Spotify Developing AI-Generated Playlists Created With Prompts


Spotify, the popular music streaming platform, is reportedly in the early stages of developing AI-powered playlists that users can create using prompts. The discovery was made by tech investor Chris Messina, who stumbled upon references to “AI playlists” and “playlists based on your prompts” in the code of the Spotify app. While Spotify has not confirmed its plans, the speculation suggests that these AI-generated playlists may be a part of the Blend genre, where user preferences are mixed to create a playlist with universally liked songs.

Key Takeaway

Spotify is reportedly developing AI-generated playlists that can be created using prompts. These playlists may become a part of the Blend genre, where user tastes are blended to create universally enjoyable playlists.

The concept of AI playlists is not entirely new for Spotify. The company had previously introduced a feature called Niche mixes, allowing users to create unique playlists based on descriptions. However, Spotify clarified that these mixes were not AI-powered but rather driven by the company’s personalization technology and algorithms.

While the new AI playlists have not been found in the public app, the code references discovered by Messina suggest that users may be able to invite others to collaborate in creating these playlists. It is worth noting, however, that not all features under development by companies make it to the public release. Nevertheless, the discovery highlights Spotify’s exploration of AI technologies to enhance music personalization.

Earlier this year, Spotify’s head of Personalization, Ziad Sultan, stated that the company’s AI developments go beyond the AI DJ feature. Spotify has an extensive team of researchers and engineers working on personalization and machine learning techniques, exploring possibilities across large language models, generative voice, and personalization. While rumors of a ChatGPT-like chatbot for music requests have also circulated, nothing has been confirmed regarding a public release.

Spotify continues to invest in innovation and aims to improve user experience through its constant iteration and ideation processes. As the development of AI-generated playlists progresses, it remains to be seen how this feature may reshape the way users interact with music on the platform.

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