YouTube To Enhance Creator Music Feature With AI Tools And Dubbing Tool


YouTube is expanding its Creator Music feature, which allows creators to find and use music in their videos, with new AI tools and the introduction of an AI-dubbing tool. These additions aim to make it easier for creators to find the right music and add dubbing to their videos.

Key Takeaway

YouTube is expanding its Creator Music feature with new AI tools, allowing creators to find music more easily. The AI-dubbing tool, Aloud, enables creators to add AI-generated dubs in other languages to their videos. These enhancements aim to provide creators with more creative options and streamline the content creation process.

Enhanced Music Search with AI

Starting early next year, YouTube will launch a new feature that leverages AI to help creators find the perfect music for their videos. Instead of manually searching for songs, creators will be able to simply type in a description of what they are looking for. Using this information, the AI-powered Creator Music tool will suggest the most suitable track at the right price. Creators can also search for tracks based on their budget, allowing them to find music that fits their project’s requirements.

AI-Dubbing Tool: Aloud

In addition to the enhanced music search feature, YouTube will introduce an AI-dubbing tool called Aloud. Integrated directly into YouTube Studio, Aloud allows creators to add AI-generated dubs in other languages to their videos with just one click. The creator can then review the dub before adding it to their video. This tool is currently being tested with select creators and will be made available to a wider audience next year.

Other AI Features

YouTube also announced the development of other AI-powered tools at its live event “Made on YouTube.” This includes a generative AI feature for Shorts, YouTube’s short-form video platform. The generative AI feature will assist creators in generating content for Shorts. Additionally, YouTube is launching a new creator app, providing creators with more tools and resources to enhance their content creation process.

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