Wyvern Teams Up With Loft Orbital To Enhance Dragonette Satellite Constellation


Hyperspectral imagery startup Wyvern has announced that it has secured a partnership with Loft Orbital to launch its Dragonette satellite constellation. This move is expected to significantly enhance the capacity of Wyvern’s satellite network.

Key Takeaway

Hyperspectral imagery startup Wyvern has partnered with Loft Orbital to launch its Dragonette satellite constellation. By leveraging Loft’s satellite platform and operations software, Wyvern aims to focus on delivering high-quality data while maximizing efficiency and capital resources.

Wyvern’s Approach to Building a Satellite Constellation

Unlike many other Earth observation startups, Wyvern has chosen to not build its own satellites. Instead, the company has opted for a partnership model, leveraging the expertise and capabilities of industry partners. CEO Christopher Robson explained that this approach is more capital efficient and allows the company to focus on delivering high-quality, high-resolution hyperspectral data.

Collaboration with Loft Orbital

As part of the partnership agreement, Wyvern will launch its satellites using Loft Orbital’s satellite platform. The platform includes the Longbow bus, developed by Airbus OneWeb Satellites, and a payload interface called the Hub. The Hub serves as the “brain” of the spacecraft, controlling payloads and managing dataflow and resources between the onboard payloads and the satellite bus.

Wyvern will also have access to Loft’s satellite operations software, Cockpit, throughout the duration of the mission. Cockpit enables efficient management and operation of the satellite.

Loft Orbital’s Space Infrastructure as a Service

Loft Orbital, a “space infrastructure as a service” company, follows a unique model of bulk-buying satellite buses to provide a standardized platform for various payloads. The company recently purchased 15 additional satellite buses from Airbus OneWeb, responding to the growing demand.

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