Spill Celebrates One Year With $2.7M Seed Extension


Alphonzo Terrell, the former Twitter employee who was laid off three months ago, is toasting to the one-year anniversary of his departure from the social media giant. However, he is not mourning his loss, but rather celebrating the success of his own social media app, Spill. And there’s plenty to celebrate, as Spill recently raised $2.75 million in a seed extension round led by Collide Capital, bringing their total funding to $5 million.

Key Takeaway

Spill, a social media app focused on creating a safer space for marginalized communities, celebrates its one-year anniversary and secures a $2.7 million seed extension. The app’s emphasis on quality and community-building has allowed it to stand out in a crowded market of Twitter alternatives.

A Safer Place for Marginalized Communities

Spill, a competitor to X, prides itself on being a safer space for Black Americans and the LGBTQ+ community. With around 200,000 users, the app has gained popularity and attention within these communities. Spill aims to provide a platform where individuals can freely express themselves without fear of harassment or discrimination.

A Rapid Rise to Success

Spill’s journey began at AfroTech, where Terrell, just days after being laid off, started working on his business idea. In less than a year, Spill went from a beta mode with an invite-only launch to a viral sensation with a rapidly growing user base. Within three weeks of launching, the app gained traction and support, requiring the recent funding extension to scale up effectively.

Quality Over Quantity

While many new apps have emerged in an attempt to replace Twitter, Spill has shown that quality and community-building are just as important as rapid growth. The app’s focus on creating a strong core community has resonated with its users, surpassing some of its competitors in terms of engagement and user satisfaction.

Tea Parties and Cultural Icons

One of Spill’s newest features, Tea Party, which allows users to host live video sessions similar to Instagram Live, has already gained attention from celebrities like Kerry Washington. Other cultural icons, including Questlove, Ava DuVernay, and Janelle Monáe, have also joined the platform. Spill has garnered partnerships with major entertainment companies such as Netflix, Lionsgate, and VH1.

Looking Ahead

Spill’s success has positioned it as a bright spot in the post-Twitter era. The app’s community is organizing in-person meetups and creating a vibrant and inclusive space for like-minded individuals. With plans to exit beta and open to the public next year, Spill is also committed to supporting Black creators in the creator economy by compensating them for their cultural contributions.

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