Volteras: Revolutionizing Electric Vehicle Connectivity And Control


London-based startup Volteras is making waves in the electric vehicle (EV) industry by aiming to bring Tesla-level control to every vehicle and charger. In a world where EVs, chargers, home batteries, energy retailers, and mapping apps operate in silos, Volteras seeks to be the connective tissue that brings them all together.

Key Takeaway

Volteras is a London-based startup that seeks to revolutionize the EV industry by providing a platform that connects EVs, chargers, energy retailers, and other stakeholders. Through its API, Volteras offers insights and enables functions like load balancing for energy retailers.

Connecting the EV Ecosystem

Volteras has quietly been working on its mission for the past three years, during which it has raised around $2.9 million in funding. The startup has also established partnerships with major players in the automotive and renewable energy sectors, including Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, and Enphase, a leading solar energy company.

According to Volteras founder and CEO Peter Wilson, one of the major challenges in the industry is the difficulty in accessing and integrating data from EVs and their surrounding ecosystem. Some businesses have access to EV data but lack access to chargers and energy storage, while others have access to charging data but lack access to EV data.

Volteras aims to solve this problem by acting as a central hub for EV data, similar to Plaid’s role in the banking industry. The startup charges original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and energy retailers for API access, but it assures its partners that it will not sell their data to third parties.

Pioneering a Privacy-Focused Approach

Unlike previous companies that bought and sold data from cars, Volteras adopts a privacy-focused platform approach. This ensures the protection of sensitive data collected by modern cars, which are equipped with cameras and sensors that track drivers’ behaviors and location. With regulators, such as California’s Privacy Protection Agency, increasingly scrutinizing automakers’ data handling practices, Volteras’ approach aligns with the growing demand for privacy and data protection.

Beyond Insights: The Power of Volteras’ API

Volteras doesn’t just provide insights into EV data; it aims to empower energy retailers with tools like load balancing. With customers’ consent, energy retailers can optimize charging schedules and manage EV charging in a way that promotes efficient energy usage.

Tesla, the leading player in the EV market, has been working on a similar ecosystem that integrates cars, powerwalls, and solar arrays through one app. However, Tesla’s offerings are currently limited to specific regions, such as Texas. Volteras’ ambition is to provide widespread connectivity and control that transcends geographical boundaries.

Vying for Success in the EV Market

Volteras, not to be confused with charging firm Voltera, completed a $2.9 million seed funding round nearly a year ago. The startup attracted investments from prominent companies and individuals, including Exor (a major stakeholder in Ferrari and Stellantis), early-stage VC Long Journey Ventures, and Scott Bannister, a recipient of the prestigious Crunchie award.

With its innovative approach and strong industry partnerships, Volteras aims to establish itself as a leading player in the EV data space. As the industry continues to evolve and regulations around data privacy tighten, Volteras’ commitment to secure and interconnected electric mobility stands out.

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