Substack Introduces New Peer-to-Peer Recommendation System For Writers


Substack, the popular platform for newsletter writers, has announced a significant update to its recommendation system. The company is now allowing writers to curate and share a list of publications for their readers to subscribe to, marking a shift towards a peer-to-peer recommendation model.

Key Takeaway

Substack’s new peer-to-peer recommendation system empowers writers to curate and share a network of recommended publications for their subscribers, fostering growth and enhancing the user experience.

Empowering Writers and Fostering Growth

In a blog post, Substack highlighted that this change aims to move away from centralized discovery and control, commonly seen in social media platforms. By enabling writers to recommend a network of other writers to their subscribers, Substack is fostering a peer-to-peer recommendation system that can help writers expand their audiences.

With this update, when a reader subscribes to a publication on Substack, they will now have the option to opt in to a package of recommended writers and publications curated by the author they follow. This allows for a more personalized and diverse reading experience.

Enhanced User Experience

Previously, the platform only displayed a maximum of three recommended publications, but now, readers will have access to a comprehensive list of as many publications and profiles as the writer wishes to recommend. Readers can then select or unselect the individuals or publications they are interested in, shaping their feed accordingly.

Impact on Growth and Engagement

Substack emphasized that this update will not only help writers extend their reach and build goodwill with other writers, but also assist readers in curating a well-rounded worldview. The platform will provide writers with insights into the subscriptions and follows driven for people in their network, highlighting the impact of their recommendations.

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