Powder AI Clipping Tool Introduces Shouting Detection Feature


Powder, an AI-powered clipping software that turns gaming stream highlights into short-form videos, is introducing a new feature that can detect when creators yell during their streams. This update will enable gamers to create even more engaging montages. Additionally, Powder is working on speech-to-text software that will provide creators with a transcript of their entire stream and allow them to search for specific keywords.

Key Takeaway

Powder, an AI clipping tool for gaming, is introducing new features that can detect shouting during streams and provide creators with transcripts of their entire stream. These enhancements aim to enhance the emotional aspect of gaming content creation and save streamers valuable time searching for highlights.

AI Models Tailored to Gaming

Powder has developed over 40 proprietary game-specific AI models, including audio analysis and laughter detection. It has also created standalone models for popular titles such as Fortnite, Valorant, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Rocket League, Fall Guys, Elden Ring, and Among Us. The company is now launching a model for Counter-Strike 2.

With these models, Powder’s AI scans stream recordings from platforms like Twitch, YouTube, or MP4 files, and identifies spikes in activity, such as victories, assists, kills, and other significant in-game moments. It then uses these highlights to create short montages that creators can easily upload to social media platforms.

Recognizing Shouting and Enhancing Emotion

Similar to Powder’s existing laughter recognition capability, the platform will soon introduce an AI tool that can recognize fluctuations in voice. This allows creators to generate clips of moments when they shout during intense ranked matches. Powder expects to launch this feature in mid-December.

Powder Co-founder and CEO Barthélémy Kiss emphasized the importance of capturing the emotional aspect of gaming content creation, stating, “The combination of skill-based moments and deeply emotional moments is what makes gaming content creation so unique and special.”

Speech-to-Text Technology and Stream Highlights

In addition to the voice recognition feature, Powder is also introducing speech-to-text technology. This will provide creators with a transcript of their entire stream, making it easier to search for specific words and find the best highlights. The software is tailored with gaming lingo to ensure more accurate and precise results. Creators can enter mood prompts such as “Find me five funny clips where my fans go crazy.”

Powder’s CEO Kiss believes that being able to search and contextualize clips in long videos, such as Twitch streams, with AI is a valuable tool for content creators and their support teams, including video editors, agents, and managers.

Enhanced Community Hype Feature

Powder is also updating its “Community Hype” feature, which detects chat spikes. The upcoming update will recommend clips where the community “goes crazy,” providing another perspective on what makes a highlight moment in a stream. This enables Powder AI to recommend moments that the community deems memorable and worth sharing.

Time-Saving Solution for Streamers

According to a survey conducted by Powder, streamers spend an average of 53 hours per month, or 630 hours per year, searching for highlights and editing clips. Powder claims that its AI-powered software can save streamers up to 10 hours per week, equating to 520 hours per year.

This France-based startup, founded in 2018, has raised $22 million in funding to date.

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