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Razer Iskur Review: Is It A Great Gaming Chair

Razer Iskur Featured

Razer has always been known for creating high-quality, gaming-specific computers, peripherals, and accessories. The Razer Iskur is just one addition to the brand’s already large list of products. What is the gaming chair like and is it a good investment? Let’s check it out.


What Is The Razer Iskur?

Razer Iskur
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Oftentimes, people diminish the importance of ergonomics when constructing their workspaces. They might consider spending money on a quality desk, computer, keyboard, or mouse. However, not as many treat their chair – arguably one of the most important components in ergonomics – as a priority.

That is until health gradually rose in importance in the public consciousness. Now, more and more people want to use ergonomic chairs that can provide proper back, arm, and neck support. That’s even more true nowadays since working from home became the norm because of COVID-19.

This, my friends, is where the Razer Iskur comes in. The brand’s premium gaming chair offers almost everything you need in terms of ergonomics. For example, the chair itself is built to match the natural contour of the human back. Moreover, it’s built with durable yet comfortable materials and offers firm support to your neck, upper, and lower back. The product also provides convenient controls for adjustment so that it fits a wide range of positions and body types.

Of course, this Razer chair wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t carry the brand’s design language. With the Razer Iskur, you get not only a premium, comfortable chair but also the privilege of boasting the brand’s name. The base version comes in green and black – a staple for Razer products – but also comes in all black so you can buy it for more subtle environments (e.g. the office).

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When Was Razer Iskur Released?

Razer has long been known for releasing gaming-related peripherals and accessories but it’s only recently released chairs. The Razer Iskur was the brand’s first attempt at this product line. It was launched amidst the height of COVID-19 lockdowns back in October of 2020.


Razer Iskur Specs

Weight Roughly 30.3kg
Size Approx. 26.20 x 53.98 x 29.35 inches (WxHxD)
Weight Limit 130 kg / 286 lbs
Recommended Height 180 cm / 6 ft
Chair Material PVD Leather & Spill-resistant Fabric
Base 5-star Metal Powder Coated
Frame Metal & Plywood
Armrests 4D
Casters 6cm Caster Wheel
Foam Type High-Density Molded Foam
Recline Angle 139 Degrees
Lumbar Cushion Fully Sculpted, Adjustable
Headrest Adjustable
Gas Lift Class 4


Razer Iskur Review



If we’re talking about layout, the design of the Razer Iskur is simply astounding. That’s because it comes with all the necessary components a reliable gaming chair needs. It has a large seat, firm cushioning, and curves that align well with the human body. Moreover, the chair provides a holistic set of support structures including a backrest, headrest, and armrest.

On the right, the Razer Iskur provides multiple adjustment controls that can help you reposition yourself according to the circumstances. With them, you can adjust the angle of the backrest or tweak the chair’s lumbar and pitch support. You can also adjust the chair’s height using the lever below the seat. All of the controls are easily distinguishable and well-placed so that you can reach them with ease.

How tall is Razer Iskur? The regular version is about 54 inches while the XL version can go up to 57 inches. With that said, it’s perfect for people who are around 6’ to 6’10” tall. On the other hand, how heavy is the Razer Iskur chair? The chair itself is pretty dense, weighing a solid 30.3 kg to 34 kg, depending on the version. It has a weight limit of 286 lbs or 130kg on the regular version. The XL version bumps that up to 396 lbs or 180 kg.



Photo from Amazon


While the Razer Iskur is designed for functionality, we can’t give it a high rating when it comes to aesthetics. That’s especially true when referring to the green and black variant. Sure, the Razer Iskur might sport Razer’s signature design language and green highlights. However, that kind of look is not exactly great for everybody.

For one, it’s not a good look if you’re bringing this chair to more professional environments like the office. It’s also a little too outlandish if your gaming setup sports a more low-key aesthetic. Nonetheless, we imagine some people might like the black body and neon green accents of the Razer Iskur. Looks are more of a matter of preference, after all.

On the other hand, there is an all-black Razer Iskur variant that looks more subtle than the original. This one might be less noticeable in an office environment compared to the previous one. However, do note that it still has the “For Gamers. By Gamers” slogan slapped on the front of the seat. Furthermore, the giant Razer logo is still present on the headrest. It’s just that this time, both of these markings are less prominent.


Durability & Assembly

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Everything from the Razer Iskur fabric to the chair frame feels worthy of the premium price tag. The build quality is excellent – unsurprising considering the chair is made of solid metal, memory foam, and leather. It’s certainly not something that will give way over time and should last you quite a while.

Furthermore, even the parts and tools it comes with, like the screws and hex keys, feel premium to the touch. On that note, if you’re buying the Razer Iskur, do know that you have to assemble the chair upon arrival. Now, this may be intimidating to most people, especially if you’ve never assembled furniture before. However, the assembly process of the Razer Iskur is surprisingly easy.

The steps it gives you are thorough and clear so even beginners can assemble it pretty easily. Furthermore, it only takes eight steps so assembly won’t take up too much of your time. The tools required for it are also all there.

However, we will note that the method on how to disassemble Razer Iskur isn’t as easy as the assembly. That’s because some of the screw caps Razer provides lock the screws in. Sure, this may provide a more seamless aesthetic to the chair overall. However, it makes it nearly impossible to disassemble without damaging the product. That’s why we suggest being very careful of assembling it properly the first time. Otherwise, you won’t get the chance to make adjustments.


Comfort & Cushioning

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Proper cushioning and comfort is potentially the most crucial part of this Razer Iskur chair review. With that said, is the Razer Iskur ergonomic and comfortable enough for prolonged use? The answer: most definitely.

If all you’ve ever used in your life is an office chair then the Razer Iskur is certainly an upgrade. It’s sturdy, with the backrest and seat providing firm support for people who fit the weight recommendation. Of course, this is only applicable if you were to properly lean and sit back on the chair.

With that said, you can also easily adjust the seat’s pitch if leaning back on the default position is uncomfortable. Using these adjustments, you can conveniently find the optimal position for your spine, whether you’re leaning backward or forward. In addition, you can even use the various levers and controls to adjust the armrest, backrest, and height.

Now, doing this can take time as there’s a lot of experimentation involved. Different people will have varying body shapes, weights, preferences, and working conditions. However, once you find the ideal angles and positions, the Razer Iskur can easily become the comfiest chair ever.

On the other hand, the headrest mechanism isn’t the most ideal. That’s because the head support will depend on how tall you are. Yes, there’s a head pillow included in the box. However, it doesn’t solve the problem if you’re shorter as it simply pushes your head forward instead of supporting it.

Razer does have a recommended height for the product, though. According to the company, the Razer Iskur is best suited for people between 5’6” and 6’2”. If you fall into the shorter side of that range, the headrest’s position and height might feel bothersome.



How much does a Razor Iskur cost? The standard Razer Iskur costs $500 on either the company’s website or Amazon. However, sometimes the company does offer promos so that number can go as low as $399. On the other hand, the XL version will cost extra and goes for $600 on Razer’s website.


Other Features

Photo from Razer


The Razer Iskur gaming chair might be comfortable, but that doesn’t nearly justify the high $500 asking price. That is if you consider the comfort in isolation without considering the product’s premium features. What are they and do they warrant the high price?

Firstly, one defining feature of the Razer Iskur is the adaptable lumbar mechanism. While most other gaming chairs simply provide pillows, the Iskur’s lumbar cushion itself is flexible. You can push it forward and upward, adjusting to any kind of spinal curvature and sitting position.

This eliminates the need for clunkily piling pillows on top of another to support your spine. Instead, all you need to do is use the lever and the lumbar mechanism will adjust accordingly. Furthermore, the chair lets you adjust the pitch, allowing it to lean more forward or backward, depending on your preference. The armrests are also malleable and can change the position, height, direction, and even angle.

Lastly, the Razer Iskur also houses features that most standard gaming chairs provide. For example, you can adjust the chair’s height to match the table or help your feet rest firmly flat. You can also alter the backrest’s angle up to 139 degrees – standard, even for regular office chairs.

With that said, all of the Razer Iskur features taken together certainly justify the price. They’re what truly elevates the product from standard to premium and are what makes the chair great.


Razer Iskur VS Razer Gaming Chairs

Now, the Razer Iskur might be a great option for those who prioritize ergonomics but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. After all, it’s expensive and is, therefore, unaffordable for some. Thankfully, Razer does produce more than one gaming chair that might fit your needs. Which Razer chair is the best? Let’s find out.


Razer Enki


If you were to choose between the Razer Enki vs Iskur, which chair would be the better option? In our opinion, it all depends on what you value. The Razer Enki is much cheaper and provides built-in lumbar support, synthetic leather, and dual texture padding. It has most of the Iskur’s features such as the angled backrest, 4D armrest, and high-end memory foam.

However, the adjustable lumbar support – arguably the best feature of the Razer Iskur – isn’t present. Hence, it’s not the better option if you dislike the idea of using pillows to help your spine. Nonetheless, with most of the other features intact, it’s a good enough alternative, especially for the lower $400 price.


Razer Iskur X


The Razer Iskur X is the cheaper variant of the Iskur Razer chair. It offers most of the same features including the adjustable backrest, armrest, and height. In addition, the Razer Iskur X retains the Iskur’s original overall aesthetic, design, and build quality. However, the crucial component that makes the Razer Iskur special – the adjustable lumbar support – is absent.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the Razer Iskur X is a bad alternative. After all, it comes with almost every other feature the Iskur offers and is flexible in all other aspects. Nonetheless, if you miss the lumbar support, Razer offers a separate lumbar pillow that might fill the gap.

With that said, between the Razer Iskur vs Razer Iskur X, which one is better? Again, it depends on your priorities. A support pillow may help fill the void but it isn’t a perfect substitute for the adjustable lumbar mechanism. However, the Razer Iskur X is more affordable and sells for $100 less than the Razer Iskur. If savings is more important to you than the Iskur’s fancy flexibility, then it’s certainly a decent choice.


Razer Iskur VS Other Gaming Chairs

Logitech G x Herman Miller Embody


Are you looking for cool gaming chairs that look sleek in both gaming setups and office desks? If so, we suggest you check out the Logitech G x Herman Miller Embody. The product provides you with all of the features you might need in a proper gaming chair.

Most notably, its back support mechanism is high-quality and provides extra breathability and cooling thanks to the material. It’s also more tailored to gamers with active positions and helps blood and oxygen flow.

Above all, the warranty on the gaming chair is superb and lasts 12 years – a decade more than other models. It’s also rated for 24-hour, round-the-clock usage for those 12 years so the money is certainly worth it.

However, it is astonishingly more expensive than the Razer Iskur, retailing for roughly $1,600. That’s shockingly expensive, especially considering the product doesn’t have a headrest. Nonetheless, it’s certainly worth the price if you want a high-quality gaming chair with an unmatched warranty period.


Secretlab Titan Evo 2022


The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 is one of the greatest gaming chairs available right now. It’s comfortable and ergonomic, making it the perfect chair for extended gaming sessions or long work hours.

The Titan is adjustable, allowing it to conform to you instead of the other way around. Like the Razer Iskur, it has 4D armrests and comfortable seats. Best of all, the head cushion is magnetic so it’ll stay stable throughout the session. It also comes in 3 sizes (small, regular, and extra-large) so it’s more suitable for people of various heights.

However, do note that the price difference between this and the Razer Iskur is minimal. The Titan Evo costs $429 to $499, depending on the size, while the Razer Iskur costs about the same.


Secretlab Omega


The Secretlab Omega is sort of the cheaper version of the Titan Evo. It has all the basics down including memory foam pillows, high-quality materials, and incredible back support. The chair will certainly keep you comfortable throughout your gaming session, regardless of how long it lasts. In addition, the chair comes in all black so it’s subtle enough for office environments.

The only downside to this chair is that it lacks premium features like the Razer Iskur’s adjustable lumbar mechanism. Nonetheless, it gets the job done well and is generally more affordable than the Titan Evo and Razer Iskur.


Is The Razer Iskur A Great Gaming Chair?

Now for the winning question: is the Razer Iskur good, and is it worth the price? In our opinion, the answer is yes. That’s because the gaming chair’s features and flexibility make it one of the most comfortable chairs on the market.

The adjustable armrests help you adapt to nearly any position or circumstance you want. Moreover, the build quality, cushioning, and especially the lumbar mechanism all contribute to the premium experience. If your main priority is your posture and maintaining good health, the Razer Iskur is certainly a strong contender.

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