Spotify’s New Showcase Tool Empowers Artists To Promote Music In The Home Feed


Spotify has rolled out a new tool called Showcase, which allows artists to promote their music directly in the streaming app’s revamped Home feed. The Home feed, introduced earlier this year, is the most prominent position to advertise on Spotify’s platform and is visited by numerous users on a daily basis.

Key Takeaway

Showcase is Spotify’s newest tool that allows artists to promote their music directly in the Home feed. With a customizable mobile card, artists can reach a broad audience and increase their chances of attracting more streams. This move is part of Spotify’s ongoing commitment to empower artists by providing them with additional growth and visibility opportunities.

Artists Gain Visibility Through Customizable Mobile Cards

Using Showcase, artists can create mobile cards to highlight their music, including new releases and catalog collections. These cards appear as sponsored recommendations on listeners’ Home Screens. Artists can tailor their cards with custom headlines, such as “new music,” “recently released,” “release anniversary,” or “getting buzz.” This allows users to understand why the music is being promoted. The banner featuring the mobile card will be displayed at the top of Spotify’s Home.

Improved Streaming Opportunities

Spotify claims that users who encounter a Showcase promotion are six times more likely to stream the featured release. Thus, the new tool provides artists with improved opportunities to connect with listeners and gain more engagement with their music.

Part of a Broader Brand Expansion

Spotify first announced Showcase during its Stream On event earlier this year in Los Angeles. The tool is part of the company’s efforts to provide artists with growth and discovery options. Other features announced at the same event include “Marquee,” which offers full-screen recommendations, and “Discovery Mode,” empowering artists and their teams to prioritize specific songs on the streaming service.

Eligibility and Availability

Showcase is currently available to artists and their teams with U.S.-based billing who have achieved at least 1,000 monthly streams in the last 28 days in at least one target market. The feature will gradually become accessible to all U.S. artists through the Spotify for Artists dashboard over the next few weeks.

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