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16 Best Spy Gadgets You Can Actually Buy

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JMDHKK Anti Spy RF Detector

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Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable GPS Tracker

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Mission Darkness Non-Window Faraday Bag for Tablets

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Spy gadgets are extra insurance you can have in your day-to-day routine. However, there is no shame in admitting that there is something more to them than this. Buying spy gadgets can access an entire world of fun and fantasy for people of all ages. Imagine testing items for fingerprints, having household polygraph tests, and using radio-signal blocking pouches. These did not seem like a reality before, right? 

Well, now you can get a taste of this fun and cloak-and-dagger life. With these, you can also protect yourself and your valuables. You will be walking around with a secret only you know, and people who cross you will not know what’s coming to them.

Check out these spy gadgets that you didn’t know you could easily buy online!

The range of spy gadgets begins with this smarter-than-a-smartwatch accessory. 

This KEQI offer is a blockbuster movie’s idea of spy gadgets. More than tell time, it can also take photos and record videos. None of that blurry nonsense, too. This Wrist Smart Watch can render media in 2K high definition. If you’re saving up on space, just adjust the resolution. 

You can do so much more than keep track of memories and record new ones. Real spy gadgets can become a one-trick pony, but that is not the case with KEQI’s Super HD Wrist Smart Watch. Other features include long battery life, motion detection recording, and one-touch operations. 

For anyone who wants subtle and seamless transactions, then this smartwatch is for you. As with all spy gadgets, this does not look like it’s capable of what it does. It’s a stylish yet discreet watch that gives in to your super-spy fantasies.

Most sleuthing happens with a secret camera in hand. Any quick search on cool spy gadgets will show you that. These are some of the most important spy gadgets you can get because it helps you gather clues in secret. 

The inconspicuous use of cameras manifests itself in different ways. CAMXSW’s Hidden Pen Camera is just one of the many effective ones. A pen is such a common object to own. No one takes a second look at someone’s pen unless it is big, bright, and loud. This Hidden Pen Camera is a perfect spy because it is not noticeable. 

As for its features, it can record videos and take photos in high definition. Like the smartwatch, it has motion detection video recording mode. However, for people who don’t know the clues they want yet, non-stop video recording is also available. The pen’s battery is rechargeable, so spy away. 

This is the perfect spy movie gadget reimagined for real-life use. It’s sleek and easy to use—you don’t need any new software. Transferring collected data is as easy as connecting a USB cord to a computer.

We have all seen spies go on an after-hours mission. The scenes are filled with night vision goggle shots, and you’re always on the lookout for what the movie characters might see next. 

Like the other spy gadgets on this list, the SpyX Night Mission Goggles fulfills this cinematic dream. These high-tech goggles have twin LED lights that let you catch people up to 25 feet away. The one worry you will have is where your enemies will be, not how you can catch them. 

This is also one of the cool spy gadgets for kids who dream of becoming spies. It is child-friendly, winning the 2016 Tillywig Top Fun Award. Children can play for hours on end with these goggles, complete with a battery pack and adjustable head strap. 

Spy work is clearer, easier, and quicker with the SpyX Night Mission Goggles. It offers a lot of fun for people of all ages, because who hasn’t dreamed of having an owl-like vision?

Another spy stereotype surrounds secret mission earpieces. A spy would go into a situation with an earpiece, being directed by another spy on the other end. It is a classic sneaking in trope, and you can do it in real life now too. 

COOMAX Mini Hidden Spy Earphone Wireless Earpiece is one of the most fun spy gadgets you can get. This is a small wireless earpiece that you can wear without anyone knowing. Through electromagnetic induction, you can have discreet conversations with people you’re not with. 

Still, you don’t need to use it for spy missions if you don’t want to. Take it out with you when you’re in an important meeting, event, or date. Have someone you trust on the other end, and consider their choices when you make yours. 

This product is compatible with almost all devices. You can also use it for phone calls, radio, and music. Hey, spies need their downtime too, right?

Pull out a reverse Uno card with JMDHKK’s Anti Spy Detector. This is one of the few essential spy gadgets you should have. 

In case you are suspicious of someone spying on you, spy on them right back. This product detects any spy gadgets left around your area. It detects hidden wired or wireless spy gadgets that use magnetic fields or radio waves.

What spy gadgets can it recognize? Your usuals, like unwanted GPS trackers, wiretaps, and hidden cameras. Choose what you want to detect through three detection modes available on the anti-spy detector. 

No worrying about being bugged or eavesdropped. The JMDHKK’s Anti Spy RF Detector keeps your spy missions (and life affairs) safe and secure. You can bring it with you wherever you go and change its detection intensity whenever.

This catalog is approaching a trajectory of spy vs. spy outcomes. The RFWIN Rearview Mirror Spy Sunglasses piles onto this.

Spies have to be very aware of their environment. Their sleuthing is only as good as how much they know about what’s around them. They have to know if someone is following them or not.

Still, making sure everything is okay is not just a feat for spies. A lot of people understand the dangers of being followed around. For women at night, being this concerned about who’s following you is a daily struggle.

RFWIN’s Mirror Rearview Sunglasses keeps you safe without having to turn back and check who’s behind you. Suspicious as you are, you can play it safe. Their lenses have a special coating that reflects what is going on behind you.

As with all the best spy gadgets, this product is discreet. It looks like any other pair of stylish sunglasses. Keeping your head up while staying safe is not just a spy thing.

Beginners may want to look into the Latent Fingerprint Kit. Anyone interested in becoming a spy, old or young, will enjoy using this. To start with, this kit has two FBI printing manuals included, so learning the “job” is an option.

The detective trope has fingerprint searching in the scene of the crime. In these, spies can use different kinds of tools. However, the most common tool you see is the fingerprint powder.

The same goes for this fingerprint kit. Each kit has black magnetic fingerprint powder, fingerprint lifting tape, and an applicator. This is best for lifting fingerprints from light surfaces. Just put the powder on any surface and search away. Making a mess is the least of your concerns, too, because the powder is reusable.

Gather the powder with the kit’s “magnetic wand,” and reuse until at least 50 different print lifts. These are stored on white-backed cards for your convenience.

Last but not least, as with all spy gadgets, this Latent Fingerprint Kit is stylish. It has a heavy-duty case that looks sleek and posh by design.

Whether you are a polygraph believer or doubter, this USB polygraph machine is a good buy. It is one of the coolest spy gadgets you can own.

Play not just a spy but also a detective with this polygraph machine. Interrogate your family and friends (or suspects) with ease. An at-home polygraph machine, this is a lie detector kit that you can hook up to your computer. Use this on people to check their pulse, breathing, and sweat. These factors contribute to how a person is “lying.”

Another bonus is its body language feature, which you can type into your computer as you are observing. Learn the tips and tricks of real examiners, and hey, become a local spy yourself.

This is one of the more fun spy gadgets on the list. Everyone wants to know if a person is telling the truth or not, and this USB polygraph gives you that experience at home.

Tracking the “bad guys” has never been this easy. Gone are the days where you have to physically follow suspects to sketchy locations. The Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini covers your personal sleuthing needs.

How? 4G satellite technology.

Put this device on a car or in a bag, and track where that item (or the person with that item) is going. With this, you can protect your personal belongings or find out if someone is lying about where they’re going.

This is a small and compact product and is one of the best spy gadgets you can get on this list. It is not just a novelty item, as you can use it in day-to-day situations. Keeping track of its hosts in real time, you worry less with your Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable GPS Tracker.

Information received is stored through your phone, tablet, or computer, whichever you’re using. Another notable feature is its battery life, since this device lasts for two and a half weeks without charging.

Its best feature, however, is encryption. The personal data you receive and store are encrypted. This is important because it keeps your data to yourself, without any third-party access.

Should you be interested in learning more about encryption, consider checking out Nord VPN.

Adding to the list of million-dollar ideas is U-TIMES’s Leather RFID Cell Phone Signal Blocking Pouch. This is a personal insurance for your credit/debit cards.

Made from a heavy leather material, this pouch helps in blocking phone signals. Meaning, you can keep your information private from the inside and outside forces. To get more specific, this pouch blocks radio frequencies, the ones that make it too easy for you to process purchases. You know how sometimes you just have to scan your card to verify your identity? That is what this is protecting you from.

Another bonus is that this also helps protect pregnancies, because it lessens radiation.

Use this as either a phone bag or wallet pouch, either way you are getting the best level of protection you can get. Note that this is fitted for any iPhone and Samsung phones.

You can never have too many spy pens because you may never run out of reasons to.

GSmade’s Hidden Spy Camera Pen boasts a quality 2K HD camera with a Japan-made lens. This device helps you gather quality information in situations without people knowing.

The best feature on this device is its night compatibility. Taking videos, pictures, and motion detection is harder at nighttime, and GSmade knows that. Thus, its features also include night views, which make it useful even in low illumination.

This pen is one of the best spy gadgets around. Its adaptable nature makes it a go-to for any situation that requires snooping around. Doesn’t matter if you plan to use this in broad daylight or during a candlelight party. Just bring this trusty pen around.

Not to play into tropes again, but black bags always have something important in them. At least, that’s what it’s like in the movies.

The Non-Window Faraday Bag for tablets gives you military-grade treatment. Blocking water and RFID signals, this bag is your best chance at keeping your personal data and gadgets private and safe.

You can also put more than just your important gadgets in this bag. Since it is designed for the military and forensics investigators, this bag can contain almost all your gadgets. It even has a detachable pouch, in case you need one.

This takes your risky business seriously. All it needs is for you to do so, too.

Tracki’s GPS tracker eliminates the need for a chase when any item is stolen. This real-life spy gadget can track people, cars, and items at any given time.

Monitoring the location of your valued people and items is easy and accurate with Tracki’s Mini GPS Tracker. There’s no judgment in having to use this, too. Every day, the world gets more dangerous to live in. Having an extra layer of protection is understandable.

Also, you can use this while you’re on the go through Android or iPhone apps. Be notified of the whereabouts of your valuables through the app, email, and text. Let this product help you in saving time and energy. With up to 50 devices you can track, this mini GPS is your trusty sidekick.

It can track whatever item, wherever you are. The customizable features of this tracking device make it a cut above the rest. Spy gadgets should be ready for Tracki’s dominance in the protection market.

Everyone has their phones and chargers with them at all times. AMCXSH’s USB charger camera adapts to this reality quickly.

While being a real wall charger, this device is also a camera in disguise. A powerful camera at that, too, since it records in 1080p HD.

It also has a motion detection function and loop recording, which helps you when you do not know what you’re looking for yet. No worries about how you’ll save your recordings. This device has a built-in 32 GB SD card. It’s compact and practical, making it one of the best spy gadgets buys.

Of all the spy gadgets on this list, it is safe to say that the most inconspicuous item would be this bolt. Who notices bolts?

The Spy Bolt can contain 8 cubic inches of your small valuables. In this, you can keep an important USB, backup money, or important small jewelry. It keeps them protected through its O-ring seal, which keeps weather of whatever kind out. Theft cannot be avoided, but your reaction to it can.

The last spy gadget on this list is a 21st century essential.

Victure’s Pet Camera With WiFi leaves your neurotic fears behind. It helps you protect your homes and pets even when you’re not around. Equipped with motion detection and night vision (up to 30 feet!), you can watch your affairs anytime and anywhere.

Built with a two-way audio, this Pet Camera With WiFi does not let you see what is going on at home. It lets you understand the context and environment you are not in.

Best yet, this device’s recordings are encrypted. It uses a unique encryption technology that saves data in your micro SD card. How much data? Up 64 GB, depending on how much you need. If you use this storage all up, Victure immediately overrides the oldest files in the system.

And, should you lose your card, don’t fret. You can only access files through your account and your cloud.

Reasons to Buy Spy Gadgets

Ensuring Your Safety

Man peering out a window
Via Chris Nguyen on Unsplash


For safety reasons, it is best to have your own set of spy gadgets. These can protect your houses, valuables, families, and even your identity. Preparing for your own safety and security is another insurance policy.

Stay one step ahead by keeping track of your surroundings. It doesn’t matter if you choose discreet methods or not, because at the end of the day, it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Hiding Your Valuables

Via Joey Graham on Unsplash


Everyone has something valuable to protect. Not always in the name of materialism, but also sentimentality. This can be an old necklace from your beloved grandmother, or a limited edition baseball card from your youth. Buying these spy gadgets, especially the bags, pouches, and tiny bolts, can make or break your belongings’ safety.

There are so many steps you can take in hiding your valuables outside and at home. Going the extra mile can go a long way and can keep your memories sacred.


Protecting Your Business Affairs

Protecting Your Business
Via Joey on Unsplash


For business people, however, there is no such thing as too many insurance policies. Building and maintaining a business is continuous hard work, and all that could crumble with one criminal act.

Spy cameras and safety bags are inexpensive ways to track your business affairs even when you are not around.  Should your business experience a break-in or a scam, you’ll have all the evidence you need to take matters to court.


Monitoring Your Home

Monitoring Your Home
Via Bernard Hermant on Unsplash


The nuclear family is still alive, and in the 21st century they are as busy as ever. Having busy parents hard at work can result in last minute business trips and duties.

This, in turn, has people resorting to getting babysitters even at the last minute. Often, this causes discomfort and intimidation to pets and children. It can also cause you to become a worry wart.

With the spy gadgets above, you can watch how your household functions without you. You can monitor your pets, children, and nannies. Is your household really as harmonic as they make it seem?



Spy Gadgets for Leisure
Via Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash


Spy gadgets are a lot of fun, especially the discreet ones. Some of the items listed above can be used for themed parties or family games. We have all imagined ourselves to be in spy movies. Whether we admit it or not, we want to experience that lush, grand, secretive lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with chasing that high, that’s why you should consider getting some (if not all) of the spy gadgets on this list.

16 Best Spy Gadgets You Can Actually Buy

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