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Latest Update on The Cheapest Personal Cloud Storage

OpenDrive is the cheapest personal cloud storage in 2019

OpenDrive personal plans are the cheapest available personal cloud storage in the market. Their services are at par with the leading companies at a much lower price.


About OpenDrive

OpenDrive has unlimited cloud storage, backup, and cloud content management. The company was created in 2007 because of the need for more storage. Back then, storage devices were bulky and inconvenient. A small flash drive can only hold of up to 2GB.

In 2019, OpenDrive has expanded its services. Not only can data be stored in the personal cloud storage but subscribers can also sync, share, and collaborate. This year, OpenDrive has more than two million subscribers already.


Available OpenDrive Services

OpenDrive subscribers can enjoy a lot more services from OpenDrive for only $49 per year. The personal cloud storage company offers OpenDrive Drive, OpenDrive Notes, and OpenDrive Tasks.

Cheapest personal cloud storage in 2019
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OpenDrive Drive

The personal cloud storage feature of OpenDrive is available from 1TB to 5TB annually. Their subscribers can upload, edit, replace, and preview files. There is an automated and sync backup feature in the OpenDrive Drive so users won’t have to worry about unsaved files.

It is important that files from the personal cloud storage can be accessed through different devices no matter how many devices those are. Syncing across different devices is available for OpenDrive Drive too. Users can include photos, videos, and media files in the Drive files. They can also play the video and audio files in the3 OpenDrive Drive’s video and audio player.

For added security, users can encrypt the files in OneDrive Drive.


OpenDrive Notes

Taking notes is one thing but being able to access those notes across different devices at different times and places is another thing. OpenDrive Notes enables its users to access and share their notes online and offline.

OpenDrive Notes users can create folders and rename them. As well as create and rename notes inside those folders. The OpenDrive Notes has a list feature to make taking notes easier and a color change feature to color-code everything.

Organizing notes in the OpenDrive Notes is easier than most notes software because users can put their notes alongside their documents.


OpenDrive Tasks

Communicating with a team that is not in the same workplace has never been easier with OpenDrive Tasks. This new feature from OpenDrive enables its users to collaborate effectively with their team (or their family) for business (or casual family plans).

Everything is done online so everyone has access to the files, projects, tasks, comments, and sub-comments. Users are not only able to set priorities and tag tasks but also see everybody’s progress. This personal cloud storage function makes the collaboration easier by eliminating the individual updating that each team member has to go through which can be a hassle.


Cheapest Personal Cloud Storage In 2019

The usual personal cloud storage services today are priced at more than $200 annually. OpenDrive is only priced at $49 for 1TB with 25GB daily bandwidth for 1 year, $99 for 1TB with 25GB daily bandwidth for 2 years, $198 for 5TB with 500GB daily bandwidth for 1 year, and $379 for 5TB with 500GB daily bandwidth for 2 years.

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Latest Update on The Cheapest Personal Cloud Storage

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