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How Deezloader Works: Deezer Music Download Guide

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Downloading your favorite music will give you access to it whenever you want to. This is possible with platforms like YouTube and Spotify. Other platforms offer the same services and sometimes, even exceed them. One of those platforms is Deezer and the program you can use to download songs from the site, DeezLoader.

Deezer began in August 2007 after they took down the previous iteration, Blogmusik. Deezer hasn’t negotiated any agreements with any major music labels as of its release. Even then though, there were almost 800,000 visitors and users on their website in August 2007. But when they began to get the agreements, the number skyrocketed to over 7 million towards the end of 2009.

However, today our focus will be on an app known as DeezLoader. This app allows you to download music from Deezer’s Database – for free.


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History of Availability

But first, we need to know what Deezer is. Back in 2007, Deezer was only available in France where the service started. In 2011, they expanded their availability to Belgium and the United Kingdom. They also announced at around this time that they wish to expand their availability. By January 2012, they’re available in America, Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia. By February, it’s available for the rest of the world excluding Japan.


How to Use Deezer

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Meanwhile, the website that started it all, Deezer, is a pretty nice way of getting the music you want. With more than 56 million songs to choose from, you’ll have your pick on different music and tunes.

There’s a way for you to sign up to Deezer free if you want to test it out. You can either create an account on their website, which is super easy to do so. Fill in your email address, username, password, etc. You can also use your Facebook and Google email to sign up if you wish.

Deezer Free (which is what you get for your initial sign-up) allows you to create your own mixtape/playlist. This is something that you can play anywhere. And like Spotify, it allows you to skip six tracks every hour. From there, it’s easy to just pop on some headphones and listen to all the music you want.

You can also switch to Deezer Premium, Deezer Family, or Deezer HiFi. These subscriptions give you better access to their catalog. Not to mention better audio on your music. Deezer Premium has a $3 per month price tag while the Family plan costs $4. It’s pretty generous, but it’s still up to the user if they want to get these premium subscriptions.


Why You Should Use Deezer/DeezLoader

Everyone loves to listen to music. But good, clear music is hard to find. Most websites tend to warp the audio file when downloading, making the audio quality worse. Also, websites that provide songs have many disadvantages. An example of this is the constant pop-up ads.

More malicious websites also contain a virus that adds another application in download. This is pretty dangerous and puts your computer at risk. This is where Deezer/DeezLoader comes in.


How to Install DeezLoader

Deezloader logo
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The installation process for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS is the same. Here’s what you should do:

  • Download DeezLoader for your platform.
  • Extract the files inside the zip folder and look for DeezLoader.exe for Windows, or DeezLoader.dmg for Linux and Mac.
Deezloader Install #1
Photo from Deezloader


  • Double click on the file and a new installation window will appear. Follow all the instructions you see and the installation will proceed. Now within some time, it will install on your machine and you will be able to download music using the app.
Deezloader Install #2
Photo from Deezloader


How to Use DeezLoader for Android/iOS

  • Download the DeezLoader apk file and install it as mentioned in the guide above.
Deezloader Android – iOS Install #2
Photo from Deezloader


  • When you launch it you’ll see three options: “Telegram Chat”,Open DeezLoader in a Web Browser” and “Open DeezLoader Here”.
  • Click “Open DeezLoader Here” and a login screen will appear that’ll ask you to input the token code.
  • Make sure you download Firefox for Android to get the token.
  • Find UserAgent Change and install the extension it will download. Also, download the Cookie Manager extension in the Firefox web browser.
  • After downloading these extensions now click on the 3-dot menu and scroll down to look at UserAgent. Click on that and you’re asked to choose what UA you want to use and select Windows/Firefox 68.
  • Go back to and input your login credentials. After signing in, tap on the 3-dot menu and scroll down but this time open Cookie Manager.
  • You’ll see many options there so search for URL in the value section and tap search in Keyboard.
  • Here you can see the cookies information with value. Click and hold the Value section and copy all the characters.
  • Open your apk and then paste what you copied on the login bar. Click Login.

That’s how you log in to DeezLoader, where you’ll have access to 60 million+ soundtracks all downloadable for free. There are no limits to the songs you can download, so if you wish to download their whole catalog, that’s fine.


Alternatives to DeezLoader

There’s another app like DeezLoader called DeezLoader Remix. It’s like DeezLoader but has a few more tricks up its sleeve all requested by users of DeezLoader. These features include:


Infinite Scroll

In the official version, when you search for something you can only see a few results. You’ll need to go to another page for more. In the Remix version, you can use infinite scroll to browse through songs immediately.


File Path

You can now see where your file is going. You can even change it yourself. This feature was missing in the official version but is now in Remix.


Bulk Download

Bulk Downloads are now easier to use and very convenient.


All Platforms Compatible

As the official version, this version is also suitable for all the platforms. This gives you access to your favorite music on Windows, Apple, and other systems. In a recent update, missing support for Android and iOS Phones is now included.


Notifications and Pause

Other new features include notifications on your download finishing itself and pausing said download. The latter is very useful when you lose data or a strong internet connection.

How Deezloader Works: Deezer Music Download Guide

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