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Are you looking for a reliable mechanical keyboard that performs excellently for productivity? Then purchasing a Keychron keyboard might be the best option. Which of the brand’s several keyboard models is the best to choose? Here are our top picks for you that are available today.


What Are Keychron Keyboard Models?

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Keychron keyboard products have always been popular among keyboard enthusiasts since the company first launched. Their keyboards are durable, designed for functionality, and come in multiple iterations and layouts. However, unlike other mechanical keyboards, there are only a limited number of Keychron keyboard options to choose from.

Most of these keyboards provide similar features and vary only in a few different qualities. For example, you can purchase a Keychron keyboard with or without a wired connection. Some keyboards also come with BlueTooth connectivity while others do not. However, most of these keyboards will remain fairly similar and won’t vary too much in terms of features. The most common difference you’ll find is probably in a product’s layout, size, and design.


Best Keychron Keyboard Models

Which Keychron keyboard is best for you? Here are our top picks (listed alphabetically)!


If you’re looking for the best Keychron keyboard with a wired connection, the Keychron C2 is tough to beat. Why? That’s because it’s one of the few wired options out there that comes in a full-sized layout. This means you won’t miss the Numpad, arrow keys, or other peripheral command keys you might normally be used to.

Apart from this, the Keychron keyboard is also highly versatile. It comes with either Gateron or Keychron mechanical switches that can be either hot-swappable or regular, depending on the version. Regardless of the kind of switch you purchase, however, you’re sure to like the typing experience on the device. They’re satisfactorily light, although they do have a lengthier pre-travel distance than other models.

Nonetheless, the Keychron keycaps themselves feel durable, stable, and well-spaced. They’ll certainly be comfortable to use. If you like typing at night, there’s also a backlit version that comes with either plain white or RGB backlighting. Best of all, it’s fairly affordable and costs less than $50 on Keychron’s website.

Now, the Keychron C2 wired mechanical keyboard offers only a wired connection. Sure, you can connect it with mobile devices through a USB-C to USB-C cable. You could even use a USB-A adaptor if you wanted. However, you can’t pair it to any device via BlueTooth as it doesn’t have the capability. This is one major drawback to this Keychron keyboard if you want something more versatile.

The other drawback is that its profile is fairly high. As a result, it might strain your wrists over time if you don’t have a proper wrist rest. There’s also no wrist rest included, so you’ll have to purchase one separately.

Are you looking for a wireless Keychron keyboard with a beautiful TenKeyLess layout? Then we recommend the Keychron K1, one of the best options for all-around use. Its wireless connectivity makes it great for any kind of desk setup. Whether you need a wired connection (for your computer) or a wireless one (for mobile devices), it can adapt to your situation. Best of all, it can even pair to multiple devices at once via BlueTooth, so you’re able to multitask easily.

Apart from flexibility in its connectivity options, the Keychron K1 wireless mechanical keyboard also has a lot going for it. Other aspects, including the sturdy aluminum build, low actuation force, and low pre-travel distance provide a premium experience. The keys feel responsive to type on, making it a great option for gaming, programming, and office use.

Now, we’d like to say that the Keychron K1 is the perfect keyboard. However, this simply isn’t the case, and the K1 Keychron keyboard does have a couple of downsides to it. For example, the latency is horrible if you’re using it over BlueTooth, so it isn’t a good option if speed and accuracy is your main concern.

Furthermore, the keyboard has no accompanying software that can help you adjust the RGB. There are also no programmable keys so it’s not as versatile as other Keychron keyboard models. Nonetheless, it’s a decent option if you need something with multiple connection options. If you can afford the mid-range price of $80, it’s not too shabby.

Is Keychron a gaming keyboard? Some of the brand’s models do offer the potential for gaming. However, not everyone purchases mechanical keyboards just for that purpose. Others simply like the feel of mechanical keys and want the experience for home or office use. If that sounds like you, we recommend checking out the Keychron K2.

What is this Keychron keyboard model like? Firstly, it comes with wireless connectivity and can connect to three devices at a time via BlueTooth. It also sports a 75% layout, so it’s decently small and can fit smaller desks. Moreover, it’s designed to work with Windows and macOS so it’s perfect for those who regularly switch between operating systems. Mobile users will also get good use out of it, although some function keys might not work as well.

Apart from this, the keyboard is durable, has a light operating force, and provides full RGB backlighting. The only problem would probably be the high latency its keys have. This makes it a subpar choice if your main use case is for gaming. In addition, the keyboard has no accompanying software for customization and lacks macro-programmable keys.

Nonetheless, if you want a TenKeyLess Keychron keyboard with multiple connection options, it’s a decent choice. That is if you can afford the $95 price tag on Amazon.

The 75% Keychron K3 keyboard is the right choice for mobile users who don’t mind spending $74 on a keyboard. That’s because, unlike most other Keychron keyboard models, this one sports a lower profile. This makes it more travel-friendly and much more ergonomic, considering these keyboards don’t come with a wrist rest. It also has BlueTooth connectivity (up to three devices at once) and has adjustable rubber feet.

Something you should know about this Keychron keyboard is that it feels different than the other models. That’s because the pre-travel distance is shorter, and the key actuation is faster. These qualities mean that it should perform well regardless of whether you’re gaming, working, or programming. However, do note that they can feel a little too sensitive at times.

Apart from these, this Keychron keyboard also comes in multiple switch options. You can choose between the Gateron switches or Keychron optical switches – both of which are low profile. The latter is the hot-swappable option, so get that if you’d like to customize your keyboard next time.

On the other hand, the Keychron K3 does come with a couple of flaws. For example, the keycaps use Doubleshot ABS plastic. This means they’re soft to the touch but are also less durable and prone to becoming greasy over long periods. Furthermore, the keys are slightly wobbly, and there is no accompanying software to help you customize the keyboard. However, you can reprogram keys using third-party software.

If you like the versatility of having all the keys on a full-sized keyboard but want something more compact, you can’t go wrong with the 96% Keychron K4. Like other Keychron keyboard models, you can choose between different switches for the product you buy. Moreover, you can configure yours with hot-swappable switches for better customization.

Apart from this, the keyboard itself provides a decent typing experience overall with low operating force and short pre-travel distance. It’s also decently tactile but isn’t too loud so it’s suitable for professional environments. The keyboard itself is durable, provides decent backlighting (with optional RGB), and offers wireless BlueTooth connectivity. With it, you can pair nearly any device and start typing away without qualms.

In addition, the product can come with either a plastic or aluminum frame depending on your preference. Hence, you can make it as durable as you want or save a bit of cash and go for plastic. However, like many other Keychron keyboard models, you can’t customize the keys through accompanying software. It’s also slightly more expensive than other wireless models and costs about $90 on Amazon.

If you’re looking for the best Keychron keyboard with a 65% layout and low-profile switches, then the Keychron K7 is a solid choice. It’s quiet, has a light touch, and has similar features to other Keychron keyboard models on this list.

For example, you can have your pick on what kind of switch you want your model to come with. Moreover, some choices are hot-swappable so you can easily customize your keyboard down the line. The keys also support RGB backlighting and have low enough latency for typing.

Apart from this, the device is wireless and can pair to three devices at a time through BlueTooth. It’s also compatible with most platforms, although some keys don’t all function as they should in certain operating systems. However, like most other Keychron keyboard products, the K7 doesn’t support customization via proprietary software. For that, you’ll have to turn to third-party options to do the trick.

Nonetheless, if you want something durable, low-profile, and performs well, the Keychron K7 isn’t a poor choice. It’s also decently affordable and costs only $74 on the brand’s website.

The Keychron K10 wireless mechanical keyboard was a great choice for folks who wanted something with a full-sized layout. However, if you need something a bit smaller than that, then the KeychronK12 is a decent alternative. It sports a 60% layout and boasts wireless BlueTooth connectivity. Like other Bluetooth Keychron keyboard models, this one can also pair with three devices at a time.

As such, it’s a great choice if you’re big on multitasking and love to use mobile devices. Moreover, the well-built nature of the body and stable keys should make it quite sturdy. Apart from these advantages, the Keychron K12 is also available in several switch options. You can choose from multiple Gateron and Keychron switches, depending on your preference.

Regardless of which you choose, the keyboard should provide a decent typing experience. Like most other Keychron keyboard models, the keys should feel tactile and light – although they are made of ABS plastic. Therefore, you might have to be wary of shine and grease over time.

It’s also fairly high profile compared to slimmer Keychron keyboard models, so it’s not as ergonomic. That’s especially true since the keyboard doesn’t include a wrist rest in your purchase. Nonetheless, for the low price of $60, it’s not a bad deal considering what it’s capable of.

If a full-sized layout is too large for your desk setup, we recommend checking the Keychron Q1. It’s a solid Keychron keyboard that offers wired connectivity and a 75% compact design. Sure, you’ll miss out on the Numpad and a few command keys. However, it retains most of the functionality you might want if you don’t often crunch numbers.

Apart from this, the keyboard itself is an excellent performer. For one, the Keychron Q1 keyboard’s keys are well-spaced, and they have sufficiently low latency for casual gaming. Sure, this Keychron keyboard may not be as good as other full-fledged gaming keyboard models out there. Nonetheless, it will get the job done well enough if you want a light touch. The keys are also pretty quiet, so they can double equally well as an office keyboard.

Apart from this, this Keychron keyboard model’s board is hot-swappable, meaning you can change the switches at any time. The software also adds a layer of flexibility, allowing you to set macros to any key or adjust the RGB.

However, the keyboard isn’t perfect and does come with a few disadvantages. Firstly, like the others on this list, this Keychron keyboard is high-profile, so it might cause wrist fatigue. It also has a relatively long pre-travel distance so it isn’t as responsive as other variants. Moreover, it doesn’t have wireless capabilities, so you can’t easily pair it to mobile devices. Finally, the keyboard is a bit expensive and cost nearly $160. As such, we recommend checking out other variants if you’re on a tight budget.


Keychron Keyboard FAQs

How to Connect Keychron Keyboard Models to Bluetooth Devices?

Wondering about how to pair Keychron keyboard models via Bluetooth Simply switch to the Bluetooth option by holding the FN+1 keys together. The Bluetooth indicator light should flash on. Afterward, activate your device’s Bluetooth connection and search for the keyboard’s name. Then simply pair the two devices and you’re good to go.


Are They Hot-Swappable?

Most Keychron keyboard models provide with you a choice between hot-swappable and non-hot-swappable switches. Hence, if you want hot-swappable switches, choose the hot-swappable versions in the selection as you check out.


Verdict: Is Keychron Keyboard a Good Brand?

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Are Keychron keyboards good? If we’re just talking about compatibility, then Keychron has a plethora of options with flexible connectivity options. Some come with a strictly wired connection, while others offer Bluetooth connectivity.

The latter ones truly shine if you’re someone who doesn’t like fiddling with wires. Moreover, Bluetooth Keychron keyboard models can usually pair to three devices at a time, making them great for multitasking.



Keychron keyboard models are highly reliable and can easily become your daily driver. They’re usually built with aluminum and plastic chassis so they’re fairly stable overall.

However, the quality of keys does vary between products in the lineup. Some are wobbly, while others are stable, so we can’t give a blanket statement about key durability for the brand as a whole.

Nonetheless, Keychron keyboard models should last you quite a while. Moreover, they can last for even longer if you get hot-swappable switches. This allows you to replace any broken key or simply change the aesthetics whenever you need.



The design and aesthetic of Keychron keyboard models are distinct and unique. Both the frame and keys usually come in boxy shapes. Moreover, they have this vintage aesthetic to them, so you can easily spot one just from its design language.

Apart from this, most Keychron keyboard models come in a variety of layouts. They can range from small, 60% keyboards to the largest full-sized ones, depending on your preferences. While the selection of Keychron keyboard models is limited, there are enough options when it comes to various sizes.



After the Keychron keyboard comparison from the previous list, perhaps you’ve already spotted a trend in the brand’s products. That is that most Keychron keyboard models have a limited set of features.

Sure, most of them can come with hot-swappable switches and allow you to pick from a variety of options. Moreover, most of them do have the option to provide RGB backlighting – a feature that’s much appreciated by enthusiasts.

However, Keychron keyboard models usually lack proprietary software that allows for easy customization. In addition, not all keyboards come with remappable keys. If you want to delve into customizing your keyboard, you’ll have to find third-party software that supports Keychron. With that said, it isn’t the performance that Keychron keyboard models lack. It’s the features and customization options other mechanical keyboard brands offer.

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Keychron keyboard models have always been known to be reliable since the company’s conception. They all have similar features and only vary in certain aspects like the size, layout, profile, and connectivity options. Thus, regardless of the model, you should more or less know what to expect if you’ve used Keychron’s keyboards before. Any one of these options is solid and your purchasing decision will only depend on your desk setup’s requirements.

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