Sling TV Launches Free Arcade Games For Live TV Viewers


DISH-owned streaming service Sling TV has introduced a new gaming platform called “Arcade,” offering classic arcade games such as Tetris, Wheel of Fortune, Sweet Sugar, Solitaire Clash, Poker Online, and Doodle Jump, among others. The best part? The gaming experience is free for Sling TV and Sling Freestream customers, allowing them to play games while watching live TV content, providing entertainment during commercial breaks.

Key Takeaway

Sling TV has launched a free gaming platform called “Arcade,” offering classic arcade games for its customers to play while watching live TV content, providing a unique and interactive entertainment experience.

Free Gaming Experience

Customers can now enjoy a diverse selection of ten games at launch, with the promise of new titles being added regularly. The current gaming library is made possible through Sling’s partnership with Play.Works, a connected-TV games provider with a wide distribution network across major TV companies like Comcast, Cox, Samsung, Vizio, and more. This move sets Sling TV apart from competitors like Netflix and YouTube, as their gaming offerings are exclusively for paid subscribers.

Expanding Entertainment Options

Sling TV’s Group President of DISH Video Services, Gary Schanman, emphasized the platform’s evolution beyond traditional TV, stating, “Sling is now more than just TV. We want people to enjoy their entertainment just as much as we do. The new Arcade offering combines some great classic games with our great TV programming. No other streaming platform gives you access to more entertainment options for free.”

Competitive Edge

With the recent struggles in retaining subscribers, Sling’s introduction of Arcade could be a game-changer, offering a unique and interactive entertainment experience for users. The platform’s parent company, DISH, reported a loss of 65,000 Sling TV subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2023, bringing the total to 2.06 million. However, the addition of Arcade could potentially set the streamer apart from its competitors.

Device Availability

Currently, Arcade is only available on Amazon Fire TV and Android TV, but Sling is working on adding support for more devices in the near future.

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