Signal Introduces Usernames To Keep Your Phone Number Private


Signal, the renowned end-to-end encrypted messaging app, has announced the launch of usernames, a new feature that allows users to keep their phone numbers private. This move is set to enhance the privacy and security of its users, closing a potential loophole that could compromise their messages.

Key Takeaway

Signal’s introduction of usernames offers users the ability to maintain their privacy by creating unique identifiers, thereby keeping their phone numbers private while communicating on the platform.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

With the introduction of usernames, Signal users now have the option to create a unique identifier to connect with others on the platform without the need to share their phone numbers. This feature is currently in beta and will be gradually rolled out to all users in the coming weeks. It’s important to note that while usernames are now an option, Signal still requires a phone number during the registration process.

Understanding Usernames on Signal

Unlike usernames on social media platforms, Signal usernames do not serve as public logins or handles. Instead, they provide a private means of connection without revealing personal phone numbers. When a username is created, the user’s profile name will still be displayed, and the username will remain hidden from other users unless explicitly shared.

How Usernames Work

Once a username is set up, the user’s phone number will no longer be visible to others who are running the latest version of the app, unless the number is already saved in their contacts. This means that when messaging individuals or participating in group chats, only the profile name and image will be visible, offering an additional layer of privacy.

Creating and Managing Usernames

To create a username, users can navigate to their “Profile” settings and select a unique identifier ending with two or more numbers. Signal allows for the flexibility to change or delete usernames as needed, making it convenient for specific purposes such as events or group interactions.

Enhanced Privacy Settings

Signal is also introducing a new privacy setting that enables users to control who can find them on the app using their phone number. This feature allows users to restrict access to their accounts, providing an added level of control over their privacy and interactions on the platform.

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