US Imposes Sanctions On Founder Of Spyware Maker Intellexa For Targeting Americans


The U.S. government has taken a significant step in its efforts to combat the misuse of commercial spyware by imposing sanctions on the founder of Intellexa, a notorious spyware company, and one of his business partners. This marks the first time that the U.S. government has targeted specific individuals, in addition to companies, with sanctions related to the misuse of commercial spyware.

Key Takeaway

The U.S. government has imposed sanctions on the founder of Intellexa and a business partner, marking an escalation in efforts to combat the misuse of commercial spyware.

Escalation of Efforts

The sanctions signify an escalation of the White House and U.S. government’s efforts to curb the spyware industry. According to Brian E. Nelson, U.S Treasury’s under secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, the actions represent a tangible step forward in discouraging the misuse of commercial surveillance tools, which increasingly present a security risk to the United States and its citizens.

Individuals Targeted

The U.S. Treasury imposed sanctions on Tal Dilian, the founder of Intellexa, and Sara Aleksandra Fayssal Hamou, who is associated with the company. The government alleges that Dilian, Hamou, and their companies had a role in developing spyware that was used to target Americans, including U.S. government officials, journalists, and policy experts.

Impact of Sanctions

Sanctions are an important tool in the U.S. government’s efforts against cyber criminals and spyware makers. By imposing sanctions against Dilian and his associates, the U.S. government aims to make it far more difficult for the individuals to profit from commercial surveillance. The sanctions mean U.S. companies and persons are prohibited from dealing with Intellexa, Cytrox, as well as Dilian and Hamou, which includes financial transactions, and also material or technological support.

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