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Top 5 Internet Of Things Benefits For Smart Homes

Smart devices in the home are one advantage of the internet of things

These days, it seems like the words on everyone’s lips are the Internet of Things, or IoT. People are talking about internet of things benefits and how they are going to change our lives for the better. Using devices to enhance our day-to-day lives is nothing new. In fact, cavemen realized that a nice pointy stone could come in handy.

But over the past few years, several factors have come together in a sort of “perfect storm”. This makes Internet of Things all the more likely to play a very significant role. These include Internet access becoming increasingly widespread and affordable. A significant amount of the world’s population now own a smartphone. And the cost of technology decreasing across the board.

But what do we actually mean when we talk about the Internet of Things? IoT is basically the act of making it possible to connect everyday devices to the internet via an on/off switch. To define IoT devices, these can include household equipment such as coffeemakers and washing machines, wearable devices, machine components, vehicules, or even industrial machinery. The Internet of Things is basically a giant network of connected objects.

Smart devices in the home are one advantage of the internet of things
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Top 5 Internet Of Things Benefits


What are the advantages of the Internet of Things? Let’s take a look at the benefits of IoT and how it’s set to make our lives a whole lot easier:


Internet of Things Benefit #1: Security

While self-driving cars were the stuff of fantasy just a few years back, that’s no longer the case. Inhabitants of some large cities are already accustomed to seeing autonomous vehicles whizzing around the streets. Google continues to invest in getting them on the road and a mainstream fixture in the near future. These cars don’t just drive you back and forth to work. They let you know about any weather changes, adjust your AC to the right temperature and play you the music they reckon you’d like to listen to. They also vastly reduce the margin for human error. Sensors enable them to detect pedestrians and other cars on the road.

Internet of Things benefits don’t just include safer roads: industry is another sector that’s likely to be made safer by IoT. Many hazard suits now come equipped with IoT technology that enable the wearer to detect fluctuations in temperature, structural damage to the suit itself, and potentially dangerous elements in their immediate environment, thus contributing to a safer working environment.

The benefits of IoT include greater security in the workplace
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Internet of Things Benefit #2: Insights

The old one-size-fits-all approach is the stuff of yesteryear. Marketers are creating increasingly personalised experiences for their consumers. While increasingly sophisticated marketing software can be used to detect consumer preferences online, brick-and-mortar locations are falling behind when it comes to deep insights into what makes their customers tick.

By using sensors and location beacons, retail locations can improve customer service and yield important insights. Geofencing enables brands to offer customers customised recommendations and special offers when they enter a store or approach specific locations inside the building. Furthermore, the benefits of internet of things include valuable data on how customers navigate a retail space and interact with the merchandise around them. This enable brands to make changes to their layout and inventory accordingly.


Internet of Things Benefit #3: Better Healthcare

The impact of the Internet of Things on healthcare is set to be huge. Streamlining patient care both inside of medical institutions and people’s homes. Wearable technology will mean that healthcare providers will be able to monitor their patients without having to visit them at home, thus lowering costs and providing better care to people in rural areas and those that lack medical facilities. Furthermore, one of the big advantages of Internet of Things across the board is that it reduces the likelihood of human error, which is particularly important in a healthcare setting.

The idea of devices able to make decisions and administer medicine with no or little human intervention obviously raises some worthwhile questions, and we’re a long way away from doctors being out of the picture completely. However, expect the Internet of Things to play a bigger and bigger role in medicine and healthcare over the years to come.

Connected healthcare is among the major advantages of IoT
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Internet of Things Benefit #4: Nicer Homes

More and more people now have connected alarms and video cameras around their homes. This is to protect themselves and their valuables from intruders. Devices such as smart locks are some of the more common examples of the Internet of Things around the home.

But did you know that one of the biggest advantages of IoT isn’t just its ability to protect your home? Connected devices can also make your place a much nicer place. By automatically adjusting the ambient temperature, playing soothing music, dimming or brightening the lights or brewing you a cup of tea to help you relax after a long day at work.

Add to this connected kitchen devices and shades, you have the makings of a very comfy little nest indeed.

IoT benefits include making our homes more comfortable and safe
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Internet of Things Benefit #5: Greater Efficiency

Not only do Internet of Things benefits include making your home a nicer place to be, it can also improve its all-round efficiency – and that applies to workplaces and commercial buildings as well. Iot can optimise building functionality such as lighting and HVAC in order to save you from burning through your utility budget and reduce your environmental impact at the same time.

Using IoT, companies can create different “areas” within the same building. And profile them based on their typical usage, as well as occupant preferences. This can then be used to control factors. Including humidity, temperature and lighting in order to create a comfortable and welcoming environment. 

So what’s the most important Internet of Things benefit? Without a doubt, its across-the-board ability to make our lives simpler and more pleasant.

A major benefit of the internet of things is making workplaces more energy-efficient
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