WhatsApp And Messenger To Become Interoperable Via Signal Protocol To Comply With DMA


Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp and Messenger, has announced its plans to make its messaging apps interoperable with third-party messaging services to comply with the new EU law, the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The company has revealed that it will require third-party developers to use the Signal protocol for encryption, ensuring the security of user conversations.

Key Takeaway

Meta, in compliance with the Digital Markets Act, will make WhatsApp and Messenger interoperable with third-party messaging services, requiring the use of the Signal protocol for encryption to ensure the security of user conversations.

Details of the Interoperability

Meta has outlined the requirements for third-party messaging services to connect with WhatsApp and Messenger. These services will need to use the Signal protocol for encryption, unless they can demonstrate that an alternative protocol offers the same level of security. Meta emphasizes the benefits of Signal, which is considered the “gold standard” for end-to-end encryption (E2EE) chats.

The technical details of the encryption process involve the construction of message structures using Protocol Buffers, which are then encrypted using Signal and packaged into message stanzas using XML. Meta’s servers will push these encrypted messages to connected clients through a persistent connection.

Security Concerns

While Meta assures users that their conversations will remain secure, it also acknowledges the potential security risks associated with third-party messaging interoperability. The company highlights the importance of protecting users from spam and scams, indicating that third-party providers will need to agree to additional protections to ensure user safety.

Agreement and Compliance

Meta states that third-party providers will be required to sign an agreement with WhatsApp or Meta before enabling interoperability. The company has published WhatsApp’s Reference Offer for third-party providers and plans to release the Reference Offer for Messenger soon.

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