Amazon Black Friday Deals 2022: Save Up on Gadgets and More

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Are you looking for the best Amazon Black Friday deals to shop for the holiday season? If so, then we’ve got your back. That’s because we’ve gathered everything you must know about Amazon Black Friday deals and which ones to save up for. Just keep reading to know more so you can save tons of money while doing your year-end shopping.


What Is Amazon Black Friday?

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Amazon Black Friday is one of the largest online sales you can find year-round from the retail giant. It also offers some of the best deals you can get during the holidays, regardless of the retailer. As its name implies, the event takes place on the Amazon website and starts around Black Friday.

The sale will feature discounts on high-profile items, including expensive gadgets like AirPods and smart home appliances. Hence, if you’ve been eyeing a product, it’s your best opportunity to get it as it’ll feature some of the lowest prices ever.


When Does Amazon Black Friday Start?

Black Friday itself will occur on the 25th of November 2022. However, the retail giant has already released a few Amazon Black Friday deals this October. This included the “Prime Early Access” sale, which lasted from October 11 to October 12, 2022.

In addition, Amazon has been releasing Amazon Black Friday deals early since last year. It also launched an “Epic Deals” sale at the end of October back in 2021. Afterward, the official Amazon Black Friday event started seven days before Black Friday.

Hence, the retailer may launch more Amazon Black Friday deals even before November. It already did so through the two-day Prime Early Access sale early this October. However, there may be more to come – and indeed, they already have come – as we approach Black Friday.


Who Can Join the Amazon Black Friday Sale?

Unlike Amazon’s Prime Day sale, anyone can participate in this event and snag the best Amazon Black Friday deals. A Prime membership isn’t required to gain exclusive access to the retailer’s price cuts.

With that said, which countries are participating in the Amazon Black Friday sale? Anyone from any country that has legal access to Amazon can participate in the sale. However, the same rules Amazon has will still apply. For example, location and country restrictions will remain. Hence, if Amazon cannot ship a certain product to your country, then there’s no way to work around it.


What Can You Expect from Amazon Black Friday 2022?

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Many Amazon Black Friday deals bring large price cuts to recently released gadgets. This includes discounts on the latest models launched by brands like Apple, which only recently released the iPhone 14.

Since these are new releases, the Amazon Black Friday deals and discounts applied to them may not be drastic. Nonetheless, they should have modest price cuts to go along with the sale. It’s certainly better than lining up for new Apple products and paying for them at full price. However, remember that these products are usually unavailable or out of stock because of how popular they are.

Apart from these, you can also find solid Amazon Black Friday deals on older products. For example, we may see price cuts on products like older Samsung Galaxy Tab models released last year.

In addition, this year’s sale is the best opportunity you’ll have to purchase Amazon’s proprietary products at a discount. For example, you may find Amazon’s Fire Stick, Echo Dot, or Fire tablet at a lower price. Moreover, because Amazon has more control over its prices, it may have some of the largest discounts.

Finally, you should see price cuts on many other consumer tech gadgets as well. Everything from smart TVs to vacuum cleaners should have discounts. It’s a great chance to save on appliances as they can have several hundred dollars shaved off their price tag.


How Much Discount Does the Amazon Black Friday Sale Give?

Amazon Black Friday deals will vary in terms of how much of a discount they will offer. It’s likely due to how much the brand itself can provide and what Amazon’s allowed to do. If we’re going to use last year as a basis, the sales will vary greatly, depending on the product.

Some products could have a very small discount, such as a 5% to 10% sale. Meanwhile, others can have a 50% or even 80% price reduction.


How Can I Engage in Amazon Black Friday?

All you must do in preparation is research the potential items you want to buy beforehand. After all, stocks with Amazon Black Friday deals and discounts may run out quickly during the sale period. As a result, we recommend listing all the products you need before the event begins.

In addition, it’s best to create or use an Amazon account with a shipping address and payment methods already listed. This is to avoid the inconvenience of typing your shipping address and payment details one by one during checkout.

Moreover, make sure you have a shipping location that’s acceptable for Amazon. Certain items may or may not ship to your area. However, this will hinge on the seller you’re buying from and on Amazon’s policies. As a result, it should pay to ensure your shipping location is acceptable to avoid headaches later on.


Early Amazon Black Friday Deals for 2022

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Best Early Amazon Black Friday Deals for Gaming Consoles

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There may be no direct sale for gaming consoles per se. However, there are several Amazon Black Friday Early deals for PS5 and Nintendo Switch accessories. Moreover, there are even early Amazon Black Friday deals for Xbox Series X/S.


Best Early Amazon Black Friday Deals for Gaming Accessories

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Here are some of the best Amazon Black Friday deals for gaming accessories you can get.


Best Early Amazon Black Friday Deals For Games


Best Early Amazon Black Friday Deals for Mobile Accessories

Here are the best mobile accessories, including headphones and earbuds deals ahead of Amazon Black Friday.


Best Early Amazon Black Friday Deals for Laptops

Are you looking for laptop deals ahead of Amazon Black Friday? Here are some outstanding picks you can find right now.


Best Early Amazon Black Friday Deals for Tablets

Here are a handful of outstanding Amazon Black Friday deals you can get for tablets ahead of Black Friday.


Best Early Amazon Black Friday Deals for Computer Hardware

Portable Monitor
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Here are the best peripheral deals ahead of Amazon Black Friday.


Best Early Amazon Black Friday Deals for TVs and Projectors

Here are the best TV and home projector early Amazon Black Friday deals you can get.


Best Early Amazon Black Friday Deals for Smart Home Appliances

Here are some of the best smart home appliance deals ahead of Amazon Black Friday.


What Rival Retailers Provide Amazon Black Friday-Like Sales?

Shopping for Amazon Black Friday deals may be fun. However, it’s not your only opportunity to snag the best items at a discount. Several other retailers offer something similar throughout the year.

For example, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart all offer their form of sale during a certain period. Moreover, certain specialty stores for clothing and skincare have price cuts of their own. Hence, there should be enough sale options for you to choose from should you miss Amazon Black Friday deals.

Firstly, Target is always a decent option if you’re hunting for sale prices. That’s because it has several deals on coffee makers, blenders, dumbbells, and other home items. Moreover, just like Amazon Black Friday deals, Target has its own early Black Friday offerings.

Secondly, Best Buy also hosts sales on big-ticket products like electronics around Black Friday. Through their website, you can get top-of-the-line wireless earbuds, headphones, TVs, soundbars, and more. Furthermore, they even have sales on mirrorless cameras and smart home appliances.

On the other hand, Walmart also jumps into the competition with discounts on consumer electronics. You can also search for awesome price cuts on additional items like clothing, toys, and beauty products.

Finally, while Nordstrom may not top most people’s lists, it’s a decent place to shop during Black Friday. That’s because they provide discounts on many holiday items you might find interesting. This includes homeware, beauty products, kitchen supplies, and fashion items. Granted, it’s not as focused on electronics as Amazon Black Friday deals. Nonetheless, it’s a great place to shop if you want to snag a good discount.


Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for early Amazon Black Friday deals for Google products and other electronics, Amazon has you covered. That’s because the retailer has thousands of products up for sale. Moreover, some of them can even shave off hundreds of dollars from the list price. As a result, it’s one of the best online sales you can participate in during the holiday season. Just make sure you know what you want to buy so you can get them while they’re still in stock.

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