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Nest Security Cameras: An In-Depth Review

Nest Smart Security Cameras

Nest ranks among the top technology companies in the world. The company was originally launched in 2010 by two engineers, Matt Rogers and Tony Fadell, who previously worked for Apple. In 2014, Google acquired Nest. Currently, Nest is a major player in the smart home devices market.

When it comes to Nest security cameras, customers have high standards. Expectedly, Nest waded into smart home devices and came up with lots of innovative products, including 2 top-of-the-line smart security camera systems.

These security cameras are very popular because of their reliability, excellent quality, and user-friendliness. In this article, we will discuss the features of these Nest cameras and tell you their real-world applications. 


About Nest Home Security Cameras

Nest has two different models of security cameras – one for indoor use and one for the outdoors. These security cameras by Nest share the following features:

  • Twenty-four hours live streaming of video, seven days a week
  •  Mobile alerts
  • 1080p High Definition video quality
  • Three hours’ snapshot timelines
  • Night vision and capture: Ability to capture at night
  • They are all wired systems
  • First-class glass lens and covering material
  • Inbuilt microphone and Speaker
  • WI-FI connectivity


Nest Security Camera Product Range


1. Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera
Photo by Nest on Amazon

The Nest Outdoor Security Camera comes with Google Assistant and motion-sensing capacity. Both features are capable of greatly improving outdoor surveillance when automated. Nest Outdoor Security Camera is waterproof and offers a 130-degree view. You can zoom in up to 8x during live stream to have a closer look at activity. Nest cam outdoor comes with a series of installation hardware, among which are anchors for wall installation and a mounting magnet.

The primary issue with outdoor home or business security camera is the lack of total coverage and poor motion detection. The Nest Outdoor camera offers solutions to these issues. It comes with a broad-angled view and this allows you to observe a comparatively larger part of your home.

Besides, the zoom feature lets you see images clearly. The Night Vision allows you to have a full view of the house even in the dark whereas the motion detection functionality gives you instant feedback. When it is dark, this Nest camera lightens the environment with Infra-Red LED sparks.

Night Vision Enabled

When you enable night vision, the camera adjusts itself to produce suitable capture for daylight and night light. This outdoor camera lets you have a mutual conversion with a second party outdoors. For instance, when the camera sends you notifications, you can open the nest app to see the person at the door and communicate to him or her.

The Nest Cam Outdoor camera is Wi-Fi enabled. It incorporates all the features you would require in a DIY surveillance camera. These include crystal clear 1080p video, a broad range of field view and two-sided audio. And with the Nest Aware monthly subscription, you can get 24 hours and 7 days a week video feedback, modifiable Activity Zones, and facial detection. This assists to minimize irrelevant notifications.

The Nest Outdoor Camera has a rainproof power cord and plug. It also comes in a suitable mounting system that makes it easy to turn the security camera in different directions according to needs. The drawback, however, is that the length of the chord reduces the place you can install it on locations near the electrical outlet. Also, Nest cam outdoor may not be suitable moneywise to someone who has limited internet service because of the nonstop recording feature of the Nest Aware.


2. Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera
Photo by Nest on Amazon

The Nest Cam indoor security camera comes in a simple design that makes set up very easy. The magnetic support makes it easy to turn the camera in any direction you want. The setup of this Nest Camera is very easy and takes only sixty seconds to complete.

All you need to do is connect the power cord to the electrical plug. After plugging, download the Nest app and start streaming. The high 1080p definition WiFi Security camera allows it full view of the whole room. You can also zoom in anytime you want to have a closer and clearer view.

Once, you install the app on your phone, you can start receiving alerts to report the events that happen when you’re not in the house. This Nest camera comes with a night vision feature which helps the cam to provide you with 24 hours’ surveillance. The two-way audio system can allow you to hear and talk to your child. You can equally speak through it tell your cat to come down from the sofa.


Final Thoughts On Nest Smart Security Cameras

The high functionality of Nest security cameras is well-known in the smart home industry. 

The powerful features of these Nest Security Cameras mean that you can now take your home surveillance and security needs into your hands. Go about your activities by day and night without worrying about the activities of criminals or intruders. The mobile app instantly notifies you when the nest security camera detects a suspicious activity so you can take swift actions.  

Besides, the fact that Nest is owned by the popular technology giant, Google, you can be sure to get excellent value for the money you spent. Nest security cameras should be among your top priorities of home security cameras due to their highly sophisticated and premium practical features. Give it a try today!

Nest Security Cameras: An In-Depth Review

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