15 Best 4K TV for Gaming With PS4 and Xbox in 2022

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Hisense 55" Class H8G Android Smart ULED 4K TV

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HP Omen X Emperium 65”

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LG Class BX 55" Smart OLED 4K TV

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15 Best 4K TV for Gaming with PS4 and Xbox in 2020

The gaming industry has evolved in the past decade, moving from a largely static disposition to a more fluid, mobile one. Despite the accessibility and portability mobile gaming affords us, many still prefer the stationary way of playing games. This is mainly due to the higher quality and more immersive experience console gaming offers.

As consoles progress, though, the rest of the electronic world must follow — particularly the TV. But, what type of TV is best for gaming? The modern-day television set now comes with advanced features, with 4K as arguably a highlight. When deciding which is the best TV for gaming, consider the options in this guide.

The Hisense Class H8G Android TV is a great choice if you are on a budget. It is very affordable, especially for 55 inches, and its slim size allows you to basically place it anywhere you like. The pictures appear really bright, with even backlighting and 70 local dimming zones. It also supports Dolby Vision HDR. It omes with Android built-in out of the box, and its 4K upscaling is pretty good, too. If you want a 240Hz TV for gaming, this is one of the best.

On the other hand, this 4K TV also has its drawbacks. For instance, it has a limited storage space of only 4.4 GB, though you have the option to expand it via USB. Streaming also poses some problems as the images can lag and drop off sometimes.

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There’s plenty to like in the HP Omen X Emperium. At 65 inches, it is definitely one of the bigger sets you can find. And, even though it is technically more of a gaming monitor than a TV, you can still use it as the latter. This unit features exceptional HDR and SDR contrast, 144Hz G-SYNC with HDR10, and a built-in Nvidia Shield. It also has a fitted soundbar with an outstanding audio quality.

On the downside, the presence of banding is somewhat apparent, especially to keen eyes. This results in a strange shift in color sometimes. Additionally, despite its great audio quality, the soundbar itself is actually quite average. Perhaps this unit’s most glaring flaw of all is—its price tag. You can get some great 4K TVs for half its price. But, if you have $3,000 lying around, the HP Omen X Emperium 65” is still a good choice.

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LG has long been in the electronic industry, so it doesn’t come as a surprise for the brand to produce the best TV for gaming. The BX series boasts a stunning contrast ratio, support for a range of HDR formats, and truly great image quality. It has a 120Hz refresh rate as well as FreeSync and G-SYNC support, making it a great pair for gaming consoles. 

On the other hand, there are other sets with stronger internal processors than the LG BX series. It also suffers from picture issues, with some users reportedly seeing white lines across the screen at times. Nevertheless, if you are looking for the best 4K TV for gaming with a cheap price tag, this is it.

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What makes the LG Class CX series the best TV for gaming? That’s easy. This model gives you wide viewing angles and amazing color accuracy. The picture quality is excellent, and its OLED screen produces true blacks. It also has a very quick response time. If you want a 120Hz TV good for gaming, get this unit.

While its OLED screen delivers perfect blacks, the same feature puts it at risk of burn-in. Additionally, this LG unit also has a fairly strong ABL, otherwise known as Auto Brightness Limiter. Its ABL isn’t confined to white colors, too, unlike other models.

If you don’t mind these little drawbacks, get the LG Class CX 4K TV on Amazon now.

If you want a high-quality LG 4K TV for cheap, the B9 OLED is a good option. It offers amazing picture quality with great contrast. It also has a formidable smart system as well as an exquisite design that screams elegance.

On the downside, the B9 seems to have trouble displaying darker shades accurately. Its images are also not as detailed as the ones you see on higher-end models. Plus, due to its OLED screen, there is a risk of burn-in.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, grab the LG B9 OLED 4K TV on Amazon.

If design is as important to you as the specs, then take LG E9 into consideration. This unit features an all-glass, floating screen look that looks straight out of the future. But, its overall design isn’t the only thing it’s got going for it. The image quality is equally amazing and contrasty, with perfect blacks thanks to its OLED screen. It also comes with Google Assistant out of the box. Other than that, it features wide viewing angles, almost no input lag, and a great response time.

On the other hand, the colors on this set sit on the cooler side of the spectrum. It also poses a potential for burn-in because of its OLED screen. Like other LG models, it has a pretty intrusive ABL, too. Beyond that, the expensive price tag easily scares away most buyers. But, if you want the best TV for gaming with style, then save up for the LG E9.

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If you’re strapped for cash and need a 4K TV that you can afford, then this LG unit may be your best TV for gaming. It has an impressively low input lag and a decent response time that would make any gamer smile. Additionally, there is little to no blur for fast-paced scenes.

If you’re a stickler for color quality, though, you may want to think twice about this purchase. This LG model doesn’t produce the greatest blacks, and the HDR is average at best.

If you’re into cheap scores, get this LG 4K TV on Amazon now.

When you are looking for the best TV for gaming, it is hard to leave out Samsung. Its 55” Class 8 series boasts accurate colors and a sleek design that would make any gamer swoon. Being a Smart TV, this model also features many smart capabilities, including voice assistant. It also has great image processing, a functional remote, and an attractive interface.

On the downside, the Class 8 series’ panel is quite dim, so its HDR feature is not much of an advantage. Its voice assistant and smart home features are also very specific to Samsung, which makes for limited compatibility and usability. 

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Samsung rarely disappoints when it comes to electronics, and that is further proven with the Class Q60 QLED Smart 4K UHD TV. This model has plenty to offer, including exceptional quantum dot color and great image processing. It is fairly bright and also comes with a decent remote and a sleek interface. Beyond that, the Q60 series is one of the most affordable Smart TVs you can buy today. 

That doesn’t mean the Class Q60R is perfect. While it’s bright, its peak brightness isn’t as vibrant as other QLED models. In addition, its motion compensation leaves much to be desired. Overall, however, if you want a large and affordable Smart 4K TV for gaming, this is it.

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In search of a 120Hz TV good for gaming? Samsung’s Class Q90T is worth checking out. It features a captivating design and boasts great color accuracy. It also has impressive brightness and rich contrast with its picture quality, making the images appear very vibrant and full of life — perfect for gamers. For a QLED with true blacks and good HDR, be sure to give this a shot.

On the downside, its screen layering produces a strange rainbow effect that can be distracting to some. It also doesn’t come with a One Connect box, though not everyone likes One Connect in the first place. Perhaps its most glaring flaw is its price tag. The Samsung Class Q90T is very expensive, especially when compared to other offerings.

You can get the Samsung Q90T Series 4K TV on Amazon.

Another Samsung entry on this list, the Q70R QLED features an impressively low input lag and good motion handling. In terms of picture and color quality, the Q70R doesn’t disappoint. It boasts deep blacks with no varying shades, even when used in a dark room. 

Gamers will love this unit for its excellent response time and high refresh rate, giving you minimal to no blur when it comes to fast-moving images. It also has a gaming mode that allows for lower input latency. However, the Q70R does have its flaws. One of the most obvious ones is image degradation, especially when viewed at an angle.

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Sony has long dazzled the consumer world with its stunning products, and the Sony Class X950G is no different. One look and you will immediately notice the elegant design of this model. But, beauty isn’t the only thing it’s got going for it. This unit also boasts a great user interface, low input lag, and a fast response time. Other than that, the pictures look very clear and experience minimal blurring. These qualities make it perfect for gaming. 

On the downside, the Class X950G does have a color problem, as images can appear bluer than normal. It also doesn’t have the purest and deepest blacks, which can significantly affect your gaming experience. Additionally, the X950G doesn’t come with FreeSync and is quite expensive to boot.

Check out the Sony Class X950G 4K TV on Amazon.

TCL has long been known as an affordable brand, and its Class 4 Series falls under the same category. This model is one of the cheapest 4K Smart TVs you will find today and consistently ranks as one of the best sellers of online retail stores like Amazon. For its price, it boasts relatively accurate colors, though many argue that it’s not really great for mixed-use. For gaming, however, the Class 4 Series is perfect. Its low latency mode, low input lag, and fast response time make it an ideal choice for avid video gamers. Plus, its Roku platform offers a lot of capabilities.

Like many things, the Class 4 Series also has its flaws. For one thing, its panel is pretty dim. So, if you like your screen bright, this may not be a good choice. Other than that, there is image degradation when viewed at an angle and the color range is rather limited, too.

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If you want a TCL 4K Smart TV that’s good for video games and other uses, consider the Class 6 Series. It’s more expensive than its Class 4 sibling, but it’s still more affordable than most other options. It has a pretty bright panel, a good range of color, and an appealing design. The contrast ratio is outstanding, and its blacks are quite deep and consistent. The input lag is very low, too.

For its cons, the Class 6 Series doesn’t have the best response time, so fast-moving images and scenes can appear blurry at times. There’s no FreeSync onboard either. You may also notice that its magentas sit on the warmer side, and that there is some oversaturation with its HDR Bright mode.

For an affordable 4K TV for gaming, check out the TCL Clas 6 Series on Amazon.

If you want the best 4K TV for gaming, don’t skip out on the Vizio Class P-Series Quantum. This model provides a stunning contrast ratio and an impressively broad color range. It’s great for mixed use but even greater for video gaming. It has a low input lag and remarkable response time. If you’re running 1080p content using a non-4K console, this TV does wonders. For the best 240Hz TV for gaming, make sure to check out this Vizio unit.

While the Vizio Class P-Series Quantum supports Google Cast and Apple AirPlay 2, the apps that come with the TV are fairly limited. There are also some noticeable problems with uniformity.

If you can get behind that and the lack of a voice remote, grab the Vizio Class P-Series Quantum on Amazon now.

What to Look for in a Gaming TV

The current TV landscape can be confusing, especially for the average Joe. Navigating through all the technical jargon requires a more in-depth understanding of the way 4K televisions work. Some may ask: is OLED better for gaming? Given how the term gets thrown around so easily, many may jump to the conclusion that it is. 

However, while OLED is the only resolution that achieves true black thanks to its pixel capabilities, it is not the singular best screen type for gaming. In fact, OLED TVs have a propensity for burn-in, which is when certain images either temporarily or permanently imprint on your screen. On the other hand, OLEDs produce crisper and truer blacks compared to LCDs whose blacks tend to look muddy.

As for the best size TV for gaming, it really depends on your taste. Some gamers prefer larger-than-life TVs, while others are fine with smaller ones. Of course, the benefits of bigger TVs are pretty obvious. They make for a more immersive experience compared to their tinier counterparts. However, smaller models tend to be more affordable.


The Choice Is Yours

When it comes to the best TV for gaming, 4K is a standard feature. These are the best 4K TVs you can buy today to make your gaming experience much more exciting and well-rounded. When choosing which one suits your taste the best, make sure to consider the price and weigh out the pros and cons of each option first. That way, you can invest in a 4K gaming TV that you won’t regret.

15 Best 4K TV for Gaming With PS4 and Xbox in 2022

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