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GogoPDF: The Internet’s Best Online PDF Converter

There are a lot of online PDF converter websites to choose from. A quick Google search will give you hundreds to choose from, but not all of these are made the same. Their features will vary, and not every online PDF converter website will make you feel safe and secure.

PDF files often contain vital and personal information about people and their businesses. And gogoPDF stands out for its high-quality security measures in place, making sure that your details are kept confidential. Other than this, the platform also boasts many tools in editing and managing your PDF files.

This article gives a rundown on these features, showing you why gogoPDF is one of the internet’s best online pdf converter websites.

What Is gogoPDF?

Online PDF converter website
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If you’re looking for an online PDF suite that delivers fast results, use gogoPDF. This online PDF converter website has over 20 tools for editing your documents. Specifically, you can edit, create, scan, and protect your PDF files in record time. Some even access gogoPDF to turn different types of documents into PDFs. These range from Excel, PowerPoints, and even HTML.

gogoPDF is a convenient platform that helps people manage and edit their PDFs. This can help students, professionals, and average joes. What’s more, you can use gogoPDF anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

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Features of gogoPDF Online PDF Converter

Here are the features that make gogoPDF stand out among all online PDF converter platforms you can find online.


Available Platforms

Windows 10
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A large benefit of using gogoPDF is that it works well on all operating systems. Whether you use Windows, Mac, or Linux, you can use gogoPDF’s features. This online PDF converter is compatible with other operating systems too, so if you’re not us the big three mentioned, you can still push your luck.

You can also use gogoPDF on popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Firefox. If you’re using other browsers, you can still most likely use gogoPDF on them. If you find that you cannot access gogoPDF, you can try to move to your incognito browser or contact the platform’s customer service.

Safe Files

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Even when accessed on an incognito browser, safety has its limits. The truth about incognito mode reveals that it cannot do much to protect your privacy other than hide you from yourself. However, you can rest assured whenever you use gogoPDF. The company champions data privacy for its users because it knows the importance of confidentiality. Thus, gogoPDF does not hold on to your PDFs as part of their company policy.

All files uploaded on gogoPDF are deleted after one hour. This is an automatic action. By doing this, the company upholds a strict privacy policy for their customers.

Working From the Cloud

Photo from hocus-focus on Pixabay


Just because gogoPDF has strict guidelines on privacy does not mean it is inaccessible. Users of the platform can enjoy its cloud storage features. This means that everything you process on gogoPDF can be stored in the cloud, where all your files and documents reside.

Most people would know what the cloud is. However, if you are still confused by this popular file storage method, you can learn more about how cloud storage works.

Keeping it brief, this gogoPDF feature makes it easy for you to store, edit, and grab whatever files you want at any time.

File Sharing

Family Sharing
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Very rarely do online PDF converter websites only serve one person. These PDF processes often benefit groups of people, which is why you need your files to be in its most accessible form in the first place (PDF stands for Portable Document Format).

gogoPDF tools all come with buttons that allow you to share your documents on social media fast and with ease. You can also tap into the platform’s personalized and multi-format file sharing features. This makes sending all types of documents easy for you and your family.

From PDF to Word documents all the way to Excel files, gogoPDF’s sharing features ease the lives of all of its customers.

Customer Service

Customer Service
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Possibly the best feature of gogoPDF is its accessible customer service team. Not a lot of online PDF converter websites have their own representatives ready to aid your concerns; most experiences with these sites are plagued with confusing happenstances from advertisers.

gogoPDF has a customer service team that assists its customers in carrying out tasks and navigating issues. More than a resolution team, they are also open to feedback about gogoPDF. The platform is dedicated to enhancing its features further.

Pro Accounts

While gogoPDF attends to everyone’s concerns fast, getting a gogoPDF Pro account will help you further. Features of a gogoPDF Pro account will make your experience on the platform quicker. That is the goal when converting PDFs, after all: do it as fast as possible and get on with your next agenda.

Upgrading to gogoPDF Pro will let you process as many files as you want at the same time. This means you can edit, convert, and compress two or more files simultaneously. As you can see, this is best for people who always edit PDFs on a time crunch.

A gogoPDF Pro account also gets rid of pop-up ads and non-skippable videos, which can take up customers’ time. These users can also enjoy features such as unlimited storage and priority assistance with customer service representatives.

gogoPDF values its customers and its resources, so it knows getting a Pro account is no joke. If you want to try it out and decide on its usefulness yourself, you can. GogoPDF offers a free Pro account trial that lasts up to 14 days.

What Can You Do on gogoPDF?

Convert and Compress

Converting files
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PDFs are the most adaptable of the file types and are the most malleable. The beauty of using PDF file types is that you can take up as little storage space as you want. This is most useful when you need to send a quick yet vital email containing high-profile data.

gogoPDF’s compressor can reduce your PDF file sizes up to 144 dpi, which will make for fast attachments and even faster emails. By reducing file size, you can publish and share your PDF files with ease. As a bonus, you will be saving the important storage space of your computers or laptops.

Moreover, gogoPDF also has a converter tool. As mentioned above, PDFs are the most user-friendly of all the file types. Anyone can open a PDF file, but what is also important: anyone can convert them. Online PDF converter websites like gogoPDF give you the liberty to convert your PDF to other file formats. Choose from Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and even JPEG and watch gogoPDF convert your files in a matter of minutes.

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Split and Merge

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The best online PDF converter websites should go beyond converting files. gogoPDF, for example, also has the tools you need to split and merge your PDF files. Even better, gogoPDF’s tools make these processes quicker.

With only a few clicks of a button, you can decide how you want to rearrange the pages of your PDF file. On the other hand, you can also merge many PDFs together. Your pre-existing files can now become one file that you can send and store with ease. Don’t worry because nothing about your files—from texts to pictures—will be changed in the process.

Merging is not the only tool gogoPDF gives you. The platform also has the tools you need to split PDFs. Large PDF files can be a hassle at the very least and unnecessarily large at most. With gogoPDF’s split function, you can divide your PDFs into separate and smaller files.

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View and Edit

Magnifying Glass
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You can also read and edit PDFs on gogoPDF. Compared to downloading a PDF reader for yourself, using gogoPDF is an easier and faster option. There is no learning curve in using gogoPDF; if you find yourself in one, you will also find yourself out of it fast.

In viewing your PDFs, you can use gogoPDF to zoom, renumber, and rotate any page of your choosing. You can also edit your files by changing your font size, color, and style.

That is not all, however. You can also add any image you would like. gogoPDF has the tools for you to add different shapes, images, and drawings to your file. If you want to add a freehand drawing or text, look no further. gogoPDF has the right tools for you, too.

Do this anytime and anywhere, without worrying about “saving” your files. This online PDF converter website automatically saves your edited files. It also keeps the technical aspects of your files intact: original texts, layouts, and formatting included.

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Convert From PDF

Convert from PDF
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To get to the specifics, you can convert PDFs into different file types on gogoPDF. Since PDFs are the standard for document sharing, more often than not this is the tool that you will be using the most on the platform.

gogoPDF keeps your files as safe and secure as they can be on PDF. Beyond that, this security remains the same, regardless of your files’ conversion to Word, PDF/A, Excel, PPT, JPEG, or PNG.

Converting your PDFs to Word is not an uncommon practice in PDF conversion. Most online PDF converter websites have this, but gogoPDF edges them out on other converter options.

In keeping your PDF documents accessible for the years to come, converting them to PDF/A is your best bet. This document format embeds the file’s components for good. Any access to this file will render it the same, having the same fonts, colors, and elements.

For those in the field of business, gogoPDF’s PDF to Excel converter may interest you. This changes the way you bridge elements from one file to another. Excel sheets can often feel like they are in a league of their own, and copy-pasting tables can become a tedious process. gogoPDF can address this with a few clicks of a button.

Last, with gogoPDF, you can also convert your PDFs into PowerPoint slides. It is not just that, though: your converted files can be editable PowerPoints with gogoPDF’s tools.

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Convert to PDF

In contrast to the point above, gogoPDF can also convert your files to PDF. File formats like Word, JPG, Excel, PPT, and even HTML are supported.

Doing this is easy with gogoPDF’s drag and drop methods. You only have to drag your files onto the platform’s tools, and the platform will do all the hard work for you.

For example, those looking to convert files from Excel to PDF need not worry about losing the formatting of their spreadsheets. To the best of gogoPDF’s abilities, your files will keep their numbers, rows, columns, and tables intact as a new PDF file. If anything, this further polishes their pages.

A standout for the platform, you can also convert HTML to PDF. This is even easier than the drag-and-drop method; all you have to do is paste the URL of the HTML file you want to convert. As usual, after a few clicks of a button, gogoPDF has your new PDF file ready for you. This is best for people working together to make websites. Because PDFs can be highly protected, your codes are safe and secure, but also easy to access and use.

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Special Features of gogoPDF Online PDF Converter

Not all online PDF converter websites offer the same set of features. gogoPDF, for example, has special features that may not be common on other online PDF converter websites. These are some of the examples.


Repairing Corrupt Files

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To begin with, gogoPDF has an online repair tool. You may think that getting a corrupted PDF file brings you to an endgame, but gogoPDF assures you that it is not.

Get any damaged or corrupted file from your Dropbox or Google Drive and import it to gogoPDF’s “repair PDF tool.” In a few clicks, GogoPDF may surprise you with how easy it is to fix your corrupted files. Jumping over these hurdles may have seemed impossible before, but gogoPDF does its best to recover as much of your data as it can.

Mind you, there are “partial” and “complete” recoveries. This can depend on how heavy a virus has attacked a file, or how the file has been affected by power outages. Either way, this is a special feature that can change the route of someone’s day.

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Adding Page Numbers

Adding Page Numbers on Online PDF converter sites
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Quick PDF edits often involve changing a PDF file’s page numbers. This can get tedious especially if you are just learning your way around your PDF readers.

With gogoPDF, you only have to upload your files, choose the pages you want to add page numbers to, and download your edited file. This is a little detail that some online PDF converter websites may miss, but gogoPDF has you covered.

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Unlocking a PDF

Unlocking PDFs
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Another common mishap with PDF files is that some of the most important of them are locked when sent. When people do send them under a time crunch, they can forget to send the files’ passwords, or worse, forget the passwords themselves.

gogoPDF also has you covered on this front, too. If you simply do not have the time to type your usernames or passwords, you can use the platform’s unlocking tool. With this tool, you can access your confidential PDF files with a few clicks of a button.

Features like these prove how much gogoPDF stands out in the roster of online PDF converter websites. They make every task that involves PDFs easier.

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Adding Watermarks

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With gogoPDF, you are also relieved of the tedious task of adding watermarks. The only thing you have to do is choose your watermark and where you want to put it. You can upload either text or images as your watermark, and gogoPDF can process these either way. For texts, you can customize them as much as you want. Choose your textual watermark’s color, size, and font style.

As with every other process on the platform, this will take less than a few minutes.

Add a watermark to your PDF now


Safety and Security on gogoPDF

Safety and Security
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A concern across all online PDF converter websites is their handling of their users’ data. PDFs often contain information that is personal to each customer, whether about them or their respective businesses. Data breaches are no joke and are becoming more common as technology advances even further. Thus, this can hinder people from accessing gogoPDF’s easy PDF tools.

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, gogoPDF values the confidentiality of each customer. The company knows that documents are not for everyone’s eyes to see, so it deletes all your files after one hour. This gives you enough leeway to edit and re-download your files, just in case you have to. However, that is as lenient as gogoPDF will get.

Moreover, gogoPDF also keeps track of your signature. The platform gives you an easy way to sign PDF documents with its e-sign PDF feature, but it does not mean it will mishandle such an important part of your privacy.

The platform’s signature tracker updates you on the status of your PDF files as you send them out to people. With this, the people you send your PDF files to will get a “signature request” sent to their email. Once you and your colleagues have agreed on the terms, gogoPDF will then send everyone a link to the said file.


Uses for Online PDF Converter Websites Like gogoPDF

Saving Time

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Sites like gogoPDF are important because they save you time. More often than not, people who use PDF converters are doing it for official purposes. Documents uploaded may be for school, business, or important family matters.

The nature of these documents is professional, so they must be delivered quickly. No longer having to tinker with your PDF readers is a massive benefit for people crunching the numbers.

Saving Resources

Electricity Wires
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For people learning how to edit and manage their PDFs, there is a learning curve. This takes up time, but it can also use up resources.

A quick instinct is to have other people solve your PDF woes for you or to spend too much time plugged into the internet. You go from tutorial after tutorial while switching back to your PDF reader. This can be a tedious process, especially for small computers that run many applications already.

Thus, there is nothing like the quick ease of online PDF converter websites. You will be saving not only your time but also other people’s. Most especially, you will be saving electricity and your PC’s energy.


Photo from Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash


Saving yourself time and resources ultimately brings you to convenience. People use online PDF converter websites because of this. There are many ways to change up a PDF, but a day-to-day person can only learn so much about it.

This is never on someone’s top priority list, as converting PDFs can feel more like a chore to most. When accessing gogoPDF, you get to drag, drop, and click your way out of your PDF concerns.


Security on gogoPDF
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As mentioned in the first point, documents converted on online PDF converter websites are most likely important. In fact, most people avoid using online PDF converter websites because of this point.

gogoPDF, however, is an online PDF converter that promises safety and security. Your files are deleted within an hour. This website does not keep track of them beyond that time frame. If you have important family or official documents, gogoPDF is a smart choice.


Final Word on gogoPDF Online PDF Converter

There are a lot of online PDF converter websites to choose from. However, gogoPDF remains a standout in this roster. The platform simply offers every possible PDF tool at a reasonable cost.

By using it, you save time and resources. This makes it a great choice for anyone under a time crunch, which, almost everyone with a PDF to convert always is.

The files that gogoPDF handles are no joke and should be taken seriously. One of the platform’s biggest strengths is that it does this with ease and clear boundaries. It does not keep your files for over an hour, and it keeps your signature as well-kept as it can with the “signature request” features.

In conclusion, this is a great choice for anyone looking to ease the tedious process of editing and managing PDF files. Online PDF converter websites come and go, but gogoPDF is top-notch.

GogoPDF: The Internet's Best Online PDF Converter

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