Dota 2 – Mira Guide: Tips & Tricks to Master the Versatile Hero

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Dota 2 has been a staple of the MOBA genre for years, to the point of becoming a global e-sport. With tons of heroes in the game and a lot of ways to play each of them, it’s a sight to behold when played well. One of these Dota 2 heroes is the Priestess of the Moon, Mirana. Mirana is a very versatile Dota 2 hero that can fulfill numerous roles.

In this guide, we’ll showcase what Mirana can offer in a game of Dota 2 and how you can sue her properly.



  1. Who Is Mirana?
    1. Type of Hero
  2. Dota 2 – Mirana Skills
    1. Starfall
    2. Sacred Arrow
    3. Leap
    4. Moonlight Shadow
  3. Dota 2 – Mirana Talents
  4. Dota 2 – Mirana Items
    1. Start of Game
    2. Early Game
    3. Mid-Game
    4. Late Game
    5. Situational
    6. Neutral
  5. General Playstyle
    1. When to Pick
    2. Good Matchups
    3. Counters
  6. Final Word


Who Is Mirana in Dota 2?

Mirana Dota 2
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Mirana is a princess, born to a royal family next in line to the throne of Solar. Mirana, the first princess and darling of her people, decides to forsake any claim she has and dedicate herself to Selemene, Goddess of the Moon. With bow in hand and a loyal mount by her side, she protects Nightsilver Woods, sacred land to her patron goddess. After all, there’s always some fools that would dare to poach the luminous lotus from the silvery pools of her Goddess’ protected reserve.

With grace and skill, she destroys her goddess’ enemies, a fearless and proud defender. Through the moon’s waxing and waning, her abilities and powers revolve. And lastly, a bow of lunar ore tipped arrows, draws upon the power of the moon to call down arrows of light.

Mirana also appeared in the Dota 2 anime “Dragon’s Blood” along with fellow heroes Dragon Knight, Luna, and Marci.

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What Type of Hero Is Mirana?

Mirana is known as the Priestess of the Moon and is an agility hero that fights from a distance with her bow. Her spells allow her to sneak towards or chase down enemies into pincushions. With good itemization and proper skill allocation, Mirana can and will be able to decide how the game flows. Depending on the role, she can use all advantages and control team fights around her skills, particularly Sacred Arrow and Moonlight Shadow.

Mirana is capable of fulfilling different roles in Dota 2, but there are numerous tweaks depending on what role you’ll play.


Mirana’s Skills in Dota 2


Mirana has a total of five skills. The fundamental skills are Starstorm, Sacred Arrow, Leap, and Moonlight Shadow. In addition to this, she also has Mana Break when she gets the Level 20 Talent for it. We’ll just add it in so that we can talk more about Mana Break in detail.



Selemene uses her lunar might and drops down the very stars when her Priestess calls for her aid.

Mirana calls down a wave of falling meteors to damage enemies near her. Enemies that are closest to Mirana in a 425 unit radius will be hit by a second meteor. This second meteor deals 75% of the damage that Starstorm deals.


  • Starstorm deals 75/150/225/300 damage without the Level 25 talent and 275/350/425/500 damage with the Level 25 talent.
  • Starstorm costs 80/105/130/155 MP to cast and has a cooldown of 12 seconds.
  • The second meteor’s damage is 75% of the ability’s total damage. This means that the second meteor deals 56.25/112.5/168.75/225 damage without the Level 25 talent, and 206.25/262.5/318.75/375 damage with the Level 25 talent.
  • Starstorm will choose a new target for the second meteor if the first set target dies during, before, or because of the first meteor’s impact.
  • Starstorm’s initial meteor shower doesn’t hit units inside Fog of War. However, the secondary meteor that hits Mirana’s closest enemy does.
  • Starstorm doesn’t hit hidden, invulnerable, or invisible units.
  • The meteors take .57 seconds to hit targets. The second meteor will start to fall .8 seconds after Starstorm is cast.


Sacred Arrow


This arrow is fired with deadly precision and travels linearly. When it hits an enemy, they are stunned and then damaged. The stun duration is based on how far the arrow has traveled, with a maximum duration of 3.2/3.8/4.4/5 seconds based on Sacred Arrow’s level. There’s also some bonus damage dealt with the enemy that’s also based on the travel distance, with a maximum of 180 bonus damage. When it hits a non-ancient creep, said creep will immediately be killed.


  • Sacred Arrow costs 100 MP and has a 19/18/17/16 second cooldown with no Talents. With the Level 10 Talent, this is reduced to a 17/16/15/14 second cooldown.
  • Sacred Arrow travels at a speed of 900 units and can hit units from 3163 unit range away. Its stun and damage bonus increases for every 30 units traveled by the arrow. To reach its maximum damage and stun duration for its level, the arrow needs to travel 1500 units away from Mirana. This travel distance can be reached in 1.67 seconds.
  • The arrow’s damage is first applied before the stun debuff.
  • Sacred Arrow cannot collide and damage invulnerable or hidden units. Instead, it simply passes through them.
  • Can be upgradable by Aghanim’s Scepter. This upgrade allows the Sacred Arrow to release Starstorm Meteors to all enemies within a 500 unit range on the arrow as it travels. When it hits an enemy hero, they’re hit by the secondary meteor that deals extra damage.
  • At Level 25, Mirana can pick a Talent where she fires 2 additional Sacred Arrows. These arrows are fired at a 30° angle on the initial Sacred Arrow’s two sides.



Mirana’s mount is so iconic that all recognize it even in the heat of battle.

Mirana’s mount leaps forward, carrying her to battle. Its primal and ferocious roar increased her attack and movement speed. Leap has three charges that replenish every 45/40/35/30 seconds based on her level.


  • Mirana instantly gains all 3 charges when she learns Leap and each Leap costs 40 MP to cast.
  • Mirana’s Leap carries her 575 units away. With the Level 10 Talent, This is increased to 675 units.
  • Leap gives Mirana an additional 8%/16%/24%/32% movement speed bonus and a 25/50/75/100 attack speed bonus. With the Level 15 Talent, the attack speed bonus is increased to 105/130/155/180. These buffs last for 2.5 seconds.
  • Mirana can cast abilities, attack, and even use items mid-Leap, Leap is the only ability that she can’t cast while Mid-Leap.
  • The buffs that Leap gives don’t stack from multiple casts, the duration only refreshes.
  • Leap can be upgraded by Aghanim’s Shard, giving her an additional Leap cast, as well as a guaranteed 1.5x Critical Strike. The Critical Strike lasts for as long as the Leap buff is active.
  • Getting rooted by items like Rod of Atos doesn’t cancel the Leap.


Moonlight Shadow

Mirana’s devotion to Selemene allows her to cloak herself and her allies in shadows.

Mirana turns herself and all allied heroes on the map invisible, while also giving them bonus movement speed. Heroes will be revealed when they attack, cast spells, or use items. However, so long as Moonlight Shadow is still active, allied heroes will restore invisibility after a delay.


  • Moonlight Shadow costs 125 MP and has a cooldown of 140/120/100 seconds without the Level 20 Talent. With the Level 20 Talent, the cooldown is reduced to 120/100/80 seconds.
  • Moonlight Shadow is a buff that lasts for 18 seconds. So long as this buff is on them, they will return to invisibility after the fade delay when they attack, use items, or cast spells.
  • The Fade Delay is 2.5/2/1.5 seconds based on Moonlight Shadow’s level.
  • Illusions don’t get the Moonlight Shadow buff.
  • Moonlight Shadow is a global ability.
  • Mirana and her allies gain a 9%/12%/15% Movement Speed bonus when Moonlight Shadow is active.
  • Moonlight Shadow also gains additional 20 Evasion when the player picks this from Mirana’s Level 15 Talent pool.


Mirana’s Talents in Dota 2

Mirana Talents
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Now that we’ve talked about Mirana’s various skills, let’s talk about her talents. As usual, these talents can be gained when she reaches Level 10/15/20/25 and she can only pick one or the other in the Talent Level. When she reaches Level 27 to 30, she can pick the other talent from the talent tier.


+100 units Leap Distance Level 10 Sacred Arrow 2 second cooldown reduction
Leap Attack Speed buff +80 increase Level 15 +20 Evasion during Moonlight Shadow
+20 Mana Break during attacks Level 20 Moonlight Shadow cooldown 20-second reduction
Starstorm damage +200 Level 25 +2 Multishot Sacred Arrows


Suggested Dota 2 Items for Mirana

Now that we’ve talked about Mirana’s skills and talents, let’s talk about what items are good on her. We’ll start with what items are good to get at the start of the game before moving to the later parts of the game. We’ll also include situational and neutral items you can use to up your game.


Game Start

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  • Tangos and Healing Salves – Gives Mirana healing at the start of the game, giving her sustain and allowing her to fight even when she’s damaged.
  • Clarity – Gives Mirana additional MP to cast her spells.
  • Slippers of Agility – Gives Mirana extra agility and builds towards Wraith Band. Do note that players can replace this with Sage’s Mask to build Falcon Blade. However, Wraith Bands and Falcon Blades aren’t usually built on Mirana.
  • Observer and Sentry Wards – Allows Mirana and her team to see enemies from places that are supposed to be covered by the Fog of War. This also has the added benefit of giving her the ability to semi-consistently hit her Sacred Arrows.


Early Game

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In the early game, Mirana’s main priority is to ensure that the kills keep on flowing in her team. Thus, speed is essential to her role, no matter if she’s a carry or support.

  • Magic Stick/Wand – Gives Mirana the ability to burst heal by consuming Charges. Magic Stick is charged every time an enemy hero uses a spell near Mirana.
  • Bottle – Gives Mirana HP and MP regen, allowing her to sustain. Also allows her to bottle Power and Bounty Runes.
  • Boots of Speed – Additional movement speed, and also builds towards Power Treads, Arcane Boots, Guardian Greaves, and Boots of Travel.
  • Urn of Shadows – A great utility item to purchase on Support Mirana. Urn of Shadows allows Mirana to gain charges every time she or an allied hero kills an enemy hero.
    Do note that Mirana needs to be nearby when the kill happens to gain an Urn of Shadows charge. When she gets a charge, she can expend it to either heal herself and her allies or curse enemies, damaging them. The additional stats that Urn of Shadows gives also increase her survivability.



Mid-game is where Mirana’s items need to be purchased to allow her to do her best. If done correctly, Mirana can be an absolute powerhouse in the mid-game, which can snowball into a late-game monster.

  • Power Treads – Gives Mirana additional movement speed as well as bonuses on stats based on what form Power Treads are currently in.
  • Aghanim’s Scepter/Shard – Aghanim’s upgrades are incredibly powerful on Mirana due to the nature of her abilities. Sacred Arrow gains even more damage due to the additional Starstorm, and Leap gets an additional charge and 1.5x Critical Strike. Aghanim’s Shard in particular is nuts, as it opens up Mirana into a Carry of monstrous proportions.
  • Maelstrom – Gives Mirana additional damage to the Chain Lightning Passive. Maelstrom is also one of the items necessary for either Mjollnir or Gleipnir. Gleipnir in particular is very useful on Mirana, but we’ll talk about that in the situational items later.
  • Rod of Atos – Additional stats and the ability to root a specific enemy for a few seconds. This allows her to land her Sacred Arrow more consistently. If you’re building Rod of Atos, then it’s a good idea to build it to Gleipnir, which we’re going to talk about below.
  • Solar Crest – A support item that gives Mirana additional MP regen, armor, and stats. In addition to this, it can be used offensively by using its active ability on an unsuspecting enemy, reducing their armor. Combined with Sacred Arrow, Starstorm, and a few auto-attacks, they’ll be screwed.



In terms of late-game, Mirana’s main purview depends on what role she’s going for. If the player is playing Mirana as support, they might just not need to get any of the items here. Still, it’s a good idea to keep these in mind for when they’re needed.

  • Black King Bar – Gives Mirana additional stats, in addition to an active ability that gives her Spell Immunity. Do note that the duration of the Spell Immunity decays from 9 seconds to 6 seconds with each use. Thus, wise usage of BKB is necessary to take advantage of the 9 to 7-second spell immunity that it gives.
  • Linken’s Sphere – Gives Mirana additional HP and MP Regen, stats, and the ability to block most spells and item actives.
  • Butterfly – Gives Mirana additional damage, evasion, and agility, allowing her to be a DPS with her attacks. With Aghanim’s Shard, she can be a right menace.
  • Gleipnir – The best of both worlds from Rod of Atos and Maelstrom. It gives Mirana additional damage stats, improved Chain Lightning, and the Eternal Chains active ability. In particular, Eternal Chains is a better root ability, giving Mirana additional damage while also allowing her to consistently hit Sacred Arrow.
  • Manta Style – Gives Mirana additional stats, damage, and agility in addition to producing two illusions of herself. It can also be used to dodge some spells and is a great way to push lanes and farm creeps.
  • Mjollnir – This is Gleipnir with more focus on attack speed and damage. It’s a tool that allows Mirana to hit harder.
  • Eye of Skadi – Another stat boost item for Mirana, in addition to giving her attacks a frost modifier, allowing Mirana to slow enemies with her attacks.


Situational Items

  • Ghost Scepter to Ethereal Blade – Ghost Scepter is a good item to get if Mirana is focused by the enemy team and if they’re physical damage dealers. This allows her to become ethereal temporarily, dodging any type of physical attack. Of course, Magical attacks can and will screw Mirana over, so keep that in mind. Meanwhile, Ethereal Blade is the upgrade to Ghost Scepter. The item gives Mirana additional stats and the ability to apply Ethereal to enemies and allies.
  • Desolator – Gives Mirana additional damage as well as allows her attacks to reduce enemy armor. There’s a neutral item called Stygian Desolator that does the same thing, but players can only get it late in a Dota 2 game. Thus, it’s usually a good idea for Carry Mirana players to build Desolator if the enemy team has a lot of high armor heroes.
  • Monkey King Bar – A purchase that Mirana players should consider only if the enemy team has evasion. This means Butterfly builders or Phantom Assassin. If not, then getting this isn’t necessary.
  • Arcane Boots to Guardian Greaves – Arcane Boots is a good item to get due to their MP increase and Mana restoration active ability. If Mirana players purchase Mekanism due to being a support build, combining these two alongside the Buckler item can be a good idea.
  • Drum of Endurance – More or less an all-in item. You pop its active ability, get additional movement and attack speed of your allies, and you go for the team fight that wipes the enemy team.


Neutral Items


Neutral items are another beast that needs to be tackled, and one with a lot of intricacies. In Dota 2’s current patch, there are 10 Tier 1, 12 Tier 2, 11 Tier 3, 11 Tier 4, and 12 Tier 5 items. Depending on Mirana’s role and current situation, some of these items can be very useful. Thus, we’re going to list what neutral items are good for Mirana on each of the tiers.


Tier 1
  • Ocean Heart
  • Fairy’s Trinket
  • Keen Optic
  • Tumbler’s Toy
  • Arcane Ring
  • Trusty Shovel
Tier 2
  • Groove Bow
  • Philosopher’s Stone
  • Nether Shawl
  • Ring of Aquila
  • Fae Grenade
Tier 3
  • Enchanted Quiver
  • Ceremonial Robe
  • Psychic Headband
  • Quickening Charm
  • Mind Breaker
  • Elven Tunic
Tier 4
  • Penta-Edged Sword
  • Timeless Relic
  • Spell Prism
  • Telescope
  • Ninja Gear
Tier 5
  • Apex
  • Book of the Dead
  • Mirror Shield
  • Stygian Desolator
  • Pirate Hat
  • Ex Machina(Situational)
  • Arcanist’s Armor


Dota 2 Playstyle for Mirana

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Mirana can be played in a multitude of ways. For one, she can be played as a Carry, using her myriad of spells to turn enemies into pincushions and meteor bait. For another, she can be used as a Roamer/Support role. This allows her to gank the side lanes, stunning enemies with Sacred Arrow and helping her teammates kill them with Starfall.

In addition to this, Moonlight Shadow is a great initiation/escape tool, with a lot of utility and usage. Careful and efficient use of this ability can turn the tides of battle, or help the team escape a messy team fight.


When Do You Pick Mirana In Dota 2?

If you’re confident in your ability to hit Mirana’s Sacred Arrow, then Mirana is a good hero to pick. She’s incredible at ganks with Sacred Arrow, and with good item builds, she’ll be a menace against your enemies.

Do note though Moonlight Shadow is easily countered with Sentry Wards, Dust of Appearance, or Gem of True Sight. Thus, make sure you prioritize dewarding, killing the Gem holder, or straight-up staying away from heroes with Dust of Appearance.


Dota 2 Heroes Countered by Mirana


Now that we’ve talked about what items Mirana should get, let’s talk about what heroes she’s good against.

  • Crystal Maiden – Crystal Maiden’s Freezing Field can be interrupted by a well-aimed Sacred Arrow. In addition, she’s incredibly squishy and only requires a few ability hits before dying.
  • Legion Commander – A mobile hero, except when she’s Duelling an opponent. When that happens, a Sacred Arrow can be used to stun Legion Commander, saving the Duelled ally’s life.
  • Drow Ranger – Drow Ranger’s Marksmanship bonus requires her to stay away from enemies. Mirana, however, can just use Leap or use Moonlight Shadow to get near her, invalidating the bonus. In addition to this, her low HP makes her vulnerable to Mirana or her team bursting her down.
  • Witch Doctor – Like the other heroes, Sacred Arrow can stun Witch Doctor in the middle of him channeling Death Ward. In addition to this, Paralyzing Cask’s bounce can be stopped by Mirana leaping away from any of her allies.
  • Enigma – Enigma’s Black Hole ability is a potent tool but also requires him to stay still and channel it. As usual, this makes him very vulnerable to Mirana’s Sacred Arrow. Unlike the others though, Enigma can use his creeps to block any Sacred Arrow hits.


Counters for Mirana in Dota 2


After talking a bit about which heroes Mirana’s good against, let’s talk about the heroes that she’ll have a hard time with.

  • Puck – Puck can make use of Phase Shift to dodge Mirana’s Sacred Arrow. She can also use her Dream Coil to stun a Mirana player that’s in the middle of her leap away from danger.
  • Meepo – Meepo can use Earthbind, which roots Mirana, preventing her from using Moonlight Shadow or Leap. When bound, Meepo can then use Poof and Ransack until she’s dead. In addition to this, Meepo can still fight Mirana even when he’s hit by Sacred Arrow because he has clones.
  • Bloodseeker – Bloodseeker’s abilities are tailor-made to kill Mirana. His Blood Rite can silence Mirana, preventing her from leaping away. Rupture can reduce Mirana’s HP every time she tries to move or leap. Lastly, Thirst always ensures that Bloodseeker and his team know exactly where Mirana and her team are when they’re at low HP.
  • Arc Warden – Arc Warden’s Flux is great against Mirana because it deals damage when she’s away from allies. This usually happens when she tries to leap away. In addition, Arc Warden also has Magnetic Field, a great ability to help protect his allied heroes when they’re hit by Mirana’s Sacred Arrow.
  • Windranger – Windranger’s Windrun gives her additional movement speed, allowing her to dodge Sacred Arrow.
  • Slark – Dark Pact removes the stun from Sacred Arrow, but only if he activates it the moment before he gets hit by it. In addition to this, he can use Pounce to tie down Mirana, preventing her from leaping away from his attacks. Lastly, Shadow Dance can be a lifesaver for Slark when Mirana attempts her combo.


Master the Versatile Hero Mirana in Dota 2!

If you’re looking for a versatile hero, Mirana is the one for you. She has the kill and save potential as a mid, carry, or support. Also, her Sacred Arrow skill is one of the most iconic abilities in Dota. This gives you the ability to get bragging rights in Dota 2—that is, if you use Mirana and her arrows properly.

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