidelity. If you have access to these consoles, you can dive into Night City with the comfort of knowing that you’ll be experiencing Cyberpunk 2077 in its full glory.

Now that we have explored the minimum system requirements for Cyberpunk 2077, let’s move on to the recommended system requirements, which will offer an even more immersive gameplay experience.


Recommended System Requirements for Cyberpunk 2077

If you want to truly immerse yourself in the neon-lit world of Cyberpunk 2077 and experience the game with stunning visuals and smooth gameplay, it’s important to meet the recommended system requirements. These specifications ensure that you can enjoy the game with higher graphics settings and a more seamless performance.

If you’re playing Cyberpunk 2077 on a PC, the recommended system requirements include a 64-bit Windows 10 operating system, an Intel Core i7-4790 or an AMD Ryzen 3 3200G processor, and at least 12GB of RAM. To fully appreciate the graphical prowess of the game, you’ll need an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB or an AMD Radeon R9 Fury graphics card.

For console players, the recommended system requirements differ depending on the platform. Those playing on the Xbox One X or the PlayStation 4 Pro will have a more optimized experience, thanks to the increased power of these systems. However, to truly maximize your enjoyment, stepping into the realm of next-gen consoles is the way to go. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, equipped with their advanced hardware, will offer smoother gameplay, faster loading times, and improved visual fidelity.

Meeting the recommended system requirements not only ensures a visually breathtaking experience but also provides a more stable gameplay environment. With higher graphics settings, you’ll be able to witness the intricate details of Night City, from the gleaming skyscrapers to the bustling streets, with unparalleled clarity and realism.

It’s important to keep in mind that the recommended system requirements are designed for a more optimal experience, but they are not mandatory. You can still enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 with a system that falls slightly below these specifications. You may need to compromise on certain graphical settings to achieve a smooth gameplay experience, but the immersive world and captivating storytelling of the game will still be at your fingertips.

Now that you know the recommended system requirements for Cyberpunk 2077, you can make an informed decision about the hardware upgrades or console choices that will deliver the best possible gaming experience. But before you dive into the dangerous and thrilling world of Night City, let’s explore the various factors that can affect the RAM usage in Cyberpunk 2077.


Factors Affecting RAM Usage in Cyberpunk 2077

When it comes to a game as complex and immersive as Cyberpunk 2077, several factors can influence the amount of RAM it requires to run smoothly. Understanding these factors can help you optimize your gaming experience and ensure that your system can handle the demands of the game.

One of the primary factors affecting RAM usage in Cyberpunk 2077 is the size and complexity of the game world. Night City, the futuristic metropolis where the game takes place, is filled with intricate details, densely populated areas, and interactive environments. The more expansive and detailed the world, the more RAM is required to load and render the various assets and objects in the game, such as buildings, vehicles, and NPCs.

The number of NPCs, or non-playable characters, in the game is another crucial factor that impacts RAM usage. Cyberpunk 2077 features a dynamic and living ecosystem, with a multitude of NPCs going about their daily lives. Each NPC has its own AI routines, animations, and abilities, all of which require memory allocation. The more NPCs present on the screen, the more RAM is needed to handle their interactions and behaviors.

The quality of textures and graphics in Cyberpunk 2077 also influences RAM usage. The game boasts stunning visuals, with high-resolution textures, realistic lighting effects, and detailed character models. Higher-quality textures and graphics require more RAM to load and process, ensuring that the visuals are rendered smoothly without any noticeable lag or stuttering.

In addition to these factors, other gameplay elements such as weather effects, physics simulations, and dynamic lighting can also impact RAM usage. For instance, during combat sequences with explosions or intense particle effects, the game needs to allocate additional memory to ensure fluid gameplay and avoid performance issues.

It’s worth mentioning that the amount of RAM utilized in Cyberpunk 2077 can also be influenced by your settings and personal preferences. Adjusting the graphical settings, such as reducing the draw distance or lowering the level of detail, can help optimize RAM usage. Additionally, running other resource-intensive applications in the background while playing the game may cause additional strain on your system’s RAM, potentially impacting performance.

Understanding the factors that affect RAM usage in Cyberpunk 2077 allows you to make informed decisions when setting up your gaming system or optimizing your gameplay experience. Now that we’ve explored the various factors that influence RAM usage, let’s move on to some tips on how to optimize RAM usage in Cyberpunk 2077.


Tips to Optimize RAM Usage in Cyberpunk 2077

To ensure smooth and optimal performance while playing Cyberpunk 2077, it’s important to optimize the usage of your system’s RAM. Implementing the following tips can help you maximize your RAM utilization and enhance your overall gaming experience.

1. Close Unnecessary Background Applications: Before starting Cyberpunk 2077, close any unnecessary applications running in the background. Other programs consume RAM, which can impact the game’s performance. By closing these applications, you free up additional memory for the game to utilize.

2. Adjust Graphics Settings: The graphical settings in Cyberpunk 2077 can have a significant impact on RAM usage. Experiment with different settings to find the sweet spot between visual quality and optimal performance. Lowering settings like texture quality and shadow resolution can help reduce the RAM load without sacrificing too much graphical fidelity.

3. Keep Drivers Updated: Ensure that your graphics card drivers are up to date. Updated drivers often come with optimizations and bug fixes that can improve the game’s performance, including RAM usage efficiency. Check for updates regularly to take advantage of these improvements.

4. Optimize Virtual Memory/Paging File: If you have limited physical RAM, optimizing your virtual memory, also known as the paging file, can help improve performance. Increase the size of the paging file or set it to a fixed size to ensure it can accommodate the additional memory requirements of Cyberpunk 2077.

5. Regularly Defragment Your Hard Drive: Fragmented files on your hard drive can slow down the loading process, including accessing necessary game data from disk to RAM. Regularly defragmenting your hard drive can help improve overall performance and reduce the strain on your system’s RAM.

6. Close Resource-Heavy Applications: If you have other resource-intensive applications running, such as video editing software or streaming services, consider closing them while playing Cyberpunk 2077. These applications consume both CPU and RAM resources, which can impact the game’s performance.

7. Install the Game on an SSD: If possible, install Cyberpunk 2077 on a Solid-State Drive (SSD). SSDs have faster read and write speeds than traditional hard drives, which can help reduce loading times and improve overall performance, including RAM utilization.

8. Keep Your System Updated: Regularly update your operating system and drivers to ensure maximum compatibility and performance. Software updates often include optimizations that can improve RAM usage and overall stability while playing Cyberpunk 2077.

By implementing these tips, you can optimize your system’s RAM usage while playing Cyberpunk 2077. Remember, every system is unique, so it may take some trial and error to find the settings that work best for your specific hardware configuration. Now that you have the knowledge to optimize your RAM usage, it’s time to venture forth and fully immerse yourself in the futuristic world of Cyberpunk 2077!



Cyberpunk 2077 is a visually stunning and immersive game that takes players on a thrilling journey through the dystopian Night City. Understanding the RAM requirements and optimizing its usage is crucial to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Whether you’re playing on a PC or console, meeting the minimum system requirements is essential to experience Cyberpunk 2077 with reasonable performance. However, for the best visuals and optimal gameplay, it is recommended to exceed the minimum requirements and aim for the recommended system specifications.

Factors such as the size of the game world, the number of NPCs, and the quality of textures and graphics can influence the amount of RAM required to run the game smoothly. Optimizing RAM usage by closing unnecessary background applications, adjusting graphics settings, and keeping drivers updated will help maximize system performance.

Additionally, considering hardware upgrades, such as installing the game on an SSD or upgrading to a higher RAM capacity, can further enhance your Cyberpunk 2077 experience. It’s important to find the right balance between system capabilities and desired graphical settings to create an immersive and stable gameplay environment.

By implementing the tips provided in this article and understanding the factors that impact RAM usage, you can optimize your system and enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 at its fullest potential. So, equip yourself with the knowledge, step into the neon-lit streets of Night City, and experience the futuristic world of Cyberpunk 2077 like never before!

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