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This New Drone From Skydio Is The One From Your Dreams

A drone flying in the air

Remember the time when drones were only for the military and NASA? Used as either tools of war or expansion, these small human-operated machines served their purpose well. For example, a military drone will have all the available technology needed to help soldiers with their missions. However, drones are not just for military or research purposes anymore. They now have use in media, allowing companies to have better shots especially in angles inaccessible to men.

Not only does a drone have a reach-in media, many hobbyists are now piloting drones. They either use it for leisure or their hobbies like photography or making videos.

However, some drones may be cheaper but they lack features compared to other ones. High-end drones tend to have better technology instilled in them by their creators. One such example is the Skydio R1 which can follow its user and track them while shooting videos. However, the R1’s price is not in the affordable bracket, to say the least.

This prompted Skydio to create their newest drone, the Skydio 2! According to an article by, this new drone from Skydio will not only be state of the art but affordable as well.

Wanna know more about this new high-tech drone? Don’t worry as we’ll now discuss the features and price of Skydio’s latest product.



Skydio 2 Drone: Features and Price

Aerial shot of a town taken by a drone
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Let’s talk about details now and what better way to start with than discussing the price. High-end drones don’t come cheap and some even go for over $1,000. However, the Skydio 2 drone will only cost you $999. Yes, its in the same realm as a DJI drone. This will make it more accessible to hobbyists who may not have a big budget when it comes to drones.

Is it worth spending $999 on? Let us now discuss the features that this drone packs in its system!

According to the Skydio website, this drone is capable of traveling at an autonomous speed of 36 miles per hour. That is comparable to the speed of cars passing by a regular road. This allows the Skydio 2 to be able to follow moving objects faster.

You may ask, how about the battery life of this one? Well, this drone can last 23 minutes of continuous use. For the max distance, it can travel as far as 3.5 kilometers. That will allow its users to use it without fear of bodies of water within its battery life.

Now, let’s talk about the camera inserted into the drone. Surely, you’ll want the best quality possible, right? Well, Skydio 2’s camera has 4k60 HDR functionality which makes it capable of shooting high-quality videos.

Under the hood, it’s powered by the Nvidia Jetson TX2 which happens to be the most powerful processor for AI computing devices.

Lastly, this impressive piece of hardware can be controlled in three ways. You can take control of the Skydio 2 via the Skydio Beacon, a controller or through your ios and Android devices.

If you are interested, you can order the Skydio 2 by clicking on this link right here.

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