Tanbii’s $1.5M Pre-Seed Deck: A Closer Look At The Carbon Reduction Startup


Last year, we had the opportunity to dissect a pitch deck from Mi Terro, led by founder Robert Luo. Now, Luo is back with another venture, Tanbii, which has successfully raised $1.5 million from a Hong Kong family office. While it’s uncommon for a founder to secure funding for a second startup in such a short span of time, we’re intrigued to see how Luo has addressed any concerns in the Tanbii pitch deck.

But first, let’s revisit Mi Terro. According to Luo, the company is thriving and has gained significant traction. He plans to raise another round later this year, indicating the positive trajectory of the company.

Key Takeaway

Tanbii, founded by Robert Luo, has raised $1.5 million in pre-seed funding for its carbon reduction-focused startup. While Mi Terro continues to grow, Luo ventures into a new industry with Tanbii, addressing the issue of consumer carbon emissions.

The Teardown: Assessing Tanbii’s Pitch Deck

Tanbii’s pitch deck comprises several key slides, each serving a specific purpose in conveying the company’s value proposition and vision. Let’s explore some noteworthy aspects of the deck:

1. Staying True to the Industry

One commendable aspect of Tanbii’s pitch deck is how Luo maintains his focus on the topic of carbon reduction, aligning with his previous venture. This continuity allows for a smooth transition and lends credibility to the narrative that he identified an opportunity for another impactful company while building Mi Terro.

2. Addressing the Problem Boldly

Tanbii’s deck starts off with a clear problem statement, addressing consumer carbon emissions. The company assumes that individuals are concerned about their personal CO2 emissions, and this assumption seems rational. Surveys and research studies, such as one conducted by Yale, indicate that 65% of people believe citizens should do more to combat global warming. However, only 35% of respondents discuss the issue occasionally. This gap between awareness and action presents a compelling problem space for Tanbii to capitalize on.

3. A Stellar Advisory Board

On the final slide of Tanbii’s pitch deck, the company highlights an impressive advisory board comprising individuals relevant to its mission and vision. While the credibility of advisory boards is often questioned, in this case, the board members appear genuinely connected to the company’s goals. It would be prudent for potential investors to conduct reference checks, ensuring that the advisory board is actively involved and well-informed about Tanbii’s operations.

4. Recognizing the Competition

In contrast to Mi Terro’s previous deck, Tanbii’s pitch includes a dedicated slide on competitors. This is a positive development. Given the abundance of carbon management platforms, it is essential to acknowledge the competition and provide a comparative analysis. Tanbii’s competition slide offers a clear and easy-to-understand comparison chart, enabling investors to gain insight into the market landscape.

Throughout this teardown, we have highlighted several aspects where Tanbii exceeded expectations or addressed previous concerns. Now, it is time to explore the full pitch deck and further delve into areas where the company could have improved or approached differently. Check out the slides below:

  • Cover slide
  • Problem slide
  • Solution slide
  • Product slide “Web 5.0 Metaverse”
  • Value proposition slide
  • How it works slide
  • How Tanbii connects virtual and reality slide
  • Product features slide
  • Target audience slide
  • Future vision slide (“Personal Carbon Credits”)
  • Market size (TAM/SAM/SOM)
  • Partnerships slide
  • Competitive landscape slide
  • Go to market slide (“University Ambassador Program”)
  • Roadmap and Business Model slide
  • Team slide
  • Advisory board
  • Contact and Closing slide

While Tanbii’s pitch deck showcases various strong elements, there are still areas that could have been improved. Stay with us as we dive into the details and analyze the complete pitch deck.

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