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Wyze Camera Review: Is It Really Cheap and Good?

wyze camera review

At first sight, the Wyze camera sounds too good to be true. While bigger companies like Amazon and Nest manufacture home security cameras ranging between $100 to $200 (or even higher!), the Seattle-based Wyze Labs is offering its security camera for a surprisingly low $20.

Wyze’s inexpensive home security camera is one of the best entry-level contenders to smart home security. Centered around convenience and minimalism, Wyze cameras have petite and simple designs that are well appreciated by users.

If you’re planning to invest in an affordable but high-quality home security camera, Wyze is a good starting point. This article will show you everything you need to know about Wyze to help you decide if it will be an excellent addition to your home security setup.



Wyze cam design
© Photo by Wyze

Wyze is the epitome of functional minimalism. Once you’ve set up the camera, it silently works in the background without you even noticing its presence. A white kitchen with light gray countertops is the perfect backdrop for the Wyze camera’s design and color.

Wyze sports a cubic shape with a minimalistic finish, which is different from the Amazon Nest and Cloud cameras’ circular shape. You may find Wyze’s design more sleek and appealing due to its ability to seamlessly blend into your home.

Depending on your preference, you can mount the Wyze camera either on the ceiling or along the walls. You can also set it upright on a table or any flat surface, tilting it up or down. You can also set up the camera to resemble a two-inch cube similar to a speaker on a flat surface.

As the Wyze camera is not waterproof, make sure to only set it up indoors.



Wyze Cam hardware
© Photo by Amazon

Unlike smartphones, security cameras like the Wyze camera don’t require too much in terms of hardware components. In Wyze’s specific case, it has a stable mounting point that easily rotates in any direction. Its base also has a magnetic feature, letting you easily mount it on any metallic surface with no issues. No need for mounting plates or drilling holes!

The base is one of the Wyze camera’s most remarkable aspects. Sporting a rotating plate and two joints at the bottom, the camera can be easily rotated at different angles. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have an available metallic surface to mount the Wyze camera: it comes with a metal plate and a sticky pad. Simply affix the plate to your desired spot, and it will become a magnetic surface to mount the security camera on. If you’re wary of this stick-on solution, you shouldn’t be. The Wyze camera is extremely lightweight, making it ideal for a metallic surface to hold.



The Wyze camera is one of the most affordable home security cameras available on the market. For only $19.99, you don’t need any subscription to use it. Here are some of the features that you can expect from your Wyze camera:

  • 1080p HD Resolution
  • 110-Degree Area of Coverage
  • 14-Day Cloud Storage with Motion and Sound Alert
  • Two-Way Audio via Built-In Microphone and Speaker
  • Adjustable and Magnetic Base
  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm Detection
  • Google Assistant and Alexa Voice Compatibility
  • IFTTT Integration
  • microSD Card Slot (microSD Card not included)
  • Motion Alerts
  • Motion Detection Zone
  • Night Vision Camera
  • Person Alerts
  • Sound Detection
  • Time-Lapse


That’s definitely a lot of features for only $20! However, if you’re willing to pay extra, you can upgrade to the newer Wyze Cam Pan. With the Wyze Cam Pan, you can enjoy some of its upgraded integrations:

  • Adjustable Motion Detection
  • 360-Degree Coverage
  • 120-Degree Lens


Model Features Price
Wyze Cam
Wyze Cam


1080p HD Wi-Fi
$19.99 at Wyze
Cam Pan
Wyze Cam Pan


1080 Pan, Tilt & Zoom Wi-Fi
$29.99 at Wyze






Every Wyze camera has free 14-day cloud storage. If you wish to extend or not use it at all, you can always use the camera’s physical storage feature with a microSD card. With microSD cards, the oldest data is continuously deleted to make space for new recordings.

If you don’t want to purchase a microSD card, the alternative is to capture 12-second footage every time your security camera detects movement. As for the Wyze Pan Cam, you can use an SD card to record non-stop in HD for a maximum of two days. 





wyze cam Resolution
© Photo by Wyze

The Wyze camera follows the industry standard and records footage at 1080p HD resolution. This allows it to compete with the higher-end brands on the market like Google Nest. Even though it lacks the same cutting-edge technology as these brands, it still holds its own pretty well.



Two-Way Audio


Two way audio
© Photo by Wyze

The Wyze camera features two-way audio that is, as before, the industry standard for home security camera systems. The audio quality isn’t the best, however, with the output being a bit unclear and less crisp than other security cameras like Arlo and Ring. 


Night Vision


wyze night cam vision
© Photo by Wyze

Wyze cameras are outfitted with night vision capabilities, letting you keep track of what’s going on at home even at night. 


Smart Sound Recognition


Use the Wyze app with the camera, and you can use it to activate smart sound recognition for free. This feature will notify you when carbon monoxide and smoke detectors turn on in your home, alerting you on your smartphone to help you take immediate action.


Alexa Support


Wyze Alexa Support
© Photo by Wyze

Another advantage of the Wyze Camera is its stable performance when paired with Alexa and Google Assistant. The setup and installation are also extremely easy. With Google Assistant, you can use voice commands to arm and disarm the camera.


Cam Plus Subscription


Wyze has upgraded its subscription service with the implementation of Cam Plus. With its 14-day free trial, the security camera provides comprehensive motion pictures and lets you capture full-length footage to the cloud service once motion is detected. Aside from that, Cam Plus features Person Detection that is relatively new to Wyze Labs. Through Person Detection, users can receive alerts when people are detected and embed a filter to their footages. 




Your Wyze camera comes with one year of free warranty. Wyze also has a 30-day return policy for you to get a refund if you’re not satisfied with the product. These are offered to you in spite of the camera’s affordable price point, indicative that the company is invested in quality and reliability.


Verdict: Is Wyze Really Cheap and Good?

For $20, Wyze cameras are an excellent alternative to an expensive home security camera system. At this price, you get an indoor home security camera with advanced audio detection, optional local storage, a Person Detection, a detection zone, and 14-day free cloud storage. You won’t go wrong buying a couple of these instead of a single smart camera from Amazon or Google. 

Wyze Camera Review: Is It Really Cheap and Good?

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