VSCO Appoints Former Figma COO Eric Wittman As New CEO


Popular photo editing app VSCO has made a significant leadership change with the appointment of Eric Wittman as its new CEO. Wittman, formerly the COO at Figma and with experience at JLL Technologies, will take over from co-founder Joel Flory, who will now assume the role of Executive Chairman of the Board and Founder. The appointment of Wittman is part of a plan that was set in motion five years ago, with the intention of bringing in a President who would eventually assume the CEO position.

Key Takeaway

VSCO, the popular photo editing app, has appointed former Figma COO Eric Wittman as its new CEO. The change in leadership aligns with VSCO’s strategic direction and its vision for the future. With Wittman’s extensive experience in the industry, VSCO aims to continue empowering creators worldwide and adapting to the changing needs of its community.

A Vision for the Future

Wittman’s extensive experience, which includes roles at companies like JLL Technologies, Figma, and Adobe, makes him well-suited to lead VSCO. He joined the company in 2021 and has spent over two years working closely with a community of over 200 million creators. In a statement, Wittman expressed his excitement for the role, stating, “I am honored to join VSCO and build on its legacy of empowering creators. Together with the incredible team at VSCO, we will continue to innovate, inspire, and connect creators across the globe.”

VSCO’s change in leadership reflects its commitment to adapt to the evolving needs and expectations of today’s creators. The company has recently introduced new features, such as collaborative photo galleries called Spaces and tools for sharing text-based posts and messages, to create a more engaging and social platform for photographers. VSCO has also been addressing the needs of video creators with tools like Montage, for layering images and stitching photos and videos together, as well as new filters designed specifically for video editing.

A Promising Future

The appointment of Wittman as CEO received the full support of both co-founders, Flory and Lutze, who believe that the transition comes at an opportune time for VSCO. Flory stated, “We believe there has never been a better time for this transition. Eric’s leadership will undoubtedly drive VSCO to new heights, fulfilling our mission to empower creators worldwide.” Lutze also expressed confidence in VSCO’s future under Wittman’s leadership, stating, “With Eric at the helm, we are confident in VSCO’s future and its positive impact on the creative world.”

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