TikTok Introduces Sub Space For LIVE Creators To Interact With Subscribers


TikTok has announced the testing of a new feature called “Sub Space,” which is designed to provide a dedicated space for LIVE creators to engage with their subscribers. This feature aims to enhance community engagement and offer additional benefits to subscribers.

Key Takeaway

TikTok is testing a new feature called Sub Space, providing LIVE creators with a dedicated space to interact with their subscribers through conversation threads and polls, offering exclusive benefits to paying subscribers.

Exclusive Interaction

The Sub Space feature allows creators to initiate conversation threads and create polls to interact with their subscribers. While creators already have the ability to engage with viewers through live chat during streams, Sub Space offers a more direct and exclusive form of interaction with paying subscribers.

Enhanced Engagement

Creators can utilize Sub Space to start various conversation threads, such as introductions, Q&A sessions, and gathering first impressions from their subscribers. Additionally, they can share updates and snippets from their lives, similar to Instagram’s Broadcast Channels. The feature also enables creators to keep subscribers informed about their upcoming live streams through dedicated threads.

Subscriber-Only Perks

Sub Space aligns with TikTok’s efforts to provide exclusive benefits to subscribers, including subscriber-only videos and streams. By offering direct interaction and exclusive content, creators have the opportunity to attract more subscribers and foster a stronger community.

Expanding LIVE Offerings

TikTok’s introduction of Sub Space comes as the platform continues to expand its LIVE offerings, particularly in the gaming creator space. The company has been piloting programs to attract gaming creators, aiming to compete with platforms like Twitch. This includes granting access to LIVE Studio, the desktop streaming software, to gaming creators with fewer than 1,000 followers, in an effort to broaden its appeal to the gaming community.

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