Skip The IPhones: Buying Apple Shares Instead Could Have Made You $147,000 Richer


Apple has always been the talk of the town when it comes to its latest iPhone releases. Each year, tech enthusiasts eagerly await the launch of these sleek devices, lining up outside Apple stores and online retailers to get their hands on the newest model. But what if you had taken a different approach? What if, instead of splurging on the latest iPhone, you had invested that money in Apple stock?

Key Takeaway

Investing in Apple stock instead of purchasing iPhones with each new release could have resulted in a substantial financial gain. With an investment of approximately

6,000, one could have potentially earned a profit of around

31,000, with the value of the investment reaching

47,000 today.

A Different Perspective

Recently, a tweet made waves on social media, claiming that if you had purchased Apple shares instead of iPhones every time a new model was released, you would be sitting on a fortune worth hundreds of millions of dollars today. While the math may not be entirely accurate, it does raise an intriguing question: how would your finances look if you had opted for Apple stock over the latest iPhone?

To provide a more realistic comparison, let’s consider a scenario where you either purchase a top-of-the-line iPhone with each new release or invest the same amount of money in Apple stock. Over the years, this would have amounted to approximately $16,000 spent on iPhones (around $20,000 in today’s dollars). In contrast, if you had chosen to invest that same amount in Apple shares, your investment would now be worth approximately $147,000, resulting in a profit of around $131,000.

The Power of Apple’s Stock

The undeniable truth is that Apple’s stock price has experienced a significant rally since the launch of the very first iPhone. As further proof of this, a chart including stock splits shows a continuous upward trajectory in Apple’s stock value. The dividends reaped from these investments have presented a lucrative opportunity for those who had faith in Apple’s future.

While the allure of the latest iPhone is undeniable, it’s important to consider alternative investment opportunities. This analysis serves as a reminder that making informed decisions and capitalizing on the growth of companies like Apple can yield significant returns in the long run. So, the next time a new iPhone captures your attention, take a moment to consider the potential financial gains that could be achieved through investing in Apple’s stock instead.

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