Spill Celebrates One Year With Open Beta Release On IOS And Android


Spill, a platform founded by ex-Twitter employees, is marking its first year on the market by making its beta version available to all users on iOS and Android. This move comes as the platform aims to foster a more inclusive and diverse community compared to other social media platforms.

Key Takeaway

Spill, a social platform focused on diversity and inclusivity, celebrates its first year by opening its beta to all users on iOS and Android, offering a unique blend of microblogging and multimedia features.

Building a Diverse Ecosystem

Spill’s founders, who met at Twitter and noticed the lack of diversity during their time there, are dedicated to creating a platform that prioritizes inclusivity from the start. Kenya Parham, Spill’s VP of community and partnerships, emphasized the platform’s focus on empowering marginalized groups, such as Black and brown individuals, as well as the LGBTQ+ community.

Features and Growth

Described as a blend of Twitter and Tumblr, Spill offers a microblogging experience with a multimedia emphasis. The recent introduction of the “Tea Party” feature enables users to engage in live audio or video conversations, with actress Kerry Washington hosting the inaugural Tea Party to discuss her new memoir.

Since its launch, Spill has garnered approximately 200,000 users and secured $5 million in pre-seed funding, including a $2 million extension led by Collide Capital. While the platform may not be experiencing rapid growth compared to other Twitter alternatives, CEO Alphonzo Terrell remains confident in its unique value proposition.

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