How To Slide Cancel In Warzone (A Player’s Guide)

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Battle Royales are everywhere at this point, and it didn’t take long for the Call of Duty franchise to take notice of how popular the genre is. Thus, Call of Duty: Warzone is made. One thing that makes it a more exciting Battle Royale, however, is the low Time to Kill, and the Slide Cancel, which we’ll talk about today. Let’s start our how to slide cancel in Warzone guide by knowing what is a slide cancel.


What Is A Slide Cancel?

What exactly is Slide Canceling? Well, the technical explanation is that Slide Cancel is using the Tactical Sprint mechanic multiple times in quick succession. This gives you increased movement speed and allows you to zip across the game’s map. This is done by sprinting, then crouching for a few moments to send you on a slide, then canceling the crouch to stop the slide and tactical sprint again.

Slide Cancel’s whole premise is around it being an effective way to move around and explore the map quickly without losing speed. It’s a movement technique that takes advantage of Call of Duty: Warzone’s mechanics to ensure that the player can move around the map and get to the safe zone quickly. It’s also a way to attack angles aggressively and to finesse other players or teams off of said angles to kill them. In addition to this, effective slide canceling is great for keeping your own body safe from bullet fire and retaliation after you go aggressive.

All in all, Slide Cancel’s one of the most essential mechanics on Call of Duty: Warzone. To the point that it’s vital that the player knows how to do it and to apply it across all maps due to its benefits. We’ll talk more about those later in the article, though.


How Do You Slide Cancel In Call of Duty: Warzone?

Now how exactly do you do Slide Canceling on Call of Duty: Warzone? Well, we already told you. Tactical sprint, crouch to slide, get out of a crouch, tactical sprint again, rinse, and repeat. However, what do you input to do said slide cancel?

Well, here’s how you do it not only on PC/Keyboard but also on Controllers. Let’s begin.



For those playing on PC using a mouse and keyboard, you’re in luck. Because this is easy to set up compared to consoles. The first thing to do is go to the settings menu and change some keybindings.

Next, you need to make sure that “Change Stance/Slide” is on a keybind that you’re A-OK with pressing multiple times for hours on end. After all, if you’re playing multiple games of Call of Duty: Warzone in a row, you need to make sure your fingers are comfortable. You’ll usually this keybind on the left-CTRL key or the C key. However, it’s up to you what keybind you want to go for, so long as you’re comfortable.

After setting up this keybind, you’re pretty much ready to slide all over the map. However, it requires a bit of practice. Here’s how:

  1. Run in a direction, any direction. This is done by double-tapping the Tactical Sprint button. This is usually the Left Shift key by default, but just like the Change Stance/Slide button, this can be changed. Not recommended though, it’s pretty great where it is.
  2. Make sure that you’ve pressed your Change Stance/Slide keybind during Tactical Sprint to slide. One thing to take note of is to wait until your Tactical Sprint is almost out, then press the Change Stance/Slide keybind. Through this, you maximize your Tactical Sprint and get more distance.
  3. After pressing the Change Stance/Slide Keybind once, wait a second then quickly hit it again. This stops the slide, put you on a crouch, and, then immediately resets you to your standing position. Simply press the Tactical Sprint button again to continue Tactical Sprint.
  4. Once that Tactical Sprint juice runs out, press the Change Stance/Slide keybind once again, and again after a second to repeat the cycle.



Next, we have the controller peeps, who have it easier when compared to PC. Mostly because of the ease that controllers get because you have everything you need in one peripheral. This leads to the whole shebang of slide cancel being a bit more natural to do because pressing multiple buttons simultaneously is easy on Controllers. Here’s how to slide cancel on Call of Duty: Warzone on a controller:

  1. Go on a sprint. Make sure to enable Auto Tactical Sprint on your settings as well. This is important, you don’t want to waste time because you didn’t enable this option.
  2. Once your Tactical Sprint ends (AKA you lower your gun), press the slide button. This makes you slide on the terrain and let you get some distance based on your current sprint speed.
  3. Before the slide is at its slowest point, or after a second or 2 has passed, press the slide button again. This makes you stand up, but it’s not over yet.
  4. After pressing the slide button again, press the jump button. This makes you jump a few pixels off the ground, throwing off enemy gunfire and giving you precious extra seconds to kill the enemy.


After that, it’s a simple routine of repeating steps 1 through 4 to Tactical Sprint. This means you have limitless stamina and can run across maps with ease. A seriously nutty movement skill that can be used in many ways and scenarios.


Slide Cancel Tips and Ideas

Now, here are a few tips for Slide Canceling that might require a bit of time to get used to. However, it can and will save your ass in a pinch.

First off, you can change the keybindings of console remotes. Use this to change the sprint and crouch buttons to the pedals underneath your controller. It’s really handy and stops you from using the Claw grip to do the technique.

Speaking of, the Claw Grip is an incredibly useful grip type on Slide Canceling. This is because it keeps your fingers on the 2 buttons that matter on controllers, which is X and O for PlayStation, and A and B for Xbox. You usually keybind these buttons to Tactical Sprint and Crouch for easy access. However, if you think that the Claw Grip is a bit on the cringe side of things, then it’s best to go for the underside pedals. It’s easier on the hands, and you don’t need to turn into a bird to use the controller.

Last but not least, always practice. Slide Canceling is an incredibly useful tool, but it’s a tool that has its advantages and disadvantages. Maximizing advantages and minimizing disadvantages is a key part of any game. In Warzone’s case though, it’s gonna keep you alive until the last circle is there. If you want to practice your slide cancels, simply go to a practice match with no bots and practice on the maps alone. It’s easy to do, but a bit boring.


Practical Uses, Pros, and Cons Of Slide Cancel

Slide Cancel has many, many uses on Call of Duty: Warzone. We already talked about getting to places on the map faster. However, there are also other benefits. Particularly, winning gunfights, and dodging bullets. Though both are interconnected.

The first one, winning gunfights, is self-explanatory. After all, Warzone is a Battle Royale game and you’re playing to win it. The main advantage of Slide Cancel is that you can aggressively go through corners and immediately turn and hit your enemies. If you’re good at it, you can pretty much wipe out enemy teams wholesale due to Warzone’s low time to kill: Which is the amount of time it takes for you to 100 to 0 an enemy player. Going that fast also means that you’re not gonna get hit. Especially if you add jumps to the sequence as well, confusing your opponents even more.

However, this also works to your disadvantage, as using Slide Cancel willy-nilly can be a death sentence. Why? Because if you’re not fast enough on the draw, or look in the wrong direction that your enemy is on? You’re pretty screwed. After all, it takes some time to go from the slide, and back to a normal standing position. If you’re caught off-guard, you’re going to the Gulag and your teammates ain’t gonna save your ass from there.

Yes, Slide canceling is a useful tool. It allows players to get from one side of the map to the other faster compared to sprinting. It makes you harder to hit in a gunfight, and it gives you a great way to aggressively attack a chokepoint or an entrenched team. However, improperly using this technique can lead to you dying, and your team being wiped out for your foolishness.


Final Word

Now you know how to slide cancel in Call of Duty: Warzone like a pro on keyboard and controller. Do make sure to practice a lot on lobbies with no players other than your own, and we hope you can get that juicy win.

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