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Neato Robot Vacuums: All You Need To Know

Neato Robot Vacuums

Yes, smart homes, self-driving cars, self-flying drones… and a cleaning robot have become reality. Today, a robot vacuum is no longer something magical, but rather, an essential smart home device. They are getting much cleaner, smarter (better at navigation) and cheaper since its earlier models. It doesn’t matter how little or how much you want to spend, there’s a robot vacuum out there for everyone.

The excitement around the robot vacuum cleaners makes us look closely at the available models on the market. Especially interesting are the robot vacuums from Neato.


About Neato

Neato initially relied on technology that would reduce the time spent on cleaning so that it could be spent on more favorite activities. The choice fell on robotic vacuum cleaners – a real-time trend. The company itself appeared in 2004 in the city of Newark Silicon Valley. Giacomo Marini, the founder of Logitech, decided to invest in robots that are able to clean the floor with the same efficiency as a human does and that’s how Neato robot vacuums were born!


About Neato Robot Vacuums

The Neato robot vacuum cleaner is recognized as the best representative of intelligent robotics. Many buyers argue about what is the main uniqueness of the Neato brand vacuum cleaner.

Neato robot vacuums’ main selling points are:



Neato’s designers abandoned the round shape of the device for ease of use. The front part of the robot is made in a square shape for better contact with the corners of the room



Testing has shown that Neato Botvacs come with one of the best suction power as compared to other competing models. 


Superior Navigation

Neo-laser infrared range finder with high accuracy measurement of obstacles. The laser scans the surrounding space so that the robot can navigate through obstacles. 


Other advantages

In addition to the differences provided above from devices from other manufacturers, Neato robotic vacuum cleaners can also:

  • Independently return to its charging dock when its battery is low. After recharging, the Neato Botvac is able to return to the place where it stopped work to resume cleaning.
  • Neato robot vacuums come with a 28cm brush with bristled ropes for better grip of pet hair.
  • Ability to input cleaning schedule


Best-Selling Neato Robot Vacuums


1. Neato Botvac D7 Connected

Neato Botvac D7 Connected
Photo by Neato on Amazon

Neato Botvac D7 Connected is the flagship product of the company. The robot vacuum deserves its status thanks to its multiple features.

As mentioned before, round robot vacuums can’t reach corners, so Neato implements it’s unique “D”-style design and from the back of the semicircle, the vacuum cleaner flows smoothly into the front square. All collisions are damped by the soft bumper in front with a built-in sensor. Navigation is done via the latest LaserSmart technology. Thanks to its high battery life (up to 120min), Neato Botvac D7 Connected is a perfect choice even for the largest homes.


2. Neato Botvac D85

Neato Botvac D85
Photo by Neato on Amazon

A less expensive variant due to the lack of a Wi-Fi module, powerful batteries, and modern filters. But despite the lack of “ultramodern” features this Neato Botvac D85 still gets the work done. It has a horseshoe shape already familiar to us with a body in two color interpretations – black at the top and white at the bottom. The LIDAR navigation sensor is also located at the top, the infrared sensor for mechanical collisions is located on the front bumper.

The robot vacuum can work autonomously for up to 90 minutes. Moreover, it uses a 12 V battery with a capacity of 3600 mAh. At the same time, the device should be fully charged for at least 3 hours.


3. Neato Botvac XV Signature Pro

Neato Botvac XV Signature Pro
Photo by Neato on Amazon

Being “the youngest brother” of the Neato robot vacuum family, the Neato Botvac XV Signature Pro is the most affordably priced. Although, in comparison with Botvac Connected, this model has reduced engine and filter capacity. Moreover, it also has reduced battery capacity and does not have a Wi-Fi module. 


Final Thoughts On Neato Robot Vacuums

In conclusion, we can say that this generation of neato robot vacuums are a worthy investment for your smart home. Furthermore, Neato is constantly rewriting its algorithm so that the device provides efficient cleaning. In present models, up to 98% of the debris removed from smooth surfaces and 85% from carpets.

Neato Robot Vacuums: All You Need To Know

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