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Welcome to the world of online entertainment, where streaming platforms have revolutionized the way we consume media. Among the giants of the streaming world, YouTube stands tall as a go-to destination for videos of all kinds – from music and tutorials to entertainment and documentaries. But did you know that YouTube offers a premium subscription service called YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium, formerly known as YouTube Red, is a subscription service that provides an elevated and ad-free experience for YouTube users. With this subscription, users can enjoy a wide range of benefits and exclusive features that enhance their viewing pleasure. Whether you are a casual YouTube viewer or a die-hard fan, YouTube Premium has something to offer everyone.

In this article, we will delve into the world of YouTube Premium and explore its features, cost, payment options, and whether the subscription is worth the investment. So, if you’re curious about taking your YouTube experience to the next level, read on to discover what YouTube Premium has in store for you.


What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is a subscription-based service offered by YouTube that provides users with a range of exclusive perks and features. With a YouTube Premium subscription, users can enjoy ad-free viewing, access to YouTube Originals, and the ability to download videos for offline playback.

One of the key highlights of YouTube Premium is the removal of ads. Ads can often disrupt the viewing experience, interrupting videos and causing frustration. With a YouTube Premium subscription, ads are completely eliminated, allowing users to enjoy uninterrupted content without any distractions.

In addition to ad-free viewing, YouTube Premium grants users access to a collection of original shows, movies, and documentaries created specifically for YouTube. Known as YouTube Originals, these original content pieces range from dramas and comedies to documentaries, offering a diverse range of entertainment options.

Another enticing feature of YouTube Premium is the ability to download videos. This comes in handy when users want to watch their favorite videos offline, such as during a flight or when internet access is limited. With YouTube Premium, users can simply download videos to their device and watch them later without an internet connection.

Furthermore, YouTube Premium improves the overall YouTube experience by enhancing the audio and video quality. With a subscription, users can enjoy higher resolution videos and high-quality audio streaming, ensuring a more immersive and enjoyable viewing experience.

YouTube Premium also extends its benefits beyond the YouTube platform. Subscribers get access to YouTube Music Premium, which is a standalone music streaming service from YouTube. This allows users to listen to their favorite songs, create playlists, and discover new artists without any interruptions from ads.

Now that we have covered the basics of YouTube Premium, let’s dig deeper into the benefits and features that come with this subscription.


Benefits of YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium offers a host of benefits that enhance the overall user experience. Let’s explore some of the key advantages of subscribing to YouTube Premium:

Ad-free Viewing: One of the primary benefits of YouTube Premium is the elimination of ads. No more annoying interruptions or ads popping up in the middle of your favorite videos. With YouTube Premium, you can enjoy uninterrupted content from start to finish, enhancing your viewing pleasure.

Access to YouTube Originals: YouTube Premium subscribers have exclusive access to a wide range of original shows, movies, and documentaries known as YouTube Originals. These captivating productions cover various genres and feature popular creators, giving you fresh and engaging content to enjoy.

Offline Playback: YouTube Premium allows you to download videos and watch them offline. This feature comes in handy when you’re traveling or in an area with limited internet connectivity. Simply download your favorite videos beforehand and enjoy them on the go, without worrying about buffering or data usage.

Background Play: With YouTube Premium, you can listen to videos in the background while using other apps or even when your device’s screen is turned off. This is particularly useful when you want to listen to music, podcasts, or educational content while multitasking on your phone or tablet.

YouTube Music Premium: As a YouTube Premium subscriber, you also gain access to YouTube Music Premium, a standalone music streaming service. Uninterrupted music streaming, ad-free listening, and offline downloads are some of the features that make YouTube Music Premium a compelling option for music lovers.

Improved Audio and Video Quality: YouTube Premium enhances the viewing experience by providing higher resolution videos and high-quality audio streaming. This ensures that you can enjoy your favorite content in the highest possible quality, immersing yourself in clear visuals and crisp sound.

YouTube Kids: Another benefit of YouTube Premium is the ability to access YouTube Kids without any ads. YouTube Kids is a separate app specifically designed for children, offering a safer and more curated viewing experience. With YouTube Premium, you can provide your kids with ad-free and age-appropriate content.

These are just a few of the many benefits that come with a YouTube Premium subscription. Now that we’ve explored the advantages, let’s move on to the next crucial aspect – the cost of YouTube Premium and the available payment options.


How much does YouTube Premium cost?

YouTube Premium offers affordable pricing options for its users. The cost of YouTube Premium varies depending on the country and the payment method chosen. Let’s explore the different pricing models for YouTube Premium:

Individual Plan: The individual plan of YouTube Premium typically costs around .99 per month. This plan grants a single user access to all the benefits of YouTube Premium, including ad-free viewing, YouTube Originals, offline playback, and background play. It also includes access to YouTube Music Premium for uninterrupted music streaming.

Family Plan: For those who want to share the YouTube Premium experience with up to five family members, there is a family plan available. The family plan usually costs around $17.99 per month. Each member gets their own individual YouTube Premium account, ensuring personalized recommendations and settings.

Student Plan: YouTube Premium also offers a discounted student plan for eligible students. This plan provides all the features of the individual plan at a reduced price. To avail of the student plan, students need to verify their enrollment using a valid university email address or through the verification process designated for their country.

Bundle Offers: In some countries, YouTube Premium may be bundled with other services, such as YouTube TV or Google Play Music. These bundles provide users with added value and a comprehensive entertainment package. The availability and pricing of bundle offers may vary, so it is worth checking the specific offers available in your region.

It is important to note that the pricing mentioned here is subject to change and may vary based on factors such as location and currency fluctuations. It is advisable to visit the official YouTube Premium website or check your local app store for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Now that we have covered the cost of YouTube Premium, let’s explore the available payment options for subscribing to this premium service.


Payment Options for YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium offers a variety of convenient payment options to suit the needs of its users. Let’s take a look at the different ways you can pay for your YouTube Premium subscription:

Credit/Debit Card: The most common and widely accepted method of payment for YouTube Premium is through credit or debit cards. You can securely link your card to your YouTube account and have the subscription fee automatically charged to your card each month. This ensures a seamless and hassle-free payment process.

PayPal: YouTube also accepts PayPal as a payment method for YouTube Premium subscriptions. If you prefer using PayPal for your online transactions, you can link your PayPal account to your YouTube account and use it as the preferred payment method.

Google Play Balance: If you have a Google Play Balance, you can use it to pay for your YouTube Premium subscription. The balance can be topped up using various payment methods, including credit/debit cards or gift cards. This option provides users with a convenient way to utilize their Google Play credits for their YouTube Premium subscription.

Gift Cards/Vouchers: YouTube Premium also allows users to redeem gift cards or vouchers as a form of payment. These gift cards can be purchased online or at selected retail stores and can be used to pay for YouTube Premium subscriptions. They make for great gifts for friends and family members who are avid YouTube viewers.

It’s important to note that the availability of payment options may vary depending on your country. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check the YouTube Premium website or contact customer support for the most up-to-date information regarding accepted payment methods in your region.

Now that we’ve covered the payment options for YouTube Premium let’s move on to the next section to evaluate whether the benefits of YouTube Premium are worth the cost.


Is YouTube Premium worth the cost?

The decision of whether YouTube Premium is worth the cost depends on your viewing habits and preferences. Let’s take a closer look at some factors to consider when evaluating the value of YouTube Premium:

Ad-free Experience: If you find ads on YouTube frustrating and disruptive, YouTube Premium offers a significant advantage by eliminating all ads. The uninterrupted viewing experience can greatly enhance your enjoyment and engagement with the platform.

Exclusive Content: YouTube Originals are a unique offering for YouTube Premium subscribers. If you enjoy original shows, movies, and documentaries, the access to exclusive content can be a compelling reason to subscribe. YouTube Originals feature popular creators and cover a diverse range of genres, adding additional value to the subscription.

Offline Playback: The ability to download videos for offline viewing is a convenient feature, especially for those who travel frequently or have limited access to the internet. If you find yourself in situations where you need to watch videos without an internet connection, YouTube Premium’s offline playback feature can be a game-changer.

Background Play: Being able to listen to videos in the background while using other apps or when your screen is turned off can be incredibly useful. If you enjoy listening to music, podcasts, or educational content on YouTube, YouTube Premium’s background play feature enables seamless multitasking.

YouTube Music Premium: If you’re a music lover, YouTube Music Premium provides ad-free music streaming and personalized playlists. If you combine your love for YouTube videos with a passion for music, the inclusion of YouTube Music Premium within the subscription makes YouTube Premium an even more appealing option.

Enhanced Quality: YouTube Premium offers improved audio and video quality, providing a more immersive and enjoyable viewing experience. If you value high-quality visuals and crisp sound, the enhanced quality of YouTube Premium can make your viewing sessions all the more satisfying.

Ultimately, the worth of YouTube Premium is subjective and depends on your personal preferences and usage habits. If the benefits mentioned above align with your needs and you find yourself frequently using YouTube, then the subscription cost may be well worth it for the enhanced experience and exclusive features.

Consider assessing your own viewing patterns, preferences, and willingness to invest in ad-free, original content, offline playback, and background play when determining whether YouTube Premium is worth the cost for you.

Now that we have evaluated the value proposition of YouTube Premium, it’s time to wrap up our exploration and make an informed decision about whether to subscribe to this premium service.



YouTube Premium offers a range of benefits and features that can greatly enhance your YouTube experience. With an ad-free viewing experience, access to exclusive content, offline playback, background play, and YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Premium provides a comprehensive package for those who want to take their YouTube consumption to the next level.

However, whether YouTube Premium is worth the cost ultimately depends on your personal preferences and usage habits. If you frequently watch YouTube videos, find ads frustrating, enjoy original content, and value the convenience of offline playback and background play, then YouTube Premium is likely to be a worthwhile investment.

It’s important to consider your budget and evaluate whether the additional features and benefits warrant the subscription cost. Take the time to assess your viewing patterns, frequency of YouTube usage, and desire for an uninterrupted and enhanced viewing experience.

YouTube Premium offers different pricing options, including individual, family, and student plans, providing flexibility to cater to various needs. Additionally, the availability of different payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, PayPal, Google Play Balance, and gift cards, ensures convenience in subscribing to YouTube Premium.

Ultimately, the decision to subscribe to YouTube Premium rests on your personal evaluation of its value proposition. Take into account the benefits it offers, consider your own viewing preferences, and decide whether the cost is justified for the enhanced features and ad-free experience that YouTube Premium brings to the table.

So, if you crave uninterrupted entertainment, exclusive content, and the ability to take your favorite videos offline, YouTube Premium might just be the perfect choice for you. Upgrade your YouTube experience today and unlock a world of premium perks and features.

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