Walmart Returns To Roblox With New Virtual Experience For Gamers


Walmart is making a comeback on the popular gaming platform, Roblox, with a brand-new virtual experience called “Walmart Discovered.” This time, instead of browsing or shopping for physical items, gamers will have the opportunity to explore a virtual world where they can discover and personalize their characters with unique virtual items and accessories.

Key Takeaway

Walmart returns to Roblox with a new virtual experience, Walmart Discovered, where gamers can explore and personalize their characters with virtual items and accessories. The retailer addresses previous controversy and emphasizes its commitment to innovation and providing engaging experiences for Roblox users. “Walmart Discovered” enables users to vote on the best games and virtual items, showcasing the creativity of Roblox community creators. Enhanced customization options and user feedback drive the design of this new virtual world, ensuring an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience across various devices.

Previous Controversy

Walmart had previously launched two Walmart-branded virtual worlds on Roblox, known as “Walmart Land” and “Universe of Play.” However, these games faced criticism from consumer advocacy groups who raised concerns about potential stealth marketing practices targeting children.

Walmart clarifies that the decision to retire these two games was not due to non-compliance with children’s online privacy laws or advertising guidelines. Instead, the retirement was part of the company’s commitment to continuous innovation and creating new experiences for Roblox users.

Introducing Walmart Discovered

The newly launched “Walmart Discovered” experience focuses on engaging users by allowing them to participate in a nomination system where they can vote on the best games, indie experiences, and virtual items within the Roblox platform.

Over 300 Roblox community creators will be featured, showcasing their designs ranging from virtual fashion items to immersive gaming experiences. Throughout the four-month voting period, developers and creators will monetize their virtual items through sales using Roblox’s virtual currency, Robux.

The virtual world of “Walmart Discovered” is organized into different “departments,” including sports, pets, racing, beauty, town & city, entertainment, and trending. Gamers will have the opportunity to shop for virtual items for their avatars and enjoy gamified experiences inspired by popular racing games on Roblox.

Enhanced Customization and User Feedback

Walmart took user feedback into consideration when designing the “Walmart Discovered” experience. The company learned that gamers were seeking easier ways to discover virtual items and Roblox experiences. As a result, features like “My Department” and “My Cart” were introduced to enhance customization options.

“My Department” allows users to save virtual items they’ve discovered for future purchases, while the cart mirrors Walmart’s own shopping carts and unlocks after gamers nominate and discover more virtual items.


Walmart Discovered is available across various devices, including PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon devices, Xbox consoles, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. This wide range of compatibility ensures that gamers can access and enjoy the virtual world of Walmart Discovered regardless of their preferred platform.

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