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GameLeap Review: Improve Your Video Game Skills Now

GameLeap Featured

Esports has been continuously growing these past few years. Ranging from MOBAs, fighting games, strategy games, shooters, and sports titles, there are several games you can choose from. However, aspiring players need to have an insight when it comes to strategies and insights from pro players. This is where websites like GameLeap come and fill the void.

But what is GameLeap and how can it help you to become a better player?


What Is GameLeap?

Photo from GameLeap


GameLeap is a gaming service website that gives players the ability to improve their play styles on certain online games. They do this by the use of video guides that they create for the games that they’re making guides for, which we’re going to be discussing below.


What Games Does GameLeap Make Guides For?

GameLeap makes guides for many popular online games today. The most prominent being these five games:


Dota 2


The original and one of the best MOBA’s out there. Developed and published by Valve, Dota 2 is the sequel to the Defense of the Ancients (DotA) community-mod, created for Blizzard’s Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne. Dota 2 is played between two random/party cued teams of five players. Each team occupies and defends a base on the Bottom Left (Radiant) and Top Right (Dire) of the map.

All ten players have control over a powerful “hero” that has abilities unique to them and different styles of gameplay. In a match, players get EXP and gold, which can be used to get items with esoteric abilities for their heroes to defeat the opposing team in PVP combat. A team wins the game by destroying the other team’s “Ancient.”

Avid Dota players also make the most out of the Dota 2 premium subscription service Dota Plus.


League of Legends


The spiritual successor to the venerable DotA mod on Warcraft 3, League of Legends is yet another online game in the MOBA Genre. Made and released by Riot Games for Windows and macOS, the game has a freemium game model, making you pay to use the champion you want, but also giving you the ability to earn the currency to pay for the privilege of using them. Riot also made an abridged version of the game for mobile and console that they call League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Players assume the role of a “Summoner” that controls a “Champion.” The gameplay is similar to Dota 2, though other game modes do exist that come with varying rules, maps, and objectives.




Blizzard’s Entertainment’s class-based team shooter, Overwatch follows the typical MOBA formula while adding in some shooters to the mix. Players are divided into two teams of six, and each player selects from a roster of characters that the game calls “Heroes.” Each of these heroes has a unique style of play that’s split into three general roles. Players that are on the team have to work together to secure and guard control points on the map or to escort a payload towards the enemy’s side of the map in a scant amount of time.




Fortnite is the battle royale game that put the genre to the mainstream. It’s available in three game modes that share similar general gameplay and game engine. One is Fortnite: Save the World, a co-op shooter-survival game that four players can play and have to defeat zombie creatures and guard objects with fortifications that they can build from harvested materials. Next is Fortnite Battle Royale, a free-to-play battle royale game where a maximum of 100 players goes on a no hold’s barred shooting match to be the last one standing. Lastly, there’s Fortnite Creative, which allows players complete freedom to make worlds and games of their own.



Valorant is a team-based hero tactical FPS that’s set on a near-future version of our world. Players get to play as one of a group of agents, characters made based on countries and cultures all over the world. Combining both the tactical shooting and gameplay of Counter-Strike and the Hero Abilities and shooter mechanics of Overwatch, the game is one of the most recent competitive titles that came out this year, and it’s promising to be one to watch.


How to Subscribe to GameLeap?

GameLeap Logo
Photo from GameLeap’s Facebook Page


GameLeap’s subscription gives users access to their premium video tutorial content on their service for a small, recurring fee that we’re going to discuss below. When you make a subscription, you have the option to pick from three plans. These plans are a representation of how long the duration of your subscription will be and how much you need to pay to stay in the subscription. By default, all the subscription policies go in “Active” status. This means that GameLeap will immediately try to get payment and extend the subscription access when the said period has expired.


What Does an “Active” Subscription Status Mean?

When a user makes a subscription, it goes to “Active” status by default. Active status means that GameLeap will try to immediately charge the user’s payment method to extend their access to the subscription.


How Much Does It Cost?

Dota 2 Subscription
Screenshot taken from GameLeap Website


GameLeap’s subscription costs are in the middle ground of cheap and expensive when it comes to what they’re offering. GameLeap has three subscription plans. And each of them is pretty steep when it comes to the price. Their one-month subscription costs $9.99. And for some people, that might be a bit of a stretch.

They also eschewed a six-month plan in favor of a yearly subscription plan that costs $71.88, which (on the fine print) is billed as one payment. So if you’re looking at the big $5.99 a month on the subscription plan, you best take more heed on the fine print below the 12 months, as that’s more important.

What the fine print on the 12-month plan means is that you, the subscriber, are going to pay a full $71.88 on every month you just subscribed to GameLeap’s premium plan. Not a very palatable prospect for those expecting to only pay $5.99 monthly, mind you, but at least it’s a one-time payment and you don’t need to pay the subscription fees for the rest of the year, so that’s a plus.

Last but not the least… Their lifetime subscription.

The lifetime subscription costs $119 full stop. With it, you get full access to all the videos and guides that GameLeap has for all the games that they currently have and will take forever. Yes, you hear that right. You’re now subscribed to GameLeap’s service forever if you go for the $119 Lifetime Subscription.


What Are the Subscription Statuses?


The access that the user has to the service will automatically be extended when the end of their current subscription period is done.



No more billing will happen on your account.


Past Due

The user’s previous payment for the GameLeap subscription didn’t come to pass or has failed, and their access to GameLeap’s services is limited. GameLeap will attempt to complete the payment of the past-due subscription three times. If even after that the bill is still unpaid, GameLeap will automatically put the user’s subscription on the Canceled status.



Subscriptions with these statuses are scheduled to begin on a future date. You can cancel a Pending or Trialing subscription, andyou will not be charged for it when the billing date comes.



You’ve been given a free subscription by the GameLeap team!


How to Cancel a Subscription?

Cancel Subscription
Screenshot from GameLeap Website


You can easily cancel your GameLeap subscription in the payment section of its website. By canceling the subscription, GameLeap will no longer charge you for their service. You will retain your access to premium content until the subscription expires. Your last payment is not refunded when you cancel a subscription.


What Is Their Refund Policy and Can I Request a Refund?

GameLeap offers a full refund of the subscriber’s payment so long as its within 10 days of getting a subscription. There are some situations when GameLeap will offer users a refund if the service doesn’t meet the user’s expectations, or if there are some technical difficulties when they try to get access to their website.

Thus, users can try to send an email to to make a refund request. The service’s 10-day refund policy is counted from the very moment that the user creates their subscription to the moment that they emailed GameLeap support to ask for one. Do note that GameLeap won’t respond immediately, as they need to check if the user is eligible. If it is, they will send an email that confirms that the refund is a go.


GameLeap Features

GameLeap Website
Screenshot from GameLeap Website

GameLeap’s claim to fame is the guides that they have for the currently popular Competitive Online Games mentioned above. These games are the current hottest and most relevant on e-sports today and are a good way for players to learn new things or review fundamentals in the games they play.


How to Use GameLeap Guides and Classes?

DOTA 2 Courses
Screenshot from GameLeap Website


Using GameLeap is a pretty simple affair. You just need to watch their posted videos.

All five games mentioned above have videos that range from teaching the game’s fundamentals, their core, and hidden mechanics, information about heroes/champions/etc. and how to use them, hidden mechanics that champions have, and a whole lot more.

There are also masterclasses from professional players that users can take to improve on their games as well. Notable pros on each of the competitive games include:

  • Dota 2: Brax, BSJ, CCNC, Speeed
  • League of Legends: AceWindstorm, Tempest, Unsung, Panther
  • OverWatch: Highway, Skipjack, Twizt, Mills


Pros and Cons of Using GameLeap

As mentioned before, GameLeap’s claim to fame is the guides that they showcase on the games that they patron. And above all else, these guides are good.

The guides are great for showing new players the fundamentals and are made so that they’re easy to digest and understand, with some quizzes thrown in at the last part of the videos to ensure that you understand what they’re saying. And with some good analysis on several videos of pro plays in the service, you’ll see the things that you’re doing wrong, improve upon them, and be able to do your very best pretty quickly.

However, that’s most of the pros of having GameLeap. The cons are more pronounced.

For one, they only have five games with guides. And even if they’re great games in general, it’s still only five when compared to the other games that currently have great competitive e-sports scenes—games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six: Siege, Hearthstone, PUBG, among other games.

Although, in the case of the various shooter games on the list, they’re similar in mechanics and gameplay. However, there are various other gameplay features that the games have added to their complexity. An example of this is the destructible maps of Rainbow Six: Siege, the randomness of Hearthstone (thanks in part to the effects of some of the cards in the game), and various others.

In short, if you’re playing the games currently in their repertoire, then give GameLeap a try. If not, then you might want to look for other sites that have guides for the game that you’re currently playing.


GameLeap vs Other Guide Sites

Other websites and subscription services are similar to GameLeap. And there are times when it’s best to take a look at other services before going for the subscription. So, here are two other gaming guide sites that you can go for that have their advantages and disadvantages.

However, to best know what guide site would be more advantageous for the user, we need to know what games they’re making guides for. Here then are two guide sites and the games that they cover, and how they stack up against GameLeap.



Photo from Project Jarvis


One of the best guide sites out there. GOSU.AI not only creates guides but also gives an approximation on the player’s skill in the game based on their performance. While Gosu only has three games in its repertoire (Dota 2, PUBG, and League of Legends), they’re very precise regarding details and match analysis.



Proguides, on the other hand, is similar enough to GameLeap. However, they also have access to private coaching with some pros on their games. Proguides boasts a whopping 11 games versus GameLeap’s give. They have all five that GameLeap has, in addition to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Teamfight Tactics, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Magic the Gathering: Arena.

GameLeap Review: Improve Your Video Game Skills Now

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