Suit Up: German Bionic Targets Healthcare Workers With Innovative Exosuit


German Bionic, a leading player in the exosuit industry, is taking a step forward in revolutionizing the healthcare sector with their latest exosuit, Apogee+. While exosuits have traditionally been used to assist individuals with mobility issues or in manual labor jobs, German Bionic is delving into a middle ground by specifically targeting healthcare workers.

Jobs in the healthcare industry, such as nursing, demand long hours of standing, walking, and bending over, placing significant strain on the human body. The challenges faced by healthcare workers were further amplified during the peak of the pandemic due to increasing hospitalization rates and severe understaffing.

The innovative Apogee+ exosuit aims to alleviate the physical strain experienced by healthcare workers, assisting them in walking and lifting payloads of up to 66 pounds. Designed to withstand water and dust, these exosuits are not only easy to clean and disinfect but also cater to the demanding environment of healthcare facilities.

According to the company’s Chief Product Officer, “State-of-the-art equipment significantly contributes to making nursing and care professions more appealing, aiding hospitals and care facilities in their pursuit of attracting and retaining a qualified and motivated workforce.”

The German Bionic team will be unveiling their cutting-edge exosuit at an upcoming medical conference in Germany. While the mockups suggest a promising design, pricing remains a key consideration for healthcare facilities. The company offers flexible procurement models, allowing for either leases or outright purchases, making the technology accessible to a wider range of healthcare providers.

Key Takeaway

German Bionic introduces Apogee+, an exosuit tailored for healthcare workers. With the ability to assist in walking and lifting heavy payloads, this innovative technology aims to alleviate physical strain and attract a qualified and motivated workforce in the healthcare sector.

As we look to the future, it is evident that there is a growing trend towards the adoption of assistive wearables like exosuits. However, while German Bionic describes the Apogee+ exosuit as “small, lightweight, and slim,” the acceptance of this technology in its current form may take time. The unique handle design in the mockups seems promising, providing healthcare workers with an appropriate grip while distributing weight strain effectively.

By introducing exosuits tailored for healthcare professionals, German Bionic is making a significant stride towards improving the well-being and job satisfaction of healthcare workers. With ergonomic support and functional enhancements, these exosuits have the potential to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered, bringing about a new era of efficiency and comfort.

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