How Do I Contact DJI By Phone?



When it comes to contacting DJI, one of the leading providers of drones and photography equipment, you want to ensure you have a direct line of communication. Whether you have questions about a product, need technical support, or want to reach out for other reasons, DJI offers various methods for you to get in touch with their team.

In this article, we will explore the different options available to contact DJI by phone. From their customer support phone number to online chat support, email support, official forums, and social media platforms, there are several avenues you can take to reach out to DJI and get the assistance you need.

Each option has its own advantages, so it’s important to consider your specific needs and preferences before choosing which method to utilize. Whether you prefer speaking directly with a customer support representative or prefer the convenience of online communication, DJI has you covered.

Now, let’s dive into the various options you can take advantage of when contacting DJI by phone.


Option 1: DJI Customer Support Phone Number

If you prefer a direct conversation with a DJI representative, contacting DJI’s customer support phone number is a reliable and efficient choice. This method allows you to speak with a knowledgeable support agent who can assist you with your questions or concerns.

DJI provides phone support in multiple regions, including North America, Europe, Asia, and more. To find the customer support phone number specific to your location, you can visit the “Contact Us” section on the DJI website.

When contacting DJI’s customer support phone number, it’s essential to have your product information and any relevant details prepared. This will help the support agent understand your query and provide accurate assistance.

Keep in mind that DJI’s customer support phone lines can sometimes experience high call volumes, especially during peak times. It’s recommended to be patient and prepared for potential hold times. However, once connected, you can expect professional and helpful support from the DJI team.

Whether you need troubleshooting guidance, product recommendations, or have any other inquiries, DJI’s customer support phone number is a valuable resource to address your concerns promptly.

Note that some issues may require additional steps or in-person assistance. During your call, the customer support representative can guide you on the best course of action, which may involve alternative methods of support or referring you to a DJI service center near you.

The customer support phone number is an excellent option for those who prefer direct communication when seeking assistance from DJI. It ensures that you can explain your concerns clearly and receive personalized support tailored to your specific needs.


Option 2: DJI Online Chat Support

If you’re looking for a convenient and real-time method to contact DJI, their online chat support is a fantastic option. With DJI’s online chat support, you can interact with a support agent through text-based messaging, receiving instant assistance for your queries.

To access the DJI online chat support, you can visit the DJI website and navigate to the “Support” or “Contact Us” section. Look for the chat support option and click on it to initiate a chat session with a representative.

One of the major advantages of utilizing the online chat support is the quick response time. You can usually expect to chat with a support agent within a few minutes of initiating the chat session.

When engaging in the online chat support, make sure to provide clear and detailed information about your query or issue. This will help the support agent better understand your situation and provide appropriate guidance or solutions.

DJI’s online chat support is ideal if you prefer a written conversation or have a quick question that doesn’t require a phone call. Additionally, you can easily refer back to the chat transcript for future reference if needed.

While the online chat support is generally available during business hours, DJI may offer extended support hours during busier periods or for specific regions. It’s recommended to check the DJI website for the current availability and operating hours of their online chat support.

Overall, DJI’s online chat support is a convenient, efficient, and effective way to get assistance with your DJI products or services. It offers a straightforward and direct communication channel to address your concerns promptly, all from the comfort of your preferred device.


Option 3: Email Support

If you prefer written communication and don’t require an immediate response, DJI’s email support is a great option. Email support allows you to detail your questions or concerns in writing and receive a response from the DJI support team at their earliest convenience.

To access DJI’s email support, you can visit the DJI website and navigate to the “Support” or “Contact Us” section. Look for the email support option and click on it to find the appropriate email address to reach out to.

When sending an email to DJI support, it’s crucial to provide a clear and concise subject line that summarizes your inquiry. This helps ensure that your email is directed to the right department for a prompt response.

In the body of the email, be sure to include all relevant information, such as your product details, order number (if applicable), and a detailed description of your issue or question. The more specific and detailed you are, the better the support team can understand your situation and provide you with a helpful response.

While email support may not offer the immediacy of phone or chat support, it does provide a written record of the conversation, making it easy to refer back to if needed. It also allows you to take your time in crafting your message and providing all the necessary information.

Keep in mind that response times for email support may vary depending on the volume of inquiries. DJI strives to respond to emails as quickly as possible, but it’s recommended to allow for up to 24-48 hours for a reply.

Email support is an excellent option for non-urgent inquiries or if you prefer a written form of communication. It allows you to thoroughly explain your issue and provide any supporting documentation or images, if necessary, to help the support team understand your concern.

Overall, DJI’s email support offers a convenient way to seek assistance, providing you with a written trail of communication and a response tailored to your specific needs.


Option 4: DJI Official Forum

If you prefer a community-based approach to find solutions or discuss topics related to DJI products, the DJI Official Forum is a valuable resource. The forum allows you to connect with fellow DJI users, share experiences, ask questions, and access a wealth of knowledge.

To access the DJI Official Forum, you can visit the DJI website and navigate to the “Community” or “Forum” section. Once there, you can browse through the various categories and sub-forums that cover a wide range of DJI products, including drones, cameras, and accessories.

The forum provides an interactive platform where you can post your queries or concerns and receive responses from the DJI community members or even DJI representatives themselves. It’s a great space to seek advice, share tips and tricks, and engage in discussions with other DJI enthusiasts.

Before posting your question on the forum, it’s recommended to search through existing threads to see if your issue has already been addressed. This can save time and provide you with instant solutions or guidance. However, if you can’t find a satisfactory answer, feel free to create a new post and describe your specific problem.

Keep in mind that the DJI Official Forum is primarily a platform for community interaction. While DJI representatives do participate in the forum, their responses may not be immediate. It’s important to be patient and rely on the knowledgeable community members who may also be able to offer valuable insights and solutions.

The DJI Official Forum offers a collaborative and informative environment where you can connect with other DJI users. By actively participating in the discussions, you can expand your knowledge, troubleshoot issues, and contribute to the growing DJI community.

Overall, the DJI Official Forum is a fantastic option if you enjoy engaging in community-based discussions and seeking advice or solutions from experienced DJI users. It provides a platform to connect, learn, and share experiences with like-minded individuals passionate about DJI products.


Option 5: DJI Social Media Platforms

If you prefer to connect with DJI and stay updated on the latest news, announcements, and product releases, DJI’s social media platforms are an ideal option. DJI maintains an active presence on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

By following DJI on these platforms, you can have access to a wealth of information, including tutorial videos, product reviews, customer testimonials, and more. Additionally, you can engage with DJI and other users through comments, direct messages, and discussions.

Each social media platform offers unique advantages for contacting DJI. For example, Facebook allows you to post on DJI’s page or send a private message. Twitter allows you to tweet at DJI or send them direct messages. Instagram lets you comment on posts or send direct messages. YouTube enables you to comment on videos and interact with the DJI community.

When reaching out to DJI through social media, it’s important to be clear and concise in your messages. Provide all relevant details and be specific about your inquiry or issue. Keep in mind that response times may vary, depending on the volume of messages received and the nature of your request.

Engaging with DJI on social media not only allows you to get direct support but also gives you the opportunity to connect with other DJI enthusiasts and learn from their experiences. It’s a vibrant community where you can find inspiration, tips, and creative ideas.

Furthermore, DJI often hosts contests, giveaways, and product launches through their social media platforms. By following DJI, you can stay informed about these exciting opportunities and potentially participate to win prizes or access exclusive content.

In summary, DJI’s social media platforms offer a dynamic and interactive way to connect with the DJI community and stay updated on all things DJI. Whether you have questions, want to engage in discussions, or simply want to stay informed, social media provides a convenient and engaging avenue to connect with DJI and its community of users.


Option 6: DJI Service Centers

If you have a hardware issue or require in-person assistance for your DJI product, visiting a DJI Service Center is the best option. DJI operates service centers across different regions, providing authorized repairs and technical support for their products.

To find the nearest DJI Service Center, you can visit the DJI website and navigate to the “Support” or “Service Center” section. Here, you can search for service centers by your location, ensuring you have convenient access to professional assistance.

DJI Service Centers are staffed with trained technicians who specialize in repairing DJI drones, cameras, and other products. They have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose issues, perform repairs, and provide comprehensive technical support.

When visiting a DJI Service Center, make sure to bring your product, along with any relevant accessories or components. Providing as much information as possible about the issue or error you are experiencing can help the technicians diagnose and resolve the problem more efficiently.

DJI Service Centers are equipped with the necessary tools and resources to handle a wide range of repairs. Whether it’s a minor adjustment, part replacement, or software update, the skilled technicians will ensure your device is serviced with care and precision.

It’s important to note that repairs at DJI Service Centers may be subject to service fees, especially if your product is out of warranty or the issue is not covered under warranty. However, the costs associated with repairs are usually transparent and will be communicated to you before any work is performed.

Visiting a DJI Service Center allows for face-to-face interaction with experts, giving you the opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, and fully understand the repair process. Additionally, you can have peace of mind knowing that your product is in the hands of certified professionals.

In summary, DJI Service Centers provide authorized repairs and technical support for DJI products. If you encounter a hardware issue or require in-person assistance, visiting a service center is the best option to ensure your DJI device is restored to optimal functionality.



When it comes to contacting DJI by phone, you have several options to choose from. Each method offers its own advantages, catering to different preferences and needs. Whether you prefer direct communication, real-time chat support, written correspondence, community-based discussions, or in-person assistance, DJI has you covered.

DJI’s customer support phone number is a reliable option for those who prefer one-on-one conversations with a support agent. It allows you to address your concerns directly and receive personalized assistance.

If you prefer convenient and instant support, DJI’s online chat support is a great choice. With text-based messaging, you can communicate with a support agent quickly and efficiently.

Email support provides a written trail of communication and is ideal for non-urgent inquiries or if you prefer a more detailed explanation of your query or issue.

The DJI Official Forum offers a community-based approach to seek solutions, share experiences, and engage with other DJI users. It’s a valuable resource for troubleshooting and gaining insights from experienced enthusiasts.

Engaging with DJI on social media platforms allows you to stay updated on the latest news and interact with the DJI community. It provides a vibrant environment to connect, learn, and share experiences.

Finally, if you require hardware repairs or in-person assistance, visiting a DJI Service Center is the best option. The trained technicians will ensure your DJI product is serviced with professional care.

With these various options available, finding the right method to contact DJI by phone becomes easier. Choose the method that aligns with your preferences and needs, and rest assured that DJI’s support team is ready to assist you in any way they can.

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