Apex Legends Battle Pass: Everything You Need to Know

Apex Legends Battle Pass

With the rise of the Battle Royale genre, games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends have become worldwide hits. However, seasonal rewards are also becoming a thing. In Apex Legends, a new season means a new playable character will be available as well as the start of another battle pass cycle. But what is the Apex Legends Battle Pass and how can it enhance your playing experience?


What is Apex Legends?

Apex Legends
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Apex Legends is a free-to-play FPS Battle Royale created by Respawn Entertainment and published by EA. It was released on Microsoft Windows, PS4, and the Xbox One consoles on February 4, 2019 without prior announcement or any marketing campaign. There’s going to be a Nintendo Switch version also planned for release later this year alongside cross-platform play among the supported platforms.

Set in the same universe as Titanfall 1 and 2, the game pits up to 20 three-man squads landing on Kings Canyon to look for weapons and gear before attempting to kill all the other players in a brutal deathmatch. As typical of the BR Genre, the available play area on King’s Canyon lessens the longer the game goes on. This forces players to be mobile and go to other places or they’ll be outside the play area which is almost definitely fatal. The last team alive wins the game.

Apex Legends got positive reviews from various game critics. They praised the game’s tight and competitive gameplay, a cool progression system, and the superb combination of elements from all sorts of genres. With some gamers considering it as a worthy rival to both PUBG and Fortnite, another Battle Royale that gained a massive player base in 2017. Apex Legends went over 25 million in its player base at the end of the first week and went past 50 million within the game’s first month.

Apex Legends is indeed one of the best multiplayer games that you have to play right now.


What is the Apex Legends Battle Pass?


The Apex Legends Battle Pass is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s usually released on the start of every season of Apex Legends and has various cosmetic items and random item crates. It also has in-game currency like their Crafting Metals and Legends Tokens that you can use to buy more cosmetics.

The Battle Pass has two tiers in it. The usual Free Pass that players who don’t buy the Battle Pass can get, where they can still earn some cosmetic items and new things. However, the Premium Battle Pass is definitely where the good stuff is.

The Premium Pass has it all, from exclusive skins to more in-game currency to even better chance random item crates.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of the Apex Legends Battle Pass varies from country to country due to currency exchange rates. However, the Battle Pass can usually be bought using 950 Apex Coins or $9.50 in American currency. As for HOW it can be bought, we’re going to talk about that below.


How Can You Purchase the Apex Battle Pass?

There are multiple ways to buy the Apex Legends Battle Pass, whether it be on PC, Xbox, or PS4. Of these methods, two are the most efficient and most affordable.

The first method? Through Apex Coins.

The Battle Pass can be bought in-game through the use of either cold hard cash, or through the use of Apex Coins that you can buy through. However, if you’ve got the Battle Pass from the previous season, you probably got Apex Coins through the previous season’s progression system. If that’s the case, a simple purchase of the Battle Pass for 950 Apex Coins will set you on the way to the Premium Battle Pass.

The second method is by buying the Premium Battle Pass Bundle. This bundle is more expensive, costing around 2800 Apex Coins to buy. The cheapest you can get the bundle for is $48 without taxes. However, you not only get the Battle Pass but 24 free levels as well, up to Level 25, making your ascent to Level 110 easier.


What Are the Apex Battle Pass Features?

As per usual in a normal Battle Pass, there’s a Free Pass and a Premium Pass. Both have items that you will want. However, only the people with the Premium Pass can obtain the Exclusive items that are locked behind the paywall. Those who didn’t buy the Battle Pass have to settle for the Free Pass.

Do note though, that you have to make sure that you get all these rewards BEFORE the Battle Pass Season ends or you’re gonna miss all the rewards forever.


How Can You Level Up Your Apex Legends Battle Pass?

Apex Legends Battle Pass Progression
Photo from Drift0r’s video on YouTube


Those who bought the Premium Pass gain access to various Premium Battle Pass Exclusive Quests. Those on the Basic Pass also get Battle Pass Quests, but they don’t give as much Battle Pass EXP as those in the Premium version. The majority of the quests are available only to those that bought the Premium Battle Pass. The better you are, the more Battle Pass EXP you get. The more Battle Pass EXP you have, the faster you can level up the Battle Pass. In short, you better get good or you won’t get to Battle Pass LVL 110 and that sweet, sweet Legendary Gun Skin you’re drooling over.

The abovementioned method is great for those looking to improve themselves in Apex Legends, allowing them to gradually gain the various Premium Battle Pass rewards and have a sense of accomplishment while doing so. It’s a great way to not only improve at the game but also get sweet rewards while doing so.


Buying Levels

On the other hand, other than doing quests, you can also pay to get Battle Pass Levels, usually done in the in-game store. It’s typically for those who don’t want to grind their way through Battle Pass levels and get all the sweet, sweet loot already. Do note, however, that even if the option to do so is available, the price is pretty expensive. Each Premium Battle Pass level costs 150 Apex Coins to purchase.


Leveling Up Through Coins

To give you a perspective on how much each level costs, we need to go look at the prices of the Apex Coin bundles. The cheapest bundle you can get has 1000 Apex Coins, and this bundle costs $16 without taxes. The succeeding bundles after that will have a bonus of Apex Coins, but these bonuses are usually scaled to the bundle that you buy. For example, the second-cheapest bundle you can buy has 2000 Apex Coins, with 150 Apex Coins as a bonus at $32, double the price of the 1000 Apex Coins bundle. And while paying double the price and getting additional In-Game Currency while you’re at it sounds like a steal, let’s see how much you can level the Battle Pass with this Bundle.

As we’ve seen, you need 150 Apex Coins to level up the Premium Battle Pass by 1 level. Assuming you bought the 950 Apex Coin Premium Battle Pass and started at Level 1, you need 14,850 Apex Coins to fully max the Battle Pass. If you buy the 1000 Apex Coins Bundle, you can only level it up until Level 7. Buying the 2nd cheapest Apex Coins Bundle, you can level the Battle Pass up to 12 Levels, all the way to Level 13. Getting the Premium Battle Pass up to Level 100 involves you buying the $130 and $60 Apex Coin Bundles for a total of $190 and a total of 15,850 Apex Coins. That’s assuming you went for the Level 1 Premium Battle Pass.


Battle Pass Bundle

Apex Legends Season 4 Battle Pass
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If you went for the Battle Pass Bundle, you’re going to start a Premium Battle Pass level 25. Getting to Level 100 with the same method would then cost you 11,500 Apex Coins or the entire $130 Apex Coin Bundle. Adding the cheapest price that you can pay for the Battle Pass Bundle (The 1000 Apex Coins Bundle and the 2000 +150 Apex Coin Bundle for a total of 3150 Apex Coins for $48), then you’re looking at a total of $178. This is $12 is cheaper than going for the LVL 1 Premium Battle Pass and buying up to LVL 100.

In short, if you’re looking to buy your way to the top of the Premium Battle Pass, go for the battle Pass Bundle and the free 24 levels up to Level 25. It’s significantly cheaper that way.

Do you value improvement in your gameplay or the skins and other goodies? That’s the question that you’ll wish to ask if you want to do either.


Exclusive Items

There are two types of Rewards and Exclusive Items available in the Battle Pass: those on the Free Pass and those on the Premium Pass. You can only obtain the items on the Free Pass and not the Premium Pass, though Premium Pass users can get the rewards on the Free Pass as well as move up the Battle Pass levels faster due to having more quests.

The Season 6 Free Pass has a free Cascade Rampart Legend Skin, five Apex Packs, and the Win Trackers for the sixth Season of Apex Legends. Usually, these rewards are spaced evenly throughout the Free Battle pass to encourage players to keep playing and winning.


Premium Battle Pass Exclusive Items


Meanwhile, the real stuff is on the Premium Battle Pass.

From the get-go, you obtain skins for Bangalore, Octane, and Mirage. You also get an additional Weapon Skin for the Sentinel Sniper Rifle and a Battle Pass EXP Boost. Following that, the rewards just get better.

You can also get Apex Crates, Coins, and exclusive Holo-Sprays, as well as crafting Metals, new Player Banners, animations, and Weapon Skins.

Other than that, there are also Premium Battle Pass exclusive skins that you can get as well. As we’ve said before, you can get the cosmetic skins for the Legends Bangalore, Octane, and Mirage the moment you buy the Premium Battle Pass. At Premium Battle Pass Level 25, you get the Built for Speed Pathfinder Legend Skin. You get the Road Warrior Bloodhound Legend Skin when you reach Level 50 on the Premium Battle Pass.


Pros and Cons of Purchasing an Apex Legends Battle Pass

Apex Legends Season 6
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So now, let’s talk about the pros and cons of getting the Apex Legends Battle Pass.

Let’s start with the pros. For one, the most obvious perk for the Battle Pass is the ability to get new Legends Skins, Weapon Skins, and all the other cool things that are in the Premium Battle Pass like Weapon keychains, extra Apex Coins, and all that good stuff. The way you progress in getting them is also a pretty cool thing.

For one, the main way to get to the higher Battle Pass Levels is by improving as a player. Each of the quests in the Premium Battle Pass is tailor-made for players to make them play all Legends and weapons as effectively as possible. This allows dedicated players the chance and ability to improve themselves and gain Battle Pass progress all at the same time. And with the addition of extra missions on the Premium Battle Pass, there’s practically no reason not to take the motivation to improve yourself even further beyond.


The Downside

However, not all things in life are sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes, there’s a dark side to splurging for the Apex Legends Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass rewards those players who are willing to grind over and over again to improve their skills. However, take note that you will need to grind these out. Some people won’t be able to shell out time, energy, and effort for the game. What other methods are there that can allow these players to enjoy the Battle Pass rewards? Well, they can always pay their way through the Battle Pass.

While it’s a valid and legitimate way to do so, it removes the motivation to improve and incentivizes paying for your Battle Pass progress. That is not what we want to happen if we want to improve our game in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Battle Pass: Everything You Need to Know

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