Substack Introduces AI-Powered Transcription Tools For Podcasters


Substack, the popular platform for independent writers, is making podcasting even more accessible with its new AI-powered tools. The company announced on Wednesday that users can now easily generate transcripts and audiograms for their podcast episodes.

Generating Transcripts Made Easy

With Substack’s new AI tool, users can now create a transcript of their podcast episode or narration in just about a minute. Once the transcript is generated, users have the flexibility to edit it according to their preferences. The edited transcript can then be published in its own dedicated tab on the episode post page.

Showcasing Podcast Episodes with Audiograms

In addition to transcripts, Substack’s new tools allow users to generate engaging audiograms. Audiograms are essentially short videos that combine text with audio, creating an interactive and visually appealing way to share podcast episodes on social media. Users can select a passage from their transcript and use it to create an eye-catching audiogram.

Key Takeaway

Substack’s AI-powered transcription tools make it easier for podcasters to create high-quality transcripts and share their episodes through engaging audiograms.

In a blog post, Substack emphasized that the introduction of AI tools should be seen as a way to enhance the work done by writers and creators, providing them with “super-powers.” The company believes that while AI is not meant to replace human creativity, it can greatly assist in content creation.

To access the new transcription and audiogram tools, Substack users simply need to navigate to their dashboard and create an episode post. After uploading the audio, they can click the “Generate Transcript” button and wait for the tool to create the transcript. Once published, there is an option to toggle the transcript’s visibility alongside the episode.

Substack acknowledges that these tools are still in their early stages and will continue to evolve and improve. Despite any initial imperfections, the company encourages users to have fun with the tools while they develop further.

With its new AI-powered transcription and audiogram features, Substack is positioning itself as a comprehensive platform that caters to the various needs of independent writers and podcasters. By offering tools that streamline the content creation process, Substack is empowering creators to share their work more effectively with their audience.

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