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Schlage Smart Locks: Your Ultimate Guide

Schlage Smart Locks

Schlage locks have been on the market since 1920 when Walter Reinhold Schlage, a German-born engineer, and inventor launched the Schlage Manufacturing Company in San Francisco. 

The first Schlage smart lock hit the market around the year 2000. Today, the security hardware manufacturer is considered a major player in the niche of smart locks and keypads.

Schlage are also inventors of the Schlage Primus key system that protects against unauthorized key duplication. Schlage Primus uses a method called Side-Bit Milling where the Schlage factory cuts the side-bit milling on the special key blanks. Only specific Primus Center locksmiths can duplicate the keys after they are granted access to these blanks.

Schlage produces a number of branded smart locks that are targeted at high-end consumers. Although the widening popularity of smart locks means that prices have become more affordable in order for Schlage to remain competitive. 

Schlage has a long history of lock and security expertise. Schlage locks pair well with multiple third-party home automation systems from leading vendors like Amazon, Apple, Google and Zigbee.

Below, we show you the best smart locks and keypad deadbolts by Schlage which lead the way in different market categories and lock types.


Most Popular Schlage Smart Locks


1. Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Lock

Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Lock
Photo by Schlage on Amazon

The Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Lock is among the most popular products of the company and is a very flexible locking device that fits into a variety of use cases.

The Schlage Encode Smart Deadbolt features built-in WiFi connection, which means you can connect to the device from anywhere and anytime. This Schlage Encode smart lock works with the Schlage Home app or the Key by Amazon app. This enables you to grant access to your premises to people using personalized access codes.

It offers fewer integrations with third-party apps. But, at the same time, it is very easy to install. This is a reliable smart lock equipped with many security features you can activate and control via Alexa. 


2. Schlage Z-Wave Connected Keypad Lock

Schlage Z-Wave Connected Keypad Lock
Photo by Schlage on Amazon

Schlage Z-wave keypads represent the most basic product line of Schlage without sacrificing quality or connectivity. The Z-Wave technology allows you to control the keypad using a home automation system, your smartphone or an Alexa-enabled device.

There is an option to assign temporary passcodes to give access to your home to delivery people or your housekeeper. It also works as a traditional keypad entry lock not paired with a remote control device.

The Schlage Z-wave keypad is very easy to install and they come pre-programmed with two ready to use access codes.


3. Schlage Connect Zigbee-Certified Smart Deadbolt 

Schlage Connect Zigbee-Certified Smart Deadbolt
Photo by Schlage on Amazon

Schlage Connect is a series of smart Schlage deadbolts that take advantage of connected home technologies like Z-Wave Plus and Zigbee-certified home automation products. Zigbee certification includes Amazon Alexa and Amazon Key app.

The Schlage deadbolt can pair with an Amazon cloud camera to monitor your front door from anywhere. You can grant on-time access to visitors even if you aren’t physically at home. This series of Schlage locks feature fingerprint-resistant buttons for added security.


4. Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt 

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt
Photo by Schlage on Amazon

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is a perfect choice for fans of Apple platforms, including their home automation Apple HomeKit. There are models of Schlage Sense locks that work also with Android via the free Schlage Home app.

You can set up to 30 security codes with this smart deadbolt and Schlage equips you with a backup key. An optional WiFi adapter enables you to operate the deadbolt remotely. It triggers alerts when detecting potential intruders using its built-in alarm system.


5. Schlage Connect Century Touchscreen Deadbolt

Schlage Connect Century Touchscreen Deadbolt
Photo by Schlage on Amazon

Connect Century is a Schlage deadbolt featuring fingerprint-resistant touchscreen which pairs with Zigbee smart home or security systems to control the door lock from anywhere.

With Echo Plus or an Alexa-compatible Zigbee smart home system, you can issue voice commands to this smart deadbolt but they are not included in the product package.

You have up to 30 access codes and receive alerts when someone locks or unlocks the door.


Final Thoughts On Schlage Smart Locks

Schlage smart locks have all the features that put its product line on top of the list of best smart lock devices available in the market.

First, they work with virtually all wireless protocols including Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and integrate third-party apps such as Amazon Key. Thus, you get extended home automation capabilities that for example enable you to turn off the lights when locking your front door. Schlage smart locks also integrate effortlessly with existing home security systems, not forcing you to purchase new security tools.

Durability and easy installation are other factors that make Schlage locks a good choice for any household.

Schlage smart locks offer you plenty of choices when it comes to primary, temporary and guest access codes, which is quite an important feature to consider when security is concerned. You can create and delete any type of code. In addition, certain Schlage smart locks offer real-time video monitoring capabilities accessible from anywhere.

With prices for Schlage smart locks starting around $170 for a Schlage deadbolt to $240 for some Schlage Encode models, their price range is on par with other top competitors. The Schlage Sense WiFi Adapter costs $69 and enables you to use the Schlage Sense app for controlling your smart lock.

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