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Deezer Review: Price, Features, Library [2020 Edition]

Streaming services are the way of the future. From Spotify to Netflix, Disney Plus, and more, it seems like the industry is increasingly turning to the streaming business model. As the industries—and the people along with them—have shifted their interests, many companies have inevitably followed suit.

In the realm of music, a variety of streaming services and apps have sprouted. Deezer is one such app. It might not sound very familiar, but it’s certainly one of the options you should consider for streaming music. So, let’s take a deep dive into Deezer’s features and what it has to offer.


What Is Deezer?

what is dezeer
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You might have seen its logo around somewhere before and wondered, “What is the Deezer app?” Granted, it’s not as widespread in reach as Spotify. However, it has slowly become large enough for many people to be vaguely familiar with it.

So let’s get things straight. First of all, what is Deezer? Deezer is a music streaming service kind of like Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal but it’s somewhere in the middle. While it may be unfamiliar to some, it already has over 14 million active users in more than 180 countries. Deezer also boasts an impressive content library with over 56 million tracks and 100 million playlists.

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like it has much of an edge against other streaming services. However, if you take a good look, there are key differences. From the familiar music streaming and podcasts to live radio and HiFi quality, Deezer has many features up its sleeve.


Deezer’s Features: Yay Or Nay?

Like most streaming services, what makes an app subscription-worthy lies in its features and offerings. So, what does Deezer do? Let’s take a look at Deezer’s different features to help us gain an understanding of just what it can offer.


1. Availability

One of Deezer’s many benefits is its presence in a variety of platforms. Of course, it’s available in more familiar platforms like the web, MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. However, you’d be surprised to learn that it’s also available in even more obscure platforms like the Xbox One, smart speakers, smartwatches, or even Roku. If you like listening to music in your car, it’s also available in some car operating systems like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. That’s a plus if one of your main concerns is cross-platform compatibility.

Deezer is also available in 182 countries out of 192 countries in the world. So if you’re looking for a streaming service that’s widely available, you might want to check it out. It’s also one of the few music streaming services widely offered in most countries with a high-end sound quality premium option.


2. Plan Variety & Pricing

How much is Deezer and are its plans’ prices worth the quality of its music? Let’s take a look at the different plans Deezer has to offer.


Type of Subscription Plan Price / Plan More Details


Offers low-quality streaming at 128 kbps in MP3 format

Premium Plan


With upgraded features and higher-quality audio at 320 kbps MP3 (with a 30-day free trial)

Student Plan


With upgraded features and higher-quality audio at 320 kbps MP3 and with offline listening and unlimited skips (with a 30-day free trial)

Family Plan


The same features with premium and you can get up to six different profiles for six different people  (with a 30-day free trial)

HiFi Plan


“CD quality” premium plan with 16-bit, 1,411 kbps music in FLAC format. It has a unique edge with its 360 Reality Audio that no other streaming service offers  (with a 3-month trial period)



Like a lot of good streaming services, Deezer offers a free, ad-supported version of its app. However, its capabilities are limited as it’s exclusive to online listening and only has shuffle play with limited skips. Moreover, Deezer’s free version only offers low-quality streaming at 128 kbps in MP3 format. If all you want is to be able to listen for free, then this is a good choice.


Premium Plan

Most people will want to be able to skip a few songs or listen offline. If that’s you, then you might want an upgrade (for a price, of course). Deezer also offers four paid premium options for a boost in quality and features. These include a Premium Plan, Student Plan, Family Plan, and a HiFi tier in which you can listen to higher-quality audio.

Deezer Premium is a $9.99/month subscription with upgraded features and higher-quality audio at 320 kbps MP3. Of course, its music is still compressed, but it has high sound quality. It doesn’t come with any annoying ads, either. Moreover, it offers unlimited streaming and skips with offline access. If you want to try it before you jump in, there’s a 30-day free trial available for you to check out. This is great if you want to know how to get Deezer premium for free, albeit for a limited time.


Student Plan

Deezer’s Student Plan offers a discounted monthly price of $4.99/month with a 30-day free trial. This plan offers essentially the same features of the premium plan with offline listening and unlimited skips.


Family Plan

If you aren’t a student but you know many people interested in Deezer, then you should check Deezer’s Family Plan. It offers all the same features that Deezer Premium does but with a discount at $14.99/month. If you opt for the family plan, you can get up to six different profiles for six different people. That’s less than the cost of a meal at $2.50 per person per month!


HiFi Plan

Lastly, Deezer boasts in its HiFi “CD quality” premium plan with 16-bit, 1,411 kbps music in FLAC format. Not only that, but HiFi premium is also uncompressed, meaning it has a lossless sound quality for audiophiles. In this plan, Deezer also has a unique edge with its 360 Reality Audio that no other streaming service offers. It comes with a generous three-month trial period—enough to gauge the quality of your experience. Keep in mind, though, that this plan doesn’t have a family plan included. You won’t be able to split the bill with you and your friends.


3. Interface

dezeer interface
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If you’re wondering how to use Deezer, it’s pretty similar to other streaming platforms you might be used to. The interface and placement of libraries and songs are similar albeit a bit more stripped down. That goes for both the desktop and mobile versions.

Granted, this may be your first time considering a music streaming app. In that case, how does Deezer work? It doesn’t matter if it’s like other apps if this is your first time using one. If you want to know how to navigate Deezer, read the next bit well.

While listening to music, you’ll find your playback bar at the bottom of the screen. On the left-hand tab, you’ll find that you can see most of the areas where you’ll want to go. From your Music (home), Shows (podcasts), Explore (discovering new music), and Favorites.

Under the Music tab, you’ll find personalized playlists and the ability to explore tracks by charts, popularity, moods, or by new releases. If you’re looking for the radio stations, they’ll appear at the bottom of this area. The Shows tab is where you’ll find podcasts, the Explore tab for exploring different music, playlists, and Flow, and your Favorites have all the songs and playlists you’ve saved.


4. Downloads & Offline Listening

If you want to know how to listen to Deezer offline, no worries. It’s pretty easy as long as you know how to download from Deezer. While this may have been a feature absent from Deezer’s offerings in the past, it’s now widely available on Deezer’s mobile apps.

On mobile, go to Favorites and select the playlist, album, or podcast you want to download. Once you’ve selected what you want, use the slider and slide it to the right or just tap it once. It’ll download the content automatically over WiFi. If you’re on mobile data though, you’ll have to navigate to the Settings first. Once you get there, go to Audio Settings and scroll down to the bottom. Tap on the slider next to “Download via Cellular Network” so you can download songs even without WiFi.

On a desktop, you can download all your favorites via the desktop app. This should be available on most computer platforms. When you open the app, just choose the album or playlist you want and click on the download button.

If you finally want to go into offline mode, just go to Favorites > Settings > Offline Mode. Tap on the slider in this section and offline mode should be activated. It’s perfect for when you want to listen on your commute or during a flight.


5. Lyrics

If you’re an Apple Music user, then you’d probably know that they recently added lyrics as a feature. However, they’re not the first music streaming service to do this. Deezer has actually had a lyrics feature since way back. So, if you’ve always wanted to sing along to your favorite tunes, Deezer makes it easy with on-screen, on-time lyrics.


6. Content Library

Deezer has a vast collection of songs with a wide library of over 56 million tracks. If one of your considerations is the amount of music you can listen to, then Deezer should certainly be an option. It has over six million more tracks than Spotify or Apple Music and more than half as much as Tidal.


7. Discover New Music

Deezer Discover new music
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If you’re the type of person to explore music by genre, Deezer offers libraries divided into genres, moods, and interests. So, if you’re in the mood for some rock, or perhaps you want to hear sad songs, then check out these labels offered by Deezer.

If you don’t like searching by genre or want something more personalized, then Deezer’s got you covered. In addition to the genre/mood exploration options, Deezer also offers many different ways of discovering new music. They have personalized recommendations to let you explore more music they think you’ll like. These personalized recommendations will take your listening history, favorite artists, playlists, and songs into account. The more you use Deezer, the more this feature will be personalized to suit your tastes.

Perhaps you don’t want to discover music via an algorithm. Maybe you’re a people-person and you trust certain artists that you’ll like their music. If so, Deezer makes it easy to discover your faves’ new releases with its Recommended Releases tool. Not only does this feature give you newly released music from artists you follow, but it also gives similar music that you might like.

Sometimes the problem with streaming is it overlooks the radio stations we all love to listen to. With Deezer, this isn’t an issue. Radio fans will rejoice once they hear that Deezer has recommended playlists and radio stations right on its platform. This feature might not be as curated; however, it is an edge over competitors without partners to radio stations.

Lastly, if you find that your playlists are a bit boring, you might be pleasantly surprised to know that Deezer has a way to import MP3s. When you import these files, you can include them in your playlist so they’ll play along with the music you already have.


8. Flow

We covered a few Deezer’s means for helping you discover new music. However similar Flow might be, it’s a totally different experience compared to the others. Flow is one of the niftiest features available on the Deezer platform. What it does is it puts all your favorite music and adds new recommendations in the mix. Then, season it with a bunch of old songs you forgot you used to love and you’re good to go! All automatically done for you so you won’t even have to think about it.

Flow is a cool feature if you have days when you don’t want to listen to a specific album or playlist. Just let Deezer choose your songs for you based on how it knows you, and viola! It gives you an infinite stream of music so you won’t even have to think about the next song. All you do is just press the button and get into the flow.


9. Sound Quality

We’ve scratched the surface of this in the Plan Variety section, but what is Deezer music actually like? As we previously mentioned, different plans offer different sound qualities. If you were hoping for great sound quality using the free version then you’ve got another thing coming. However, if you decide to upgrade to any of the non-HiFi premium plans, you’ll get better sound quality at 320 kbps. Although, they’re still compressed files so you’ll still lose a bit of sound quality. If you don’t mind, then these should be a good enough option for you.

Now it’s time for the big guns: Deezer’s HiFi Plan. More than the 1,411 kbps sound quality, the HiFi tier even offers that one-of-a-kind 360 Reality Audio. If that sounds a bit alien to you, it’s basically like surround-sound movies but for your music! 360 Reality Audio gives virtual spatial sound creating many virtual speakers in your listening experience. It’s surround-sound right in your headphones/earphones.

The only downside if you want to avail of this feature is that you’re going to have to download the Deezer 360 app. What is the Deezer app for 360? It’s basically just an app that gives you the 360 feature for HiFi users. There’s not much of a difference except for that,, so you’ll be able to access all other features Deezer has. Be warned that since this is a new technology, there’s a limited number of songs that offer a 360 experience.

Another thing to note is that the high-end music quality setting is only available for certain mobile devices. So if you’re an audiophile hoping for the right app, you might need to have the right phone, too. If you don’t have that kind of mobile device, you might want to reconsider.


10. Cancellation

dezeer cancelation
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Sometimes when you’re a bit tight on budget, you have to let go of some of your streaming subscriptions like Netflix or Deezer. How to cancel Deezer is pretty easy with an anytime cancellation policy through the Deezer app or website.

In the app, all you need to do is go to Favorites > Settings > Manage My Account (or My Account for iOS) > Manage My Subscription > Cancel My Subscription. Once you’re there, enter your reason for canceling your subscription and tap on Confirm.

On the website, you first have to log in to your account. Once logged in, go to your user profile icon in the upper-right corner. Here, you’ll be able to see your Account Settings. Click on that then Manage My Subscription > Cancel My Subscription. You can also enter your reason for cancellation before you confirm your cancellation.

If you’re worried about losing all your data, don’t worry. Your account will still be active as a free Deezer account. You might lose all your other premium features like unlimited skips, downloads, and higher sound quality, though. However, your playlists and favorite tracks will all remain intact. So if you decide to go premium again in the future it’s all a click away. Easy-breezy.


11. Customer Service

If you find yourself caught in a pickle while using the app, then you ought to know how to contact Deezer. While Deezer does have Deezer Support on their website with things you might have concerns with, you can also contact them directly.

Unfortunately, Deezer doesn’t have a customer service landline like other companies. However, you can still generally get in touch with them through online means. On their website, you can submit a request when you have a question or concern you want to bring up. They also have a “Chat With Us” feature that pops up when you visit their website. You can send them a message and raise your concerns there.


The Verdict

Deezer’s premium plans pretty much cost the same as Spotify with similar sound quality. When it comes to the HiFi option, their HiFi tier costs about the same as Tidal’s (although Deezer has twice as much music as Tidal). If you’re looking for a good music streaming app with a pretty good price, Deezer’s a worthy competitor. With a huge content library of music, podcasts, and even radio stations, Deezer has an edge. Additionally, if you’re adventurous when it comes to finding new music, then it’s a good choice. What’s more, Deezer’s especially worth it if you’re looking for high-quality sound with a large content library. If that’s you, their HiFi tier is certainly worth considering.

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