The League Introduces “GoalMate” Feature To Enhance Goal-Oriented Matches


The League, the exclusive dating app catering to ambitious individuals, has launched a new feature called “GoalMate” to help users find partners who share similar goals and motivations. This marks the first feature launch since The League was acquired by Match Group in the previous year.

Key Takeaway

The League’s “GoalMate” feature enhances the dating experience by emphasizing the compatibility of goals and aspirations. By allowing users to showcase their objectives on their profile, the app aims to create more meaningful connections and increase the chances of successful long-term relationships.

Setting the Stage for More Meaningful Connections

In the world of online dating, it’s not enough to simply bond over common interests like hobbies or movies. The League recognizes the importance of finding a partner who is equally driven and goal-oriented. To address this need, the dating app now allows users to share their goals on their profile and match with like-minded individuals.

The League understands that mutual aspirations and ambitions are key to the success of a long-term relationship. According to a recent survey commissioned by the app, 98% of singles find it attractive when someone is passionate about their goals. The data also revealed that many relationships faltered due to a misalignment in ambition levels between partners.

Introducing “GoalMate” and its Features

The “GoalMate” feature offers users a selection of up to 10 goals to display on their profiles. With over 100 options to choose from, ranging from aspirational goals like “Climb Kilimanjaro” and “Write the next great American Novel” to more achievable ones like “Keep a plant alive” and “Turn my hobby into a side hustle,” users have the opportunity to highlight their ambitions.

Although initially limited to pre-determined goals, The League aims to expand the feature in the future, allowing users to input their own personalized goals. By sharing their objectives, members can attract matches who share similar aspirations and increase the likelihood of a compatible match.

The League’s algorithm prioritizes matches based on shared ambitions. Users with similar goals will be pushed to the top of the compatibility list, facilitating connections that align with each individual’s desired growth and development. Additionally, users can join goal-based groups or chat with others worldwide who share the same aspirations featured on their profiles.

About The League

The League was launched in 2015 as an exclusive dating app catering to individuals with high standards. Its selective approach requires users to go through an application process and wait to be accepted. Currently, there are over a million people on the app’s waitlist. The recent acquisition by Match Group has further strengthened The League’s position in the online dating market.

New members who specify their goals during the sign-up process will receive priority placement on the waitlist, providing them with an enhanced opportunity to find compatible matches.

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